Developer Communications - PayPal

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Developer Communications - PayPal

PayPal attempts to engage with the developer community in a variety of ways. PayPal provides extensive online resources and documentation for the implementation of its various product suites. It also manages an engineering blog, and provides outlets for networking and community engagement, including forums and annual hackathon events.

1. How does PayPal speak to the developer community?

  • PayPal organizes Opportunity Hack. Opportunity Hack is a two-day hackathon that connects local non-profits with software engineers and business volunteers, to help create simple solutions to tech problems. Opportunity Hack is open to the public, and volunteers compete for prizes. It also provides volunteer internships for students, helping new software engineers gain mentorships and networking opportunities, while also making a positive impact in their communities.
  • PayPal also hosts other networking and development events, such as Hack-Chicago. This event is an annual diversity hackathon. Last year's event offered college students the opportunity to: gain new skills through projects and workshops, learn about PayPal products, network with leaders in financial technology, find out about career opportunities, and get gear and win prizes. PayPal often uses these hackathon events as recruiting opportunities, a chance to find talented individuals they might otherwise miss.
  • PayPal hosts an engineering blog, providing technical and community engagement related articles, such as a recent piece about the Grace Hopper conference, which empowers girls and women in programming.

2. What are PayPal's CVPs?

  • PayPal's primary core value propositions include convenience and security. PayPal's platform allows consumers and merchants to carry out digital and mobile transactions through a third party. It also offers a risk management system to prevent illegal, fraudulent, and high risk transactions, helping to increase consumer confidence. Additional value propositions include, maintaining the strength of its brand name as a payment industry leader, and providing services on a global scale. As of 2015, PayPal had 179 million active customer accounts, including 13 million merchants, and it had processed $282 billion in payments in over 200 markets worldwide.
  • One example of PayPal's attempts to increase its brand-name strength and global reach, is its recent acquisitions of Honey Science Corporation and GoPay.
  • PayPal stated in its 2019 Annual Report, that it expects the acquisition of Honey to help move the company beyond its core checkout proposition and significantly enhance the shopping experience for its customers. Honey is a program that helps customers find savings on online transactions by locating promo codes across the internet. This allows PayPal to get involved earlier in the transaction process, providing value at each step by finding promotions and discounts and offering tracking, alerts, and other rewards. This acquisition is also a boon to PayPal's merchant partners, who can use Honey's data to target communications and promotions based on consumer browsing and shopping habits. However, more data collection and sharing means increased risk to consumers, posing a potential threat to its core value of security.
  • GoPay is the first foreign payment platform licensed to provide online payment services in China. This is expected to strengthen partnerships with Chinese financial institutions and technology platforms.

3. What are PayPal's key messages to developers and fintechs?

  • According to the PayPal developer website, PayPal's mission is to help companies accept payments, make payments, manage risk, streamline operations, and grow their business faster. The developer portal promises to help companies discover the right solutions, develop great payment experiences, and connect with a community of passionate developers.
  • Key messages overall include community; PayPal works hard to provide many networking opportunities for developers and other business professionals, both through its online communities and hackathon networking events. PayPal also stresses education and innovation. It encourages developers to learn about its products, innovate, and collaborate, providing extensive resource documents, online industry blogs, forums, and live events.

4. Does PayPal have a developer portal strategy, or separate arms/programs?

  • PayPal has set up a special developer page that provides developers with the tools they need to integrate PayPal payment technology into companies' existing websites. This developer portal helps developers discover the right payment solutions for their business. It also provides details on implementing PayPal payment systems, as well as a space for developers to connect and share ideas. Implementation resources include: design guidelines, webhooks, error handling, rate limits, domains and IP addresses, and information on PayPal policies and compliance guidelines.

5. What are PayPal's business lines, and what are the names of the business lines?

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