Denver Professional Sports Teams, Part 3

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Denver Professional Sports Teams: Overview

The professional sports teams in Denver, Colorado are Colorado Rockies, Denver Broncos, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rapids, Colorado Mammoth, Denver Outlaws, Denver Nuggets, and Denver Barbarians. Information regarding the ownership of these teams has been provided below.

Colorado Rockies

Denver Broncos

Colorado Avalanche

Colorado Rapids

Colorado Mammoth

Denver Outlaws

  • Denver Outlaws is a Major Leage Lacrosse team.
  • The owner of Denver outlaws was Pat Bowlen who died in June 2019. The new owner are yet to be determined.

Denver Nuggets

Denver Barbarians

Research Strategy

While we found most of the information, we did not find any insights regarding the owner of Denver Barbarians. We first attempted to look through the team’s official website for any information about the ownership. However, the website did not provide any information regarding ownership. Instead, it focused on highlighting tournaments, events, and provided a brief history about the team without mentioning the owners.

We then looked at media platforms and sports websites, such as Rocky Mountain Rugby, Forbes, and The Denver Post. We hoped that these sources would give us insights from key stakeholders in the team regarding its ownership. However, these websites focused on highlighting the sports events that the team attended and the tournaments it played.

As a last resort, we looked through the social media pages of Denver Barbarians, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We searched through the team’s social media pages hoping that we could find references from various posts regarding team’s owner. However, the posts focused on the team’s players and tournaments. For these reasons, we concluded that information regarding the ownership of Denver Barbarians is not available in the public domain

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Denver Professional Sports Teams: Attendance / Ticket Sales

During the past two to three years, ticket sales and/or attendance has strengthened for the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche, and plateaued for the Colorado Rapids and Denver Broncos. Meanwhile, attendance has trended downward for the Denver Outlaws and Colorado Mammoth.

Annual Ticket Sales / Attendance

Research Strategy

Please note, for the purpose of this analysis, relevant research related to the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche and Denver Broncos was sourced from Statista. Although data provided by this resource is publicly available, the relevant links for the Denver Nuggets (gate receipts, home attendance), Colorado Avalanche (home attendance) and Denver Broncos (gate receipts, attendance) lead to a paywall. As such, a document that includes screenshots of these publicly available data points was provided for reference as desired.
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Kroenke Sports and Entertainment

 In this research we establish the C-Suite of Kroenke Sports and Entertainment; E. Stanley Kroenke is the owner and chairman,  Jim Martin is the president and Chief Executive Officer, Matt Hutchings is the chief operating officer while David Burke is the chief ticketing and strategy officer. We also established Kroenke Sports & Entertainment has an estimated annual revenue of $122.8 million while the company has several subsidiaries across sports, real estate and media.

Kroenke Sports and Entertainment C-Suite.

  • E. Stanley Kroenke is the owner and chairman of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.
  • Josh Kroenke is the president and governor for the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets.
  •  Jim Martin is the president and Chief Executive Officer of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.
  • Matt Hutchings is the chief operating officer of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.
  • Bruce Glazer is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.
  • Declan Bolger is the chief marketing officer of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.
  • David Burke is the chief ticketing and strategy officer of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.


  • GlassDoor estimates Kroenke Sports & Entertainment annual revenue between $50 million and $100million.
  • However, according to Buzzfile, Kroenke Sports Holdings LLC, which also operates under the name Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, has an estimated annual revenue of $122.8 million.

Professional Teams Owned By Kroenke Sports & Entertainment

  • Professional teams owned by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment include:
  • Los Angeles Rams.
  • Denver Nuggets.
  • Colorado Avalanche.
  • Colorado Rapids.
  • Colorado Mammoth.
  • Arsenal F.C.
  • Arsenal W.F.C.
  • Los Angeles Gladiators.
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas.

