Diabetes Solutions Landscape Phase 3, Part 4

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Diabetes Solutions Landscape, US Round 2 Clean Up, Part 2 - Pure EP, MyHeart, Heart Mate, Heart Habit, iBP

I have reviewed rows 53, 58, 59, 60 and 61 in the attached spreadsheet to provide updated details on diabetes solutions Pure EP, MyHeart, Heart Mate, Heart Habit and iBP.


Line 53 (Pure EP):
In BioSig Technologies' description of their Pure EP system, we can see that it is a technological device that has been designed to process signals from electrodes. However, it is not a digital device. There are no computer components involved in the actual device.

Line 58 (MyHeart):
There is no funding information for MyHeart (it received funding from Apple, but for an undisclosed amount). There is also no data on the number of registered users. For example, it has yet to be released on Google Play, and Apple does not release this data. However, we do know that it has published proven clinical outcomes. In 2017, a study was published where 2,000,000 participants proved its effectiveness.

Line 59 (HeartMate):
HeartMate 3 is a digital device. For the most part, it is a technological device, but it has a system controller component that works digitally.

Line 60 (Heart Habit):
The clinical studies referred to by the previous researcher that are cited on Heart Habit's website do not actually refer to Heart Habit itself, but to hypertension management programs in general. After a thorough search through academic papers, online articles and news stories, I have found no evidence of actual clinical trials related specifically to Heart Habit.

Line 61 (iBP):
The app is a blood pressure tracking and analysis tool. It can be used to identify cardio-metabolic diseases. For example, it can tell if a person is suffering from hypertension or other cardiac issues.


To sum up, I have reviewed all the necessary data for various inclusion criteria of the five diabetes solutions Pure EP, MyHeart, Heart Mate, Heart Habit and iBP. I found that Pure EP is not a digital device, that MyHeart has published proven clinical outcomes, and that HeartMate is a digital device. I also found that Heart Habit has not been involved in any clinical trials and that iBP can be used to identify cardio-metabolic diseases.