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Case Study: Digital Experiences Targeting Wide Audiences

Golden State Warriors use the digital experience to cater to a wide variety of fans by switching to an impression-based model that made their digital revenue up to 300%. Nike introduced the digital experience such as NIKE app, as well as their SNKRS app which doubled their online sales to more than $2 billion.

Digital experiences — Case studies

1. Golden State Warriors

  • Golden State Warriors use the digital experience to cater to a wide variety of fans. They partnered with Rebel Ventures and in the 2015-16 season, they switched to impression-based model and using this strategy their digital revenue went up to 300%.
  • The Warriors use social media to cater to a wide range of fans. They have 24,740,998 total fans and they use it to cater to 1,553,397 new fans. The team has 449.820,266 social interactions and video views.
  • In 2010, Joe Lacob and Peter Gruber paid $450 million for the team but the team is now worth $3.1 billion according to Forbes which is the 3rd highest in the NBA. (Source 1)
  • Golden State Warriors used different digital technologies. Aside from the instant messaging tools on two of the world's largest social communication platforms, Facebook Messenger and Rakuten's Viber that resulted to 300% revenue boost, they also use Chatbot, built by Chatfuel.
  • The company is also integrating and testing VR and AR with fans. They have teamed up with Accenture on Fannovate to cater and deliver existing fans and new fans attending the game VR content through a lightweight VR device.
  • Golden State Warriors have also partnered with Helios Interactive to let their fans who joined the Chase Center groundbreaking ceremony don Microsoft HoloLens AR headsets.
  • Since 2017 they have at least 10 million fans on Facebook, which shows that social media played a crucial role in catering a wide range of fans whether new fans or existing or long-term fans.
  • In March 2019, the Facebook page of the Golden State Warriors basketball team had around 11.09 million fans and 5.63 million Twitter followers.
  • The Warriors were Ranked #1 in Social Media Engagements in 2018 with 282,343,741 engagements and their social media following has increased by 190% over the last three years.

2. Nike

  • Another company that uses the digital experience to cater to a wide variety of fans is Nike. Nike sends their biggest fans a notification through an app called Snkrs which is used to connect to a wide variety of fans especially hard-core or super fans.
  • They also use the app to connect to newer fans by entering partnerships such as the partnership with Momofuku chef-owner David Chang. The app helped convert Chang fans into Nike ones.
  • Apps such as SNKRS app and the recently launched NikePlus membership app were able to get 140 million members and Nike will be using these apps to gain new fans or members. They are targeting at least 300 million. Because of this digital experience, during the last quarter of 2018, their digital direct-to-consumer sales jumped 34%.
  • The existing members of the NikePlus super fan app can reserve products in the app which adds good experience because it helps them in their purchase and they can hold the products in-store locker for pick up at a later time.
  • Adding digital experience such as Nike Customer Experience (NCX) platform which is their virtual platform helped in 100% of their growth in 2018. The Nike app enhances the customer's or fan's experience and they offer loyalty program exclusive to its members or long-term and existing fans.
  • The app-based commerce is surging for Nike and their online sales doubled in two years to more than $2 billion.
  • By introducing the digital experience such as NIKE app, as well as the SNKRS app, it gives fans a personalized experience.