Digital Therapeutic Companies

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Digital Therapeutic Companies

Additional digital therapeutic companies/apps that are combining a consumer solution/experience with the collection of related data for research purposes include Vivante Health, Sleepio, Daylight, Asthma MD, Wellthy Therapeutics, Clickotine, Meru Health, and CureApp.

Vivante Health

  • Vivante Health's GIThrive is a digital platform that helps in providing relief to people with digestive conditions.
  • According to a report by PR Newswire, the company has been developing "a comprehensive digital health platform for inflammatory conditions, with a primary focus on digestive health and disease" since 2015.
  • The company's care is user-centric, its data-rich "platform captures real-time information and includes biometric testing, as well as microbiome analyses, to capture a holistic profile of individuals and match them with psychosocial, nutritional, and medication interventions to fill gaps in care and alter disease progression".
  • Vivante Health's members are supported by a multidisciplinary team that is comprised of research psychologists, pharmacists, gastroenterology professionals, and microbiome scientists.


  • Sleepio is Big Health's digital therapeutic app for sleep and insomnia.
  • Sleepio collects data from individuals such as challenges and goals to help in personalizing a program that will be able to provide relevant help whenever they need it.
  • According to its website, Sleepio is "based on cognitive and behavioral techniques for sleep and designed by Professor Colin Espie (Oxford University)".
  • Sleepio's strategies are evidence-based.


  • Daylight is Big Health's digital therapeutic app for worry and anxiety. According to Big Health, Daylight was "built with talent from Pixar & Radiolab".
  • The app collects data from individuals by listening to them. It then records their challenges and goals to help in guiding them "through learning and practicing proven strategies for reducing worry and anxiety".
  • According to Big Health, Daylight is "based on cognitive and behavioral techniques for worry and developed in collaboration with leading experts from Boston University, UCLA, and UT Austin, Daylight delivers practical strategies proven to be effective over decades of research."
  • The app is personalized to the individual's situation and progress. It responds to how one is feeling at the moment.

Asthma MD

  • Asthma MD is a physician-developed app that "balances simplicity and feature-rich data, allowing better asthma monitoring".
  • The app allows users to easily log their asthma attacks and guides them through their action plan.
  • According to its website, "the app logs peak flow meter readings, and also tracks triggers, symptoms, medications, and notes".
  • Data collected by Asthma MD helps in Asthma research, "anonymous, aggregate data will help correlate asthma with environmental factors, triggers, and climate change."

Wellthy Therapeutics

  • Wellthy Therapeutics is a digital therapeutic app in India. The app focuses on chronic disease management.
  • The app uses Artificial Intelligence to manage the lifestyles of chronic disease patients.
  • Wellthy Therapeutics "acts as a personal health coach, using a patient’s clinical data and habits to provide motivational and consistent advice on healthy lifestyle choices".
  • In 2018, Wellthy Therapeutics partnered with the Research Society for The Study of Diabetic in India (RSSDI) to "publish research on lifestyle and behavioral data of diabetes patients — with an aim to present insights into the patients’ lives by creating Asia’s largest database of lifestyle and behavioral data from diabetic patients."


  • Clickotine is a digital therapeutic app that offers individuals help in quitting smoking. It "is a clinically validated fully digital smoking cessation program".
  • The app offers a personalized quit plan for individuals who want to quit smoking. It also offers "scientifically-backed strategies to help overcome cravings, withdrawal, slips, and lapses."
  • In 2017, Clickotine performed a study on 416 app users to determine the effectiveness of the app. The results were encouraging and it intends to perform randomized controlled trials in the future.

Meru Health

  • Meru Health is a digital therapeutic for depression. It "offers a complete and clinically proven treatment program for depression, anxiety, and burnout."
  • Meru Health offers app-based treatment that is quickly accessible and convenient.
  • Users can book video therapy sessions with therapists and improve their lifestyle, health, and "relationships by learning behavioral and mindfulness techniques".
  • Meru Health's program "combines the latest evidence-based therapy modalities with HRV-biofeedback, sleep science and nutritional psychiatry".


  • CureApp offers a digital therapeutic app for smoking cessation treatment.
  • CureApp applications "use algorithms equipped with medical know-how to analyze a patient's daily data obtained through smartphones and other devices".
  • CureApp's treatment is personalized based on the data of patients.
  • According to CureApp, its 2019 randomized control study "findings demonstrate that its nicotine dependence treatment app resulted in an improvement in continuous abstinence rate (CAR) compared to a control group over multiple time points".