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Developer Communications - Amazon

Amazon speaks to the developer community through hackathons, events/meetups, conferences/webinars, publications, social media, and online resources. Amazon's core value propositions are customer first, fast delivery, and low prices. All the requested information about the ways that Amazon speaks to the developer community, Amazon's core value propositions, key messages the company communicates to developers and fintechs, Amazon's developer portal strategy/programs, and the company's business lines is provided below.

The Ways That Amazon Speaks to the Developer Community

1. Hackathons

2. Events and Meetups

  • On July 22, 2020, Amazon held an event called "Alexa Live 2020", which was "a free virtual educational event for []voice developers & business leaders . . . [that provided instruction about] the latest in voice technology . . . [and] how to create engaging experiences for your customers."
  • Amazon runs events called "AWS Dev Days[, which] are free, full-day technical event[s] where new developers will learn about some of the hottest topics in cloud computing, and experienced developers can dive deep on newer AWS services." Those days include live demos, technical sessions, workshops, "and networking with AWS technical experts."
  • Amazon has an event intended for developers (among others) called AWSome Day which "is ideal for business and technical leaders, as well as IT Pros and developers who are eager to learn more about cloud computing and be trained on the AWS Cloud."
  • Amazon also hosts events called "AWS lofts[, which] are a place where startups and developers can meet over coffee, work on their apps, attend educational sessions, and get in-person answers to AWS technical questions" for free.

3. Conferences and Webinars

  • The AWS Innovate Online Conference teaches developers and others "how to build artificial intelligence (AI) applications and machine learning (ML) models, choose the right database, and modernize . . . [their] data warehouse and applications."
  • "AWS Partner Webinars are live, virtual sessions presented by AWS experts and accredited AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas such as: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), Containers, IoT, and more."

4. Publications

  • Every other week, Amazon publishes its AWS Compiled report, which is a collection of news and various content pertaining or relevant to AWS developers.
  • Amazon also publishes a newsletter about Alexa that's geared towards developers.
  • With regard to the Amazon Appstore, Amazon offers three, free ebooks geared towards developers (listed below).
  • The first ebook is titled "The Ultimate Guide to Driving High-Value Actions."
  • The second ebook is titled "Competitive Mobile Gaming."
  • The third ebook is titled "In-app purchases and subscriptions."

5. Social Media

6. Online Resources

Core Value Propositions

Key Messages to FinTechs and Developers

1. Fintechs

  • For fintechs, Amazon offers AWS for FinTech. Through that service, the main message Amazon communicates to fintechs is as follows: "From getting started, to scaling up to exit, AWS is here to support your FinTech company with our business and technology solutions."
  • A key message Amazon conveys to fintechs is that "[o]ver the past 11 years, more FinTechs have built on AWS than any other provider."
  • Amazon communicates four reasons that "FinTechs choose to build on AWS."
  • The first reason is as follows: "Strengthen security postures with 15+ security services and a newly launched, available in the AWS console in preview, AWS Security Hub to view all alerts and findings."
  • The following is the second reason: "Make data-driven decisions fast and provide outstanding customer service with +70 AWS' state-of-the-art analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning services available to any technical teams through the AWS console."
  • The third reason is as follows: "Go global in minutes while staying compliant with AWS' global infrastructure that spans 60 Availability Zones and 20 geographic regions and supports performance, scaling and high availability."
  • Lastly, the fourth reason is as follows: "Work with a team of FinTech experts built through years of partnering with financial services organi[z]ations of all sizes, including Capital One, Finra, Robinhood, Stripe and more."

2. Developers

  • Amazon communicates to developers that it can help them "[r]elease software faster", "[e]asily integrate with AWS", and "[b]uild like Amazon."
  • Another message that Amazon communicates to developers involves a certification called the AWS Certified Developer — Associate. The message associated with that certification is that it validates a developer's "technical skills and expertise with an industry-recognized credential . . . [to] grow your career."
  • A message that Amazon communicates to developers pertaining to Alexa is that there are many opportunities for them to "create Alexa skills for customers."
  • On Linkedin, Amazon communicates that it provides "developers the tools to build awesome apps and games, and reach millions of consumers worldwide."

Amazon's Developer Portal Strategy/Programs

  • Amazon has a portal for developers called Amazon Developer Services, which is divided into the following four segments: AWS Developer Center, Alexa, Amazon Appstore, and Amazon Dash Replenishment.

1. AWS Developer Center

  • The AWS Developer Center provides developers with resources that include sample code, documentation, and tools so they can "build applications in" their language(s) of choice.
  • This link is to the AWS Developer Center.

2. Alexa

3. Amazon Appstore

  • The Amazon Appstore enables developers to create games and apps for Android that are compatible with the Amazon Fire tablet, mobile platforms, and Amazon Fire TV.
  • Amazon offers guides to assist developers in creating those games and apps, as well as free developer accounts.

4. Amazon Dash Replenishment

  • With Amazon Dash Replenishment, developers can "[b]uild Amazon reordering experiences into . . . devices."
  • "Amazon Dash Replenishment is an Amazon service, integrated with Alexa, that . . . can [be] add[ed] to . . . connected devices to make reordering supplies or replacement parts easy for your customers."

Business Lines

  • Given Amazon's massive scale as a company, it has numerous business lines (listed below).
  • The following are Amazon's business lines: Clothing/watches/jewelry/shoes, Amazon Fresh (online grocery delivery), books, games/music/movies, electronics, computers, smart home, garden/home/tools, pet supplies, grocery/food, health and beauty, toys/baby/kids, handmade, sports, outdoors, industrial/automotive, Whole Foods Market, Amazon Physical Stores, home services, gift cards, prints/photos, international shopping, Amazon Music, Amazon Alexa and Echo, Amazon Fire Tablets, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Appstore, audible books, Kindle books/e-readers, and home services.
  • Amazon has three business segments, which are North America, International, and AWS.