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Developer Communications - Microsoft

Microsoft maintains a constant communication with its developers through its official blog, Microsoft Developer Community space, social channels such as Twitter, and press kits. The company also has a unique core value proposition that highlights the brand's value and benefits. A comprehensive coverage of Microsoft’s developer communications is presented below.

How Microsoft speaks to the Developer Community.

  • Microsoft speaks to the developer community mainly through blogs. For instance, one of the articles on the Official Microsoft Blog page reaches out to the developers’ community with information about Microsoft Build 2020 event.
  • The blog article also provides the key highlights of the event including the introduction of Azure Synapse link, platform improvements to Microsoft Teams, and updates to Fluid Framework, among others. Through the blog, Microsoft reaffirms its commitment to helping developers attain more in the future in areas such as artificial intelligence and various other technological developments.
  • In 2018, Microsoft developed a community space called Microsoft Developer Community. The space was designed to be a common platform where developers can access developer-specific resources and information.
  • Microsoft, through the community, hosts regular calls and publishes blog posts to give developer-related content, announce events, and mingle with the community. Developers who join the community enjoy access to networking opportunities and resources.
  • Microsoft also speaks to developers through press kits. The press kits contain images, latest news, and press content targeted at developers.
  • Microsoft also speaks to developers through social channels, especially Twitter. Through the platform, the company has messages targeting various categories of developers such as Microsoft Developer and Windows Developer.

Microsoft's Core Value Proposition.

  • Microsoft’s core value preposition with regard to developers is “Any platform. Your language. Your tools.” The simple, direct, and bold core value proposition adequately communicates what Microsoft Developer brand is all about.
  • The core value proposition impressively highlights the benefits and value while incorporating convenience as a key selling point.

Microsoft's Key Messages to Developers and Fintechs.

  • In its message to developers and fintechs, Microsoft emphasizes its ability to empower them create an impact today and in the future. The company seeks to help developers build experiences that resonate with their target audience.
  • For example, the key message to windows developers is “build experiences that reach your users everywhere”.
  • Microsoft’s willingness to allow developers and fintechs develop products according to their desires is also a key message. The company is keen to highlight the fact that developers can use their preferred tools and language.
  • Microsoft also communicates its commitment to continually discover new innovations that will make developers apps more powerful, integrated, and intuitive. The company promises to keep exploring new opportunities for developers. Fintechs also stand to benefit in areas such as machine learning and conversational artificial intelligence.

Microsoft's Developer Portal Strategy.

  • Microsoft has an active developer portal strategy that ensures that its innovative tools are accessible to all developers, easy to own, and often free. The company’s strategy is to enable every developer irrespective of the type of app they are making and the platform they are building it on.
  • Microsoft has also developed a range of cross-platform tools as part of its developer portal strategy. The cross-platform attitude attracts many developers working on different platforms.

Microsoft's Business Lines.

  • Microsoft operates three business lines namely productivity and business processes, intelligent cloud, and more personal computing.
  • The productivity and business processes business line is composed of products and services in the company’s portfolio of communication, productivity, and information services. Among the products in the line include office commercial, office consumer, LinkedIn, and dynamic business solutions.
  • The intelligent cloud business line is composed of private, public, and hybrid cloud services and server products used by modern businesses. Among the products include SQL server, visual audio, GitHub, and Azure, among others.
  • Microsoft’s more personal computing business line is made up of products and services aimed at harmonizing the interests of developers, final users, and IT experts across all devices. The main products and services include Windows, devices such as PC accessories, and gaming such as Xbox software, and video games.
  • Although Microsoft has a broad spectrum of digital products and services in its portfolio, no naming convention has been made. The company has various digital content offerings for its clients and developers.