Digital and Mechanical Safes

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Digital and Mechanical Safes

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We have provided five best safe models which are a combination of digital and mechanical safes. For each safe, we have provided a summary of specifications and features, including its price on Amazon. We have also provided the safe's advantages and drawbacks.

Viking Large Biometric Safe

  • The Viking Large Biometric Safe is a digital safe considered by Security Nerd as the "Best Larger Safe Option." This safe weighs 48 pounds and uses a biometric lock type using registered fingerprint, though it also has a key backup lock. The safe's outside dimensions are 16.69 inches (height) by 13.78 inches (width), while the interior dimensions are 19.29 inches (height) by 12.5 inches (width) by 9.25 inches (depth). This safe costs $249.99 at Amazon.
  • One of the advantages of this safe is its size. This safe is larger than the average safe in the market, allowing it to store more valuable items such as documents. It also has additional safety features; once the safe is unintentionally left "open for longer than one minute, it will begin to beep to let the user know." The safe also has a theft protection feature; it has a "time out period if someone tries to use their fingerprint unsuccessfully ten times."
  • The drawbacks of this safe include some issues with fingerprint scanning and it is not water-resistant nor fire-resistant.

SentrySafe SFW123GDC

Stalwart Digital Safe

  • The Stalwart Digital Safe is considered by Home Safety as the "Best Value Home Safe." This safe has a multipurpose design that allows the storage of all valuables such as money, documents, jewelry, and many others. This safe is also compact, portable, and "can be mounted to any wall or floor to avoid tampering." Stalwart Digital Safe has a touch keypad and two backup keys. The 14 inches (length) by 12 inches (width) by 20 inches (height) Stalwart safe costs $100.51 at Amazon.
  • This safe has several advantages. One of which is its size and portability despite the big size. This safe's portable design allows it to be easily stored in a closet. Its LED-lit keypad is also advantageous when it needs to be opened in the dark especially when there's a power interruption. The safe also has a theft protection feature as the alarm automatically sounds for 20 seconds after three failed attempts to unlock.
  • The drawbacks of this safe are its lack of sturdiness and lack of fire resistance. One Amazon product reviewer said, "The safe is large enough to put everything in it that we want. However, it doesn't seem to be as strong or sturdy as I had expected. It's not as well-built as a smaller safe we had hoped to replace. The walls just aren't thick and it seems that someone with a sledgehammer can break the safe open without too much effort."

Amazon Basic Security Safe

  • The Amazon Basic Security Safe is considered by the Business Insider as the "Best Home Safe Overall" and considered by Safe Wise as the "Best for Basics." This safe has an electronic lock but it also has a backup key. The 1.2 cubic feet safe weighing 26.4 pounds costs $115.52 at Amazon.
  • Some advantages of this safe include its durability and mounting feature. The mounting hardware that comes with the safe allows the user to easily bolt it to the wall, floor, or shelf. The interior is also designed in such that there's "a shelf splitting the storage space into two sections, the bottom one being carpeted to protect against scratches." This design makes this ideal for couples or simply for keeping valuable items sorted and separated.
  • The safe's drawbacks are the lack of waterproof design and lack of fireproof design.


Research Strategy

For this research on digital and mechanical safes and the best safe models, we leveraged the most reputable sources of information that are available in the public domain such as the Business Insider, Home Security Gear Lab, Safe Wise, Safety, and Amazon reviews.

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