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Developer Communications - Apple

Apple speaks to the developer community through conferences, developer camps, the developer portal, and apps. The developer's portal includes recent news and announcements on new development platforms and upcoming events. Details regarding how Apple speaks to the developer community, its core value propositions, key messages to developers, developer portal strategy, and the company's business lines have been provided below.

How Apple Speaks to the Developer Community

  • Apple hosts an annual developer conference called Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The conference invites developers to interact with Apple engineers. The last conference was held on 22 June 2020. New APIs, tools, and frameworks, designed to enable developers to make better apps were introduced in the conference.
  • Apple also speaks through its clients through camps. A case in point is the Apple Entrepreneur Camp, which targets women who run or have founded organizations. The goal of the camp is to enable women entrepreneurs develop cutting-edge apps and to create a global network that “encourages the pipeline and longevity of women in technology.”
  • In addition, the Apple Developer app, which was launched in 2019, is aimed at helping the developer community. The app has useful resources, such as design articles, technical articles, and developer news and updates. Furthermore, the app provides an avenue for developers to become a part of the Apple Developer program.
  • Also, Apple has a developer portal where it communicates to its developers on recent software and product updates and events. The portal communicates about new APIs, machine learning updates, and augmented reality updates.

Core Value Propositions

  • Apple has a set of value propositions that enable the brand to be recognized among developers and consumers. One of the main value propositions that the company leverages on are that it pushes people to think differently. Here, Apple leveraged on its tech and software and convinced its consumers and stakeholders that the brand was different compared to its competitor’s.
  • Another value proposition of Apple is that it develops technology that works, In addition, to thinking differently, the brand became about having technology that provided the best user experience through innovative services, hardware, and software.
  • As a result of consumer concerns about data safety, Apple has recently focused on positioning itself as a safer alternative. The company has a safe and reassuring ecosystem that consumers can use for a long time without having to worry about data security.

Key Messages to Developers and Fintechs

  • One of the key messages to developers is that the Apple platform helps them to discover infinite possibilities. According to Apple, developing for the company means that one has the cutting-edge technology of Apple’s operating systems at their fingertips, enabling them to develop incredible apps.
  • In addition, the company notes that the App Store enables developers to reach millions of people globally on Apple’s devices, such as Apple Watch, iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple TV. Apple mentions that it has paid more than $155 billion to developers and that Apple’s customers have a rapid adoption rate to new software.

Developer Portal Strategy

  • Apple has a developer portal that enables developers to design, develop, and distribute apps. The portal also communicates to developers about upcoming events such as WWDC. In addition, new development platforms such as Xcode 12 and SwiftUI are introduced in the portal.
  • Other features of the developer’s portal include news and updates where developers receive the latest announcements and recommendations. Also, Apple provides the latest documentation including sample code, articles, and API references.
  • Moreover, the developer portal allows its users to download software, such as tvOS, watchOS, iOS, macOS, Xcode, and more. Furthermore, one can enroll in the developer program and “access resources for distribution on Apple platforms.”

Business Lines

  • Apple Pay is a digital wallet that offers a simple and secure way of making payments using iOS apps, watchOS apps, and Safari. Through double-clicking Apple Watch, touch ID, and Face ID, users can swiftly provide their contact information, shipping information, and payment to checkout.
  • Apple does not have any other specific business lines besides Apple Pay. However, it communicates to businesses and consumers differently through its products, software, and services. The products that are offered to the businesses and individual consumers are similar in that the same devices and software can be accessed and used by the two segments.
  • For businesses, Apple’s unique selling proposition is that the company’s services, hardware, and software can work seamlessly to provide an unmatched user experience. For instance, one can begin a project on Mac and completed on iPad. Also, the company highlights its powerful products, such as the Mac, which has the capability of creating complex spreadsheets and stunning presentations.
  • In addition, Apples implies that the apps, which can be found on App Store, can be useful to different businesses in various industries. The App Store has more than 235,000 business apps.
  • Despite having solutions for businesses, individual consumers have access to the same features and products that are sold to businesses. Therefore, there is no customized product, software, or service produced or developed by Apple that specifically targets businesses.