Diabetes Solutions Landscape Phase 3, Part 1

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Diabetes Solutions Landscape - Lifestyle US, Part 2

We have added 28 different cardio-metabolic disease management apps which have a goal of reducing risk factors associated with cardio-metabolic diseases. You can find our complete findings in rows 23-50 of the attached spreadsheet.


The criteria we followed when it comes to identifying apps was focused on apps that help people make behavioral changes known to reduce risk factors associated with cardio-metabolic diseases including increased physical activity and/or fitness, improved diet and nutrition management, and smoking cessation. Therefore, we focused on nutrition management and fitness tracking app, as well as some lifestyle apps that fit the criteria. The apps we were able to identify are listed below.

1. Dexcom Share & Follow Diabetes App
2. Glooko
3. BG Monitor Diabetes
4. Carb Counting With Lenny
5. mySugr Junior
6. Glucose Buddy
7. Diabetic Recipes Free
8. Recipes for Diabetics
9. Ideal Weight
10. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal
11. Weight Watchers
12. Noom Coach
13. Fitness Buddy
14. Nike+ Run Club
15. Endomondo
16. Daily Burn
17. GymGoal Pro
18. MyNetDiary Calorie Counter
19. Fitocracy
20. Jawbone UP
21. Pacer Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach
22. Instant Heart Rate
23. Google Fit
24. Strava Running and Cycling GPS
25. Kurbo Health Coaching
26. GymGoal Pro
27. JEFIT Workout Tracker Gym Log
28. Runkeeper


The full list along with the solution description, company HQ location, specifics about their global presence, and further comments on inclusion criteria, can be found in the attached spreadsheet.