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Diginet Space Activities

NBC owns the Cozi TV diginet that airs relatively newer comedy shows that are owned by other outlets such as "The Office." Meanwhile, CBS-owned stations collaborated with Weigel Broadcasting when the latter founded the Start TV diginet which mostly airs shows that feature women characters. Meanwhile, ABC has renamed its Live Well diginet to Localish, a network that features true local stories.


  • The Cozi TV channel was launched by NBC and was branded as an "easy-to-watch, comfortable, and familiar" channel.
  • This diginet was initially intended for nostalgia shows.
  • The channel is now starting to air relatively new comedy TV shows such as "The Office" that are under license from these shows' producers.
  • Cozi plays classic comedy shows during prime time hours.
  • This diginet is available in over 90 million homes and in 82% of the U.S.
  • Cozi was able to steer away from the paid model because it was from a station group.
  • Cozi TV also employed a workaround to get it beamed on the Dish Network satellite through Family Entertainment TV (FETV).
  • TeleXitos is also another diginet that bundles movies as a cross-platform promotion for NBC interests.
  • TeleXitos airs past English-language series that were dubbed in Spanish.
  • This diginet targets U.S. Hispanics who grew up in their home countries watching past TV shows such as Miami Vice and Law & Order. It hopes to be associated with action-adventure genres.


  • CBS-owned stations partnered with Weigel Broadcasting when the latter established the Start TV diginet.
  • Start TV's shows include scripted crime stories that revolve around women.
  • Some of the shows that Start TV airs include "The Closer," "The Division," "Early Edition," "Family Law," "Joan of Arcadia," "Medium," "Profiler," "Touched by an Angel," and "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman."
  • CBS also entered into a venture with Weigel to launch the Decades diginet, a TV network that features classic TV shows.
  • CBS launched DABL, a lifestyle network diginet.
  • DABL will show project-modeled and upbeat shows around cooking, home improvement, design, do-it-yourself projects, pets, travel, and similar topics.
  • The first shows of the diginet will include content from lifestyle experts such as Martha Stewart, Emeril Lagasse, and other skilled professionals.
  • DABL was beamed across more than 70% of the country during its early launch. This includes all the ten leading markets in the U.S.
  • In 2020, CBS has scaled the diginet's distribution to 90% of the country.
  • This expansion also involved the acquisition of over 400 hours of programming from ITV Studios and All3Media International. It also includes titles from popular British Chef Gordon Ramsay's shows such as Kitchen Nightmares USA and the F word.
  • Other shows that were acquired from ITV Studios were the 60-Minute Makeover, Nanny 911, and The Instant Gardener.


  • ABC has renamed its Live Well diginet to Localish. Localish will feature local storytelling content and will expand from short-format episodes into a long-format structure.
  • One of the series that will be part of the initial showing includes "More in Common," a show that will feature uplifting narratives of Americans who collaborated with each other even if they have conflicting points of view.
  • The starting line-up will also show "All Good," show about people who are working to improve their communities.
  • Other shows include "Secretly Awesome," "My Go-To," "Bite-Size," "Worth the Wait," "Pumped," "Glam Lab," Out of Office," and "Stroke of Genius."
  • Around 14 million people are expected to tune in to the Localish channel.


  • Movies! was launched last 2016 as a result of a venture between Fox and Weigel.
  • Fox and Weigel also inked a multi-year deal that will allow the former to air the Decades diginet on all of its owned stations in 12 key markets.
  • This contract is expected to increase Fox's U.S. reach to 60% with around 65 TV affiliates.
  • Decades will air on Fox stations in "New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, Tampa, Phoenix, Detroit, Minneapolis, Austin, and Gainesville."
  • The Decades diginet will air several original series such as "Through the Decades series, The Best of Ed Sullivan, Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, The Dick Cavett Show, I Love Lucy, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show," and other similar shows.
  • Fox also has bought the rights from FremantleMedia North America (FMNA) and Debmar-Mercury to air the Buzzr TV diginet.
  • Buzzr TV's programming line-up will include the library of various game shows from FMNA. These will be shown in 17 Fox O&O markets.
  • Some of the games in its library include "Family Feud" and "The Price is Right."`


  • The New York Times Company paid $100 million to acquire a 50% share of the Discovery Civilization diginet from the Discovery Network. Discovery will still remain in control of the diginet.
  • This deal is in line with The New York time's interests such as history and current events.
  • The two companies also agreed on a separate 5-year content contract that will make The New York Times the official content provider and production collaborator in all of Discovery's networks.


  • Viacom owns the Logo diginet network.
  • Logo is the first ad-sponsored diginet that will target gay audiences.
  • The company also inked a co-branding agreement with LPI Media.
  • Some of the Logo's charter sponsors are Viacom's Paramount Pictures, Subaru, and Orbitz.
  • Logo's estimated subscribers are around $10 million.
  • The company also got Time Warner, Adelphia, RCN, and Atlantic Broadband to agree on carriage deals.
  • Viacom is also working with Comcast, Charter, and Cox for various deals involving Logo. Final negotiations with Comcast are expected to wrap before Logo's launch and Viacom is also talking to Charter and Cox.
  • Logo and TV Land also co-produced the "Tickle Pink" multi-network diginet.
  • The show examines the gay messaging in TV shows from the 60s and 70s.
  • One of the shows that will be featured is "Noah's Arc," a dramedy about the hardships of an aspiring gay African-American screenwriter in Los Angeles.
  • Other shows include "Open Bar" and "First Comes Love."
  • The company was also able to acquire HBO's "Angels in America."
  • Logo will also air co-branded news services with Viacom's CBS and with LPI Media.


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  • The merger of AT&T U-Verse with DirecTV is expected to result in more diginets appearing on more satellite services.
  • https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/diginets-future-may-just-be-now-137823
  • Currently, only a few unnamed diginets are being aired by DirectTV due to their small spot beam capacity.


  • The Walt Disney Company has introduced its Playhouse Disney diginet last 2002 that is aimed for its toddler audience.
  • The diginet is a spin-off of the popular Disney morning show family.
  • Playhouse Disney focuses on educational topics for toddlers.
  • It runs for the whole day and does not have any commercials.
  • The diginet's programming line-up includes "The Book of Pooh, Rolie Polie Olie, Bear In The Big Blue House, and Mouse House Jr."
  • Playhouse Disney is also working to purchase other educational shows to complete its whole day run.

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