Real Estate:

Television, Print and Radio

KSE Radio Ventures, LLC

Research Strategy

For the Kroenke Sports and Entertainment's agency of record, we attempted to find the company's agency of record by first searching through databases for advertisers and agencies such as Adbrands and Redbooks among others. We were hoping that since these databases provide details as well as news updates related to advertisers, agencies and brands, we would be able to find relevant info regarding the AOR of KSE. Unfortunately, our search was not fruitful. We decided to expand the scope of the research by focus on each subsidiary of KSE as we attempted to find out if they have their own AORs from these databases. Unfortunately, this strategy was also not fruitful.

Next we focused on the marketing contacts of the subsidiaries of the company. We were hoping that we could find clues from these contact regarding the AORs that they engage for their advertising needs. Unfortunately, the only marketing contacts listed were for the internal marketing team for most of the teams. For this reason, we suspect most of the marketing functions are completed internally, but we continued to execute our third search strategy by looking through local media publications and press, and through local marketing agencies' websites. From this strategy, we were able to ascertain that the most of the Kroenke Sports and Entertainment marketing and advertising is done internally but some of its subsidiaries + outsource marketing and advertising services.
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Denver Broncos

Joe Ellis is the current President and CEO for Denver Broncos. Adrenalin Inc. is Broncos advertising agency of record.

C-Suite Executives

  • Joe Ellis — President and CEO
  • Rich Slivka — Executive Vice President and General Counsel
  • John Elway — President of Football Operations/General Manager
  • Mac Freeman — Chief Commercial Officer
  • Justin Webster — Chief Financial Officer
  • Patrick Smyth — Executive Vice President of Public and Community Relations
  • Nancy Svoboda — Executive Vice President of Human Resources

Annual Revenue

  • Denver Broncos' annual revenue was estimated at $446 million in 2018.

Agency of Record

Professional Sports Teams Owned

Current Ownership Issues

  • Bill Bowlen, brother of Pat Bowlen and former minority owner of Denver Broncos, filed a lawsuit that "sought to remove team executives from deciding which of Pat Bowlen’s heirs will take over," arguing that the former owner had dementia.
  • A Colorado state court judge dismissed the lawsuit, and it appears NFL may make the next call.
  • Recently, Amie Klemmer and Beth Bowlen Wallace, Pat Bowlen’s two eldest daughters, "filed a petition seeking to invalidate the 2009 Patrick D. Bowlen Trust on the grounds their father" could not have had the capacity "to sign his estate-planning documents due to Dementia."
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Denver Outlaws

The C-Suite executives for Denver Outlaws include Mac Freeman who is the president, Troy Ergenbright who is the Senior Director, and Jared Weymeir who is the Manager for Partnership Marketing and Sponsorship Sales. The company has an estimated annual revenue of $3.2 million while its agency of record is Troika.

Denver Outlaws' Staff Directory

  • The staff of Denver Outlaws include:
  • President: Mac Freeman.
  • Senior Director, Business and Team Operations: Troy Ergenbright.
  • Manager, Partnership Marketing and Sponsorhip Sales: Jared Weymier.
  • Coordinator, Digital Media, Public Relations and Marketing: Grant Larson.
  • Account Executives: Drew Galyardt and Brianna Holliday.
  • Inside Sales: Bryan Miller and Alex Pavone.
  • Intern, Marketing and Sponsorship: Regan Mullen.
  • Manager/Coach/Choreographer, Dance Team: Margaret Foy.
  • General Manager, Director of Player Personnel: John Cohen.
  • Head Coach: Tony Seaman.
  • Offensive Coordinator: John Grant Jr.
  • Defensive Coordinator, Manager of Outlaws Lacrosse Academy: Matt Bocklet.
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach: Chris Spangler.
  • Head Athletic Trainer: Randall Neal.
  • Head Team Physician: Phil Stull, MD.
  • Team Physician: Jonathan Zonca, MD.
  • Team Physician Assistant: Emily Shupe-Talley.
  • Massage Therapist: Anna Castellano.
  • Team Chiropractor: Jonathan Weimer.
  • Equipment Manager: Paul Kim.

