Developer Communications - Uber (2)

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Developer Communications - Uber (2)

Uber Developer's slogan is "Build Moving Experiences." Uber Money's slogan is "Make your money work better for you, at Uber Speed."

Uber Developer

  • Mission: "Lead the evolution of Uber into a world-class open Developer Platform for moving people and things."
  • Slogan: "Build Moving Experiences"
  • Supporting messages:
  • Other key messages/ Core Value Proposition:
    • Ride Requests: "Get a ride for your users"
    • For Drivers: "Make driving more rewarding"
    • For Organizations: "Uber for Business automating business workflows"
  • Visuals of the taglines and messages for Uber Developers can be found here.

Uber Money

  • Core Value Proposition (Key Message): "Uber Money provides financial products that help you access, manage, and grow your money, putting opportunities you want within reach."
  • Slogan: "Make your money work better for you, at Uber Speed"
  • Introductory video message script: "The saying goes.. Time is money.. For our users around the world..It's all that and more..It's time on the road..Time away from family..Time planning for what's next..That's where Uber money comes in..It makes managing money easy..Easy to access earnings after every trip..Easy to grow money..with real-time cash back..Easy to manage money on the go..Because it's all in the Uber Wallet..So there is less time worrying..more time earning..Because time is money and so much more..That's Uber Money."
  • Slogan for Uber Cash: "Get more for your money with Uber Cash"
  • Visuals of the taglines and messages for Uber Money can be found here.

Research Strategy

We searched Uber's website, social media pages, Google images, and advertising creative databases such as Moat for key messages of Uber Developer and Uber Money. Uber Money was launched in the last week of October 2019 (that explains the limited content online). However, there is also very little creative content on Uber's developer business apart from its own website.