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Editing and Collaboration Tools

A list of 15 editing and collaboration tools have been compiled in the attached spreadsheet. These companies include Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox Paper, Slab, Etherpad, Mural, Zoho, Huddle, Quip, Samepage, SmartSheet, Box, Graphite, WorkDocs, and Coda. The details of each company have been added to the spreadsheet. More details on our findings can be found below.


In order to compile a spreadsheet of editing and collaboration tools, we looked for tools similar to the examples provided. There were many lists providing alternatives. Our focus was on the tools that provided the best options and combined editing and collaboration features. Once a list was compiled, Crunchbase provided details on funding, location, and stage. For the companies where stage was not provided, we used the best estimate, based on the company website and Crunchbase information.

Google Docs, Etherpad, Samepage, Graphite and Amazon Workdocs do not have funding listed. Etherpad and Graphite are both open source tools, while Zoho has not needed any external funding. For the companies that Crunchbase did not have funding information available, we searched through news articles and press releases in an attempt to locate these details. When funding was not available, we indicated it as 'N/A' on the spreadsheet.

Metrics on company users were located using news articles, company websites, and tech media sites. Some companies like Slab and Coda are still in testing and do not have a number of users, while other companies do not disclose these numbers. An 'N/A' or undisclosed has been added to each company that does not have any user metrics provided.

2. Evernote
4. Slab
5. Etherpad
6. Mural
7. Zoho
8. Huddle
9. Quip
10. Samepage
11. SmartSheet
12. Box
13. Graphite
14. WorkDocs
15. Coda


The spreadsheet has been updated with 15 editing and collaboration tools along with their company information, website, number of users and all sources used.
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Database and Task Management Tools

A list of 20 tools for task management has been provided on the “Task Mgmt” tab of the attached spreadsheet. These tools are obtained from the list of task management software provided on Capterra and Software Advice. The (total) funding and stage of each tool/company are obtained from business database CrunchBase. The company’s location is obtained from either its corporate website or CrunchBase profile.
The metrics for the number of users are gathered from articles published online or the company’s corporate website. Where possible, the most recent (2016 - present) figures were provided. Sources older than two years were used if recent figures are not available. The number of users for Fieldbook and Schedullo have not been revealed on articles published online or on their website. The most popular tools based on the number of users are Trello (25 million), (20 million), and Wunderlist (13 million).