Annual Revenue and Agency of Record

Denver Broncos and Denver Outlaws

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Denver Nuggets Marketing Strategy

The Marketing Team features an embroidered “Elevate” slogan at the front panels. In its Twitter and Instagram Page, Denver Nuggets uses the tag line “Mile High Basketball” to reach masses.

Messaging and Taglines Currently Used

  • The Denver Nuggets is a professional basketball team based in Denver, Colorado.
  • The Marketing Team of Denver Nuggets helps to create, develop, and execute marketing strategies in alignment with team messaging and tagline.
  • The team features an embroidered “Elevate” slogan at the front panels with an adjustable strap closure at the rear of its cap.
  • "Elevate Friday" gear is used to promote the games held on Fridays, and the team has announced a rewarding opportunity for people wearing the gear.
  • In its Twitter and Instagram page, Denver Nuggets uses the tag line “Mile High Basketball” to reach its fan followers along with masses.

Change In The Past 6-12 Months

  • The messaging of the Denver Nuggets has remained the same during the last 6–12 months as the company remained involved in merchandise promotion along with social media marketing.
  • The company is indulged in merchandise promotions in early 2019 and has continued the same marketing strategy in promotion through its cap.
  • In last 10-12 months, the company has used Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for its marketing strategy where it has used videos of the games that show branding of the team and its players along with the list of merchandise.
  • The marketing team works collaterally with radio, television, and print ads to handle the insertion of all media throughout the season.

The Marketing Mix Used By The Team

  • Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, parent of Denver Nuggets looks for the marketing strategy including Digital, Television and Radio Media; Venue Signage (Interior & Exterior); Promotions (In-Arena & In-Market); Hospitality; Community Programs; Fan Development; Grassroots Marketing; and Team Intellectual Property of Denver Nuggets.

Social Media Profile

  • The Facebook page has 2,003,419 fans who have liked the page.
  • The company has used Facebook for its marketing strategy where it has used videos of the games along with the list of merchandise it wanted to sell.
  • As its marketing strategy, Denver Nuggets has approached Facebook to booster its mobile ticketing.
  • In 2019, the National Basketball Association’s Denver Nuggets team rolled out the Facebook technology and consumers to visit the brand’s Facebook page.
  • The company has also formed an application called “Sit Near Me” that can be featured on the page.
  • The strategy behind the new ticketing functionality is to turn the Denver Nuggets’ which has 1.3 million “Likes” into more active fans to stay connected to their friends.
  • The company also drives commerce as an additional revenue stream.
  • With the help of an application, consumers can view the upcoming list of events and click-through to view a map of the arena to find available tickets.
  • The Twitter page of the company has 60.6K tweets and 924K followers.
  • The twitter page talks about players whether Coach Malone is the best soccer player and the information on Daily Nugget where it is considered as the best-dressed team in Denver.
  • The Instagram page of Nuggets has 7,008 posts and 1 million followers which have mostly covered videos on sports.
  • The team uses daily or sometimes 2-3 times in a day to post pictures and videos.


  • Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, the parent of Denver Nuggets have made an official application that delivers an unrivaled interactive team experience by providing the most up-to-date scores, schedules, news, and statistics on both google play store and apple store.

Examples Of Current Marketing

Current Marketing Via Merchandise
Current Marketing Via YouTube
  • The link is available here.
  • Denver Nuggets legend Fat Lever launches 'Elevate Fridays'. The team has asked fans to show their support by wearing their gear for "Elevate Fridays".
Current Marketing Via News Channel

