Digital Asset Management and Storage Solutions' Pricing

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Digital Asset Management and Storage Solutions' Pricing: Part 1

Many companies in the digital asset management and storage solutions enterprise provide either personalized quotes and setups or very specific escalating tier systems. A wide variety of options are available, including those for businesses with smaller budgets. The pricing can work within a frame work created by a company or it can be customized based on what the needs are.


All pricing information that was deemed available is provided. Much of the pricing data is taken directly from the companies' websites. Other potential sources scoured for pricing data include software review websites, such as Capterra and GetApp, industry associations' websites, and the Digital Asset Management Vendors' website. There is no further evidence that additional pricing data exists in the public domain. The companies that do not make pricing publicly available may not publish their pricing due to a preference to have their sales team deal directly with all leads, even those that are generated online.

The solutions

Asset Bank's small, or Essential, pricing is for 50 or fewer users, at a monthly rate of $520, equating to yearly rates at $6,240. The company's medium, Professional, package is good for 100 users and runs a monthly rate of $930, giving it a yearly rate of $11,160. The largest data management package they offer (Enterprise) is for unlimited users and has a monthly fee of $1730, which means a yearly rate of $20,760.

Brandworkz does not provide pricing without a request, but the pricing is based on number of users and the amounts of modules added.

Brandfolder offers two levels of digital asset management, Premium and Enterprise, with Enterprise offering more in the base package then Premium. Pricing is only available if you request a quote, though the pricing beings at $45 a month and is based on the monthly subscription per user.

Daminion offers a Starter plan based around subscription, and one that offers a lifetime license. The subscription based plan runs $175 a month ($2,100 a year) for up to five users. The lifetime subscription sells for a one time price of $3995 for up to five users. To include more than five users, the client would need to build a custom plan to receive a quote.

Digital Collections has no pricing or package size information available. They request that you contact them directly "to obtain current pricing."

Digizuite does not have any information available about its specific packages, but it is subscription based, and clients are able to contact "Digizuite for pricing details."

Freestyle Partners has three tiers of packages. Standard is good for unlimited users and costs £4,950 a year. Premium and Enterprise both allow unlimited users but Freestyle must be contacted directly for pricing.

hyper Content & Digital Asset Management Server offers three packages, Free, Standard, and Enterprise. The Free package is available at no charge, but the company must be contacted for pricing for the other packages. They do offer a "discount of 40% for schools" and "20% applies for government organizations."

Marvia's digital asset management program, Brandlocker, has four options to choose from. Free is available at no cost, and allows three users. Basic is good for five users, and has a €50 monthly fee, or a yearly fee of €600. Medium package allows 15 users and has a €150 monthly fee (€1800 per year), while Premium is good for 50 users at a €450 monthly fee, or €5400 yearly.

Meriworks, and their product ImageVault, is separated into three package tiers. The first, Foundation, costs $500 a month ($6,000 a year) and has no specific data on number of users it supports. The second, Business, is $875 a month ($10,500 a year) and also has no specific user data. As with the others the most comprehensive package, Enterprise, does not have user data. It runs between $1300 and $3100 a month based on data load ($15,600-$37,200 per year).


Prices and number of users vary widely across the digital asset management solutions spectrum with a solution for almost any budget or need. Working within certain limitations there are even free systems available through several businesses. If more customizability is desired, there are many companies that offer specific builds and personalized quotes. Whether five users or an unlimited number is required, reliable systems to suit the needs can be found.
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Digital Asset Management and Storage Solutions' Pricing: Part 2

Most digital asset management and storage solutions offer customized plans to their clients based on either asset volume, number of users, potential to scale, offered functionalities, and/or the monetary value of the assets they store.


All pricing information that was deemed available is provided. Much of the pricing data is taken directly from the companies' websites. Other potential sources scoured for pricing data include software review websites, such as Capterra and GetApp, industry associations' websites, and the DAM Vendors directory website. There is no further evidence that additional pricing data exists in the public domain.

