Digital Media Literacy: Germany

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DML Initiatives: Germany (A)

There are three major differentiators in the five initiatives presented on the attached spreadsheet in worksheet DML-4. The differentiators are funding, purpose and end user.

DigitalPakt Schule

Nelson Mandela School Curriculum

  • The Nelson Mandela international private school has a DML program that is partially funded by a foundation created by the parents of the children as well as by the federal program.
  • It provides training workshops for teachers and students, as well as lesson plans.
  • The lessons are categorized by informing, producing, presenting, communicating, analyzing and reflecting and is further broken down into five segments for each of the ten years.
  • For example, in year 3/4 analyzing tasks include understand and recognize symbols in traffic lessons and critically view and understand the function of advertising (online, magazines, television, etc.). In year 5/6, analyzing tasks include critical use of media, recognize fake news; discuss the use of various media and their minimum age requirements; discuss and research fictional vs. non-fictional media.

Democracy Live

  • The Democracy Live program is funded by the Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens and Youth.
  • Its funding targets citizens in general and it is tasked with implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the initiatives it funds.
  • Examples of funding include 300 towns, boroughs and districts throughout Germany that are being supported in developing and implementing strategies to promote democracy and diversity.
  • Also, funded in every federal state, a Federal State Democracy Centre supports the development of concepts and strategies to promote democracy and diversity and ensure a networking of local activities and projects, especially those of the local partnerships for democracy.
  • This program to strengthen civic engagement on the web against online hate speech support projects for strengthening democracy and civic engagement on the web. Innovative educational formats are to be used to teach skills to children, young people, parents, multipliers and educators to deal appropriately with hate speech on the internet

North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) Media Passport Program

  • The NRW Media Passport program is jointly funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research and the state government.
  • It has created a curriculum framework which teachers from grades three through six can use to create DML lesson plans for their students.
  • It also provides a means of tracking and reporting on the student's progress.
  • The guideline systematizes the necessary steps of creating media concepts in schools and links them to the above-mentioned framework. The guide also offers practical help for the continuous development of existing school media concepts. Access to examples require authorized access.

SmartPhone Project

  • The SmartPhone Sektor project is funded by the state government of NRW.
  • Its purpose is to provide a resource with instructions, information and advice on safe usage of smartphones.
  • A review of the website shows articles targeted toward answering current questions on not just smartphones but also the sites they can access. For example new phrases on social media and types of YouTube videos are explained as well as instructions on how to block app notifications.

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