Your Research Team Applied The Following Strategy

We started the search by looking at the official website of the company and did a deep search into the messages and videos posted by the company on its website and later checked the team section of the company to get some information regarding marketing strategies used by professionals to promote its team. We also tried to look for information regarding marketing channels used along with the percentage of marketing spends. But there was no information available regarding the percentage of marketing channels and total marketing spend of the company.
Our second strategy was to scour through various media articles from Forbes, Businesswire, Bloomberg, Reuters, Live Mint, PRNewswire, ABNews, Retail Dive; Marketing Promotional blogs such as teegoog.over-blog, blog.hubspot, and buildfire; company databases such as Hoovers, Crunchbase, Craft.Io, and we checked if they have any pre-compiled information on the financial part. All these are potential sources where information on marketing channels and total marketing spend could be available. The sources mention the operating income, player’s expenses, and wins to player’s cost ratio, but definite marketing budget/spend and marketing channel were not available.

As there was no pre-compiled information available, we opted to go for the triangulation strategy. Since we were able to find the operating income of the team through Forbes, we tried to identify what constitutes the operating income and the share of expenses the company invests in but there was no such information available. For this, we scoured through financial statements from Forbes, yahoo finance, statista, and similar web, but all the sources were focused on revenue and the Denver Nuggets Application on the Apple Store and Google play. Again, there was no information available on the split of expenses or incomes.
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Colorado Avalanche Marketing Strategy

The Colorado Avalanche has utilized effective social media platforms, such as Snapchat and Twitter, to grow their brand by engaging directly with their fans through promotional contests, live updates, and game highlights. Through the usage of events to grow ticket sales and promoting the team's talent outside of the arena, the Colorado Avalanche has worked on driving fan interaction with its players.

Events & Promotion

  • The Colorado Avalanche have made recent changes in how and where they promote the team's talent, by developing younger players and building their experience for the long-term. From jumbo trons and on-ice projections to media relations both on TV and in the arena, according to Mile High Sports, a Colorado Media Outlet, the team's marketing department is adopting a strategy of flexibility.
  • The team has introduced a wide array of promotions and deals to attract a new wave of fans, such as Star Wars Night, where fans will receive a co-branded Star Wars/Avalanche t-shirt, as well as photos with their favorite characters. To promote the team while also giving back to the community, the Colorado Avalanche, hold nights where proceeds go to charities such as fighting cancer and instituted a "50/50 raffle" where half of the proceeds go to benefiting youth sports in the area.
  • Just last year, the Colorado Avalanche held their first-ever Fan Fest, a free event for fans which included instruction for youth players, activities with the team, raffles, Q&A with the coaches, and an open practice event.
  • Reliable WiFi is a noted positive feature within the Avalanche’s marketing strategy. One case study reported that reliable and vast WiFi service enabled "six-figures in new revenue from in-app ads" for the team's owner, Kroenke Sports and Entertainment.

Social Media — Messaging and Taglines

  • Snapchat is being utilized to grow the team's social media presence and provide, live-updates, player interviews, and engaging fan interaction.
  • After each game, the team runs a contest for "best game caption," which allows fans the chance for their caption to be featured as a headline on the team's official website.
  • Over the past few years, the team has used the tagline, "Why not us?" to portray the message that they deserve a championship just as much as any team.
  • The slogan "GoAvsGo" is one of the most predominantly used slogans across their media presence.
  • In recent months, the team has used clever, player-specific taglines on social media, such as "NateTheGreat" a take on the name of the team's forward, Nathan Mackinnon.

Marketing Mix

Current Marketing Examples

  • Fan Fest is the team's annual expo for fans to participate in events and games with the team.
  • Colorado Avalanche: Twitter highlights the team's social media presence and interaction with their fan base.
  • Visiting Cale Makar is an example of the team's attempt to showcase their players' lives outside of the game.
  • Fan fit/Misfit Roommates is a comedic TV commercial portraying players as "roommates."