From what we could gather after extensive research, most of these Digital Asset Management solutions customize their pricing packages to match the exact needs of their individual clients, ranging from small businesses with limited data management needs to clients with high-volume requirements such as museums and universities. They might choose not to make their pricing plans available to the public for this very reason, opting instead to tailor packages for each of their clients according to their individual data management needs.


Netx's pricing levels are starter (including up to 100 GB of storage), workgroup (which includes up to 250 GB), standard (featuring a 1 TB limit), and enterprise (which can manage from 5 TB of data and up and includes unlimited user licenses). Flexible licensing is available.

The number of user licenses at each price point can be adjusted for smaller scale businesses upon request, as they also offer custom pricing plans.

NetX's pricing structure limits asset volume for each tier. However, their website notes that their solution's value is tied to its ability to efficiently handle large volumes of files, users, and requests, as well as its capability for enabling massive scaling in data storage and management from small requirements all the way up to enterprise levels. Since the monetary value of the digital assets also comes into play and it cannot be considered equal for every client (to name just one, this solution manages the entire collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art), pricing is quoted to each organization or client individually in order to make sure that the quote is consistent with the value provided by the solution. Pricing can alternatively be calculated by the number of user licenses that are offered in cases where factoring asset volume might not make sense.


Nuxeo is a free open source solution, which means that unlimited user licenses are available at no extra charge. However, they do have an enterprise level offering that includes premium support, training sessions, and consulting services for a yearly fee that starts at $5,000 USD.


Picturepark features proprietary licensing, so no pricing levels are offered for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. The costs charged for the solution include all expected services and are based on the deployment option selected and the contract length. No mentions to any user license number restrictions are done on the company's website.

--- Picturepark Cloud: $10,000 USD for one-time deployment, $40,000 USD for 2-year contract, and $85,000 USD for 5-year contract.

--- Picturepark Onsite: $35,000 USD for one-time deployment, $45,000 USD for 2-year contract and $60,000 for 5-year contract.

Third Light

Third Light's pricing tier is split into small systems (priced at $25 USD per user, per month), mid-range systems (which include multiple user licenses for $200 USD a month), and high-end systems (including unlimited user licenses and raging from $15,000 USD to $250,000 USD per month).

No precise amount of user licenses is provided for the mid-range spectrum.


Widen's pricing, as stated on their website, "scales with the organization". Proprietary licenses start at $28,000 USD per year. There are one-time implementation costs included in the fee, and monthly or annual subscription rates that will depend on the number of users, the volume of storage needed, and any and optional features requested. Long-term contracts are not necessary and there is no penalty for terminating one.


Globaledit offers proprietary licensing. Price is quoted on a case-by-case basis and based on the number of users, storage necessary and upload frequency.

The system features a secure creative workflow solution designed to optimize the work process.


Like many others, Censhare offers proprietary licensing. License prices do not include installation costs and start at EUR 3,900 a month for a basic solution option named "service media asset management" that includes 20 named users. The monthly cost for the medium-sized alternative referred to as "Censhare as a service media" is EUR 5,900 for 500 users. There's a corporate option called "Censhare as a service corporate" for EUR 8,900 a month including 20 users, and an enterprise option "Censhare as a service retail" which is priced at EUR 9,900 including 20 users.

Customized options are available as well.

Extreme Reach

As ascertained through its company website, Extreme Reach is a video advertising platform that "unifies the TV and Video advertising workflow in one seamless cloud platform" and not a Digital Asset Management solution. The company website states that they cover all aspects of talent and rights management and that they partner with Nielsen to measure audiences, brand performance, video quality, and more.


After thorough research through the company's website, software review portals, databases, and the DAM Vendors website, no pricing was found for Northplains' DAM solutions. However, GetApp states that subscriptions start at $2,000 USD per month and are provided on a one-time license basis. No further pricing data is available and their website requires contacting them for more information which suggests that their pricing is also customized to fit each of their clients specific needs.


To wrap up, we have detailed the current pricing of NetX, Nuxeo, Picturepark, Third Light, Widen, Globaledit, Censhare, Extreme Reach, and Northplains as requested where the data was available above.

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