Digital Workspace Use Cases (large consulting firms)

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Digital Workspace Use Cases (large consulting firms)

Thank you for submitting your request for a second try. Based on your comments about the lack of data given in the original request, we've attempted to provide more data and metrics regarding the original consulting firms provided as well as additional use cases. You can find the reported Use Cases for large consulting firms in the following spreadsheet.

I also attempted to look for such cases from some of the biggest consulting firm in the world (McKinsey, Bain, Deloitte, EY) and only found Deloitte had proved to utilize a digital workspace solution. I've searched intensively and concluded that McKinsey, Bain, and EY were not recorded to have such case.

PwC and JiveSpark

Previous solutions were brainstormed and came together through emails behind working groups within the company. Now solutions and knowledge are documented and shared for the whole company to access.

Its adoption allowed employees to invest interest in work rather than waiting to be assigned. Teams experienced an 80% decrease in documenting compared to their old solution. Central documentation also increased the speed with which proposals were drawn up.

BCG and UnWork

Creation of spaces for consulting and non-consulting groups. Office space segmented based on the idea of 'neighborhoods'.

Build an attractive office space that pulled people in. Focus on "five key attributes to achieve success: air quality, daylight, good acoustics, great coffee and food." The company also wanted to provide a space that would foster significantly higher level of unplanned collisions to transform our office culture. The company also emphasized a wireless space. Teleconferences are conducted via laptop cameras and microphones. Calls are taken on cellphones. Spaces are flexible and can be booked via the BCG app. The same app also allows employees to find and connect with one another while the flexible space allows for employees to make serendipitous connections.

Skype and Accenture

The highly mobilized and global workforce had issues with their conference and audio abilities. An adoption of Skype for Business led to a large adoption rate, unified training availability, and decrease in the average cost for transmitting audio by 83%.

Deloitte and ConnectMe

There are no success metrics available for this user case. Rather, the company was driven to this solution based on their own reports about workforce engagements. Employees who are satisfied and aligned with the company's mission and objective provide better service, more passion, and may plan to stay with a company for longer. Their research suggests companies with 40% of higher levels of engagement were leaders in their industry. Disengaged employees may cost companies between $450 and $550 billion a year.

ConnectMe is a recipient of the "2017 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards, gold award".

CohnReznick and Bluescape

Please note that CohnReznick does not have the same level of employees as requested. However, we've included this finding since it provided some rich insight into the needs for a consulting firm to adopt digital solutions.

The global accounting and tax firm knew it was time to update the way they did business and innovate "in order to foster a mindset of innovation in its clients". The goal was to increase collaboration, transparency, and efficiency with clients. CohnReznick's Innovation Lab now allows clients to brainstorm and manage program development within the lab. Users can edit on a set of multiple screens documents, videos, graphics in a room with video conferencing cameras so virtual attendance is possible. The new lab allows "design teams and their clients to see the whole picture of a project in one visual, yet entirely digital platform." The ability to collaborate in real time has increased productivity and provided better alignment with clients. This has drastically cut the time to bring decisions and points of development up for review.


You can find the user cases submitted to the spreadsheet. Digital collaborative workforce solutions have been adopted by the large consulting groups PwC, BCG, Accenture, Deloitte, and CohnReznick.