Research Strategy

In trying to determine the marketing mix we could not come up with a published source that laid this information out directly. In our research, we came to the conclusion that the Colorado Avalanche uses both TV and radio marketing channels, of which both are highlighted in the findings, but the percentage that relates to the marketing mix could not be factually determined. With the usage of social media, many marketing efforts are done through maintaining a social media account, of which this is done in-house. Thus, a large portion of known marketing efforts would be covered under the salary of the marketing coordinators. After searching on the Colorado Avalanche's website for staff, we can find that they employ 3 positions related to web/social media coordinator, each roughly paying from $26,000 to $58,000, based on Glassdoor salary estimates for the area of Colorado. Coming out to anywhere from, $78,000 to $174,000 in annual salary for media-related staff expenditures. While we can safely assume that marketing efforts related to both web and social media account maintenance would be covered under these expenditures, we cannot give a factual representation of this as a percentage of their marketing mix. Furthermore, the team's TV media partner is wholly owned under the same umbrella as the team itself, Kroenke Sports & Entertainment. Due to this, marketing expenditures related to this partner, which we can assume is quite a large portion, are not published.

As mentioned in the above statement concerning the marketing mix, we could also not find a specific source related to the total $US marketing spend for any recent fiscal year. According to Forbes, 2019 annual revenue was $119 million, player expenditures were $66 million, and NOI was $7.8 million, thus we can logically assume that marketing expenses were at least less than $45.2 million ($119m — 66m — 7.8m = 45.2m in operating expenses), but we cannot accurately come to a conclusion as to how much of their Selling, General & Administrative expenses (SG&A) were attributable to marketing alone. We believe that this information isn't readily available because the sports franchise industry is highly competitive, as well as being privately-owned; thus, exact facts and figures found on income statements are not normally published.

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Denver Broncos Marketing Strategy

The Denver Broncos primarily leverage various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to engage with its fans and keep them updated on various upcoming team events, player interviews, scintillating game videos, and also to promote the team's merchandise.

Marketing Messaging, Taglines & Change Over Past 6-12 Months

  • The primary marketing messaging of the Denver Broncos centers around the promotion of the team's upcoming games and events, its achievements, especially as a three time winner of the Super Bowl championship, various charitable and philanthropic activities, highlighting player capabilities and team potential through match videos, and the promotion of the team's merchandise marketed through its 'Pro Shop.'
  • Its various marketing campaigns are intended to produce "shareable, personalized content to maximize reach and drive entries" and utilize an experience that is interactive and exciting to help boost website engagement.
  • This messaging has remained consistent during last 6-12 months as it continues to be involved in merchandise promotion along with social media marketing. In last 10-12 months, the team has consistently used various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for its marketing strategy, showcasing videos of the games displaying team branding and its players, along with the list of merchandise.
  • The team's marketing campaigns since last year have been focused on enhancing website engagement and engagement with fans overall.
  • The team primarily uses the tagline/slogan "Mile High Football" across its merchandise to promote itself.
  • The official Twitter hashtag for the team in 2019 is '#BroncosCountry.' It employs this hashtag to post various types of messaging on the social media platform.

Marketing Mix Used

  • The Denver Broncos mostly leverages various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to engage with its fans and keep them updated on various upcoming team events, player interviews, scintillating game videos, and to promote its merchandise.
  • It has over 2.7 million followers on Twitter, 3.9 million on Facebook, and 1.2 million on Instagram, which corroborates the usage of these platforms as the team's primary medium to connect with fans.
  • It also utilizes TV and radio as a marketing medium and has 9NEWS & KTVD Channel 20 as its TV media partners and IHeart Media - 850 KOA and 103.5 The Fox & 94.1 FM as its radio media partners.
  • Also, the team employs print advertising/marketing as part of its marketing strategy and publishes its own magazine titled 'Broncos Magazine' that acts as an advertising medium for them.
  • Additionally, it has a special magazine for kids to engage with and educate them on the game under the title 'Broncos Magazine for Kids.' This type of targeted print marketing allows the team to reach a broad range of audiences.
  • The Denver Broncos also uses 'website engagement' as a tool to reach and market to potential audiences, including its fans.

C) Current Total Marketing Spend

  • While there is no publicly available information on the current marketing/media spend of the team, according to a 2014 paper from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, the team's total media spend was $3.51 million across all media campaigns that year.
  • Expenses for TV advertisements amounted to $1.2 million (34.2%), while magazine advertisements had $390,000 (11.1%), social media advertisements accounted for $720,000 (20.5%), and web and newspaper advertisements each had $600,000 (17.1% each).

Links to Examples of Current Marketing

  • Recently, the team used website engagement through "an engaging, timed quiz activation" as a tool for marketing. The various creatives used can be found through this link.
  • Here is a link to the team's promotional video launched in June 2019.
  • For print advertising, the team currently uses its magazines to engage with fans. Examples of creatives can be found in Broncos Magazine and Broncos Magazine for Kids.

Research Strategy:

During our research, we were unable to find data on the current marketing spend or the percentage share of marketing mixes used by the Denver Broncos. While we located information on the 2014 media spend by the team across various marketing channels, there was no data on the current media spend. The primary reason for the lack of data can be its niche and confidential nature, due to which, the team has not disclosed this information to the public. We employed the strategies outlined below to search for the missing information.
Our research began by scouring through the team's website, especially the press releases, to hunt for the media spend and marketing mix percentage, as companies use these sources to disclose information around their advertising efforts or marketing strategy. Nonetheless, no relevant information was available. We only found details of its upcoming matches, analysis on games, new player inclusions, injury updates, and awards and accolades won by the Denver Broncos. Also, we tried to search for any yearly filings, such as annual reports or presentations, published by the team as they are useful sources for extracting marketing information. However, the Denver Broncos operates as a private franchise and no such filings were publicly available.
Next, we searched through media articles from Forbes, Bloomberg, WSJ, Reuters, Capital IQ, Live Mint, etc., as well as statistical databases like Statista. Additionally, we explored advertising blogs and websites such as AdAge, Adweek, Marketing Daily, Advertising Age, Unbounce, Ad Land, etc. and advertising agencies like Stoltz Marketing Group, VGCA, Glacier Marketing, and Strategy 360. While we found some examples of the team's advertising efforts, its valuations and revenues, and the 2014 marketing spend, there was no updated data on its media expenses or marketing mix. The media articles also discussed the team's partnerships to help expand its network.
We then attempted to triangulate the information. The idea was to locate any information around the marketing/media spend being X% of the team's revenue or Y% of its overall valuation. Since we found its revenue and the estimated valuation, we could have triangulated the dollar amount for the media spend. Hence, if the team had $X million in revenue and its media spend was Y% of that figure, the total dollar amount of the media spend could be calculated as $(X*Y/100) million.

Also, we planned to use the media spend by channel as a proxy to determine the marketing mix percentage. Thus, if the team spent X% on social media advertising, we could have logically concluded that X% of marketing efforts are digital. However, no such data points were available. We only found the operational and staff expenses, along with information on other operating metrics, such as ticket sales and the average ticket price.
Finally, we searched for alternate data points to triangulate the information. We searched for the marketing spend or marketing mix from older years (2014-2016) to use the CAGR over the past three to four years, so that we could calculate the missing information. Also, we searched for any spending information on the important ad campaigns conducted by the team during the year to use as a proxy for the overall ad spend, assuming that bulk of this was constituted by those campaigns. Again, no relevant data points were available. While we found a paper from the University of Nebraska addressing the media spend in 2014, there was no information on the CAGR over the past few years. Also, some past marketing campaigns shared details and creatives but did not furnish any information on the campaign dollar spend.
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Denver Outlaws Marketing Strategy

For the last 6-12 months, Denver Outlaws' marketing strategy is consistently focused on digital media and partnership with networks to market their upcoming promos, merchandise items, and events. The team mostly uses its website and social media accounts as its marketing channel.

Messaging /Tagline

  • Based on how the team positions itself in its social media presence, the team has not changed the way they want to express their messaging to the community in the last 6-12 months, as they continue to serve as a "trust-worthy and conscientious representative," putting first their partners, fans, and the community.

Digital Marketing Channels


  • Denver Outlaws has more than 23,000 followers on Facebook. It uses this platform to post game updates, networks which games will be aired, and the team's announcement of events like the Rocky Mountain Showcase, a premiere lacrosse recruiting event for high school players.


  • Denver Outlaws has 34,300 followers on Instagram. The team actively posts photos and videos taken during their games and upcoming events like the Rocky Mountain Showcase.


  • The team has more than 21,000 followers on Twitter and actively updates the page. The page has the same posts of game updates and upcoming events.
  • A website analysis from Similar Web reflects that the team website's traffic mostly comes from organic searches (98.34%).


  • Based on Outlaws' "Partners" page, Pepperdines, their official printer for any of its ads and promotional displays, appears to be the team's only print-related ads and marketing partner.


  • As posted on the team's Instagram account, Outlaws was able to market its merchandise items through its partnership with Tough Mudder Bootcamp.


  • The network and the team's media partnership continues when all the remaining games of Denver Outlaws are aired by the network and streamed live on its website.

Examples of the Team's Marketing

  • This is the link to marketing advertisement for the team's Family Four-Pack promo for fans captured from the video interview with the team’s defensive coordinator, Matt Bocket.
  • This is the team's announcement of its big updates to their Rocky Mountain Showcase, a premiere recruiting event in Colorado, in which 28 colleges are about to attend, and that it is now open to current freshmen players.

Research Strategy

The research team could not find the percentage of how Denver Outlaws uses its marketing channels (e.g. print, digital, TV) and its total marketing spend. To look for this information, we initially searched through the team's official website since this can have press releases or news articles detailing their marketing spend and how it is divided amongst their marketing channels. However, it only had news articles about the team's game schedule, upcoming events, media guide, and partnerships and no details were available about any marketing spend. We also checked for an available annual report or financial statements as this would detail the team's marketing spend and breakdown, but, it is not publicly available.

Secondly, we leveraged advertisement websites like Ad Age, Adweek,, and Media Radar with the hope that we can find marketing/advertising spend as these sources sometimes have an estimate of how much a company spends for all its marketing efforts. However, on Media Radar as an example, the available data is for the top brands which are mostly visible in TV ads and digital ads, and no data was for Denver Outlaws. Therefore, this strategy was not fruitful.

Lastly, we tried to triangulate the information by exploring the company's marketing partners like Pepperdines, Fox31 Denver, and Altitude Sports and Entertainment. With this approach, we checked the list of their clients and hoped to see details of partnership deals or contract amounts they have with Denver Outlaws. However, this strategy only gave confirmation of their partnership with the team, but no other information was publicized about the amount spent doing business with them. However, we pulled together all other details about Denver Outlaws' messaging and tagline, its marketing channels, and the links to some of its marketing efforts.
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Colorado Mammoth Marketing Strategy

The Colorado Mammoth lacrosse team has been effective with their messaging and taglines on their social media platforms. They also partnered with the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children to offer a community program designed to educate children on how to eat in a healthy manner and to teach them effective daily fitness habits. However, we were not able to find the current total marketing spend for the team in the United States in the public domain.

Messaging, Taglines and Changes

  • The only tagline that was available for the Colorado Mammoth was on its Twitter account which used the phrase "We're kind of a big deal." No change could be noted in this tagline as the sentence was the same in the archived pages over past 6-12 months.
  • On its Facebook page, the team highlighted itself as one of thirteen teams in the National Lacrosse League with a "seventeen-year history" that gets "more than 16,000 fans per game."
  • The team also claimed it to be known as "The Loudest House in Lacrosse!"

Marketing Mix

Marketing Spend

  • The marketing spend for the team is not available in the public domain.
  • According to ZoomInfo, the latest available revenue estimate for the team was $6.9Million.
  • Matt Hutchings is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.
  • As reported by the Media Guide 2018, under Matt Hutchings’ leadership, Mammoth staff increased revenue by 7.8% and increased paid tickets by 3% year-over-year.

Marketing Opportunities

Examples of Current Marketing

Research Strategy

To find out the specific information as asked for in the request, we started by looking into reports published on Colorado Mammoth's website. This included looking for annual filings and investor presentations. However, because the team is owned by a privately held parent company, these financial disclosures were not available. We then looked into the media guide document available for 2018, the community involvement reports, and media releases. The aim was to find out the required information as related to marketing from these documents, which would have included any new agreements signed with marketing or broadcasting agencies, estimated spending details across different avenues of marketing and promotions, and any new initiatives in the field of social marketing. Although there were some insights relating to community engagement and plausible channels of marketing engagement offered by the team, there was not specific information available for marketing mix or the marketing spend.

We then looked into advertising and media strategy databases which included, effie, creative brief, warc, and moat. This involved looking for print ads, digital ads, and advertising case studies. Our aim in this search was to find examples of advertisements, both offline and digital. We also looked for agencies that might be handling any marketing activities for the team. However, there was no information available. We then looked for similar information from the company's social media pages, which also did not include any information, except sponsored ad-runs on Facebook that were mostly aimed at the sale of event tickets.

Finally, we then searched for interviews that the executives of Colorado Mammoth could have given. Our objective was to locate interviews where these C-level executives might have highlighted their strategies related to marketing or their future agendas and objectives. However, the interviews we located were concerned with the larger parent company KSE, rather than the Colorado Mammoth.
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Colorado Rapids Marketing Strategy

Colorado Rapids utilizes platforms like TV, social media, and websites to promote their club, sell tickets, and feature merchandise. In 2019, the club released a documentary highlighting the club's origin and its peoples' story. In 2018, the club unveiled a new sports kit, featuring a Colorado state flag and their past wins.


Tagline and Messaging

Marketing Channels

Marketing Example Links

Research Strategy:

We started the research by examining official sources of information like website, press releases, news section, official reports, among others. We were hoping to find relevant information about the marketing budget and costs. However, we could not find any information pertaining to the spending budget for the club. Further, we checked through the parent company's website and reports, i.e., Kroenke Sports and Entertainment. Unfortunately, no such documents were found on the parent company’s website.
Next, we scoured through company database sites to identify any information related to their ad spends. We searched through sites like WARC and Numerator. WARC database and Numerator generally features ad spends, case studies, research report, and other proprietary information about various companies. However, this was unsuccessful, and no result found specific for this sports club was available.
Lastly, we performed press scans from media news portal and credible publication sites like PRNewswire, Forbes, Adweek, Adage, Reuters, and similar sites. We tried to identify any recent news, partnership announcements, marketing spends, or marketing agency tie-ups for Colorado Rapids. However, only available reports found were related to updates about their team.

We were able to identify the messaging and taglines used by Colorado Rapids, their marketing channels, and links to recent advertising examples. However, we are not able to find information on percentage spending for each of its marketing efforts and their overall marketing budget.

From Part 10
  • "The Colorado Mammoth is one of thirteen teams in the National Lacrosse League. In its seventeen-year history, the team has won one Champion's Cup. With more than 16,000 fans per game, the Mammoth fans have made Pepsi Center 'The Loudest House in Lacrosse!"
  • "Matt Hutchings is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment. Hutchings received the award for his role as Governor of the Colorado Mammoth. Under Hutchings’ leadership, Mammoth staff increased revenue by 7.8% and increased paid tickets by 3% year-over-year. Hutchings also oversaw the Mammoth’s staffing and significant team changes in 2018. "
  • "The Colorado Mammoth are excited to offer Team Fit presented by Ardent Mills for the 2019-2020 season. In association with Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, Team Fit, Team Fit is designed to educate kids on healthy eating habits and their daily fitness habits. The program is open to elementary and middle school students, grades 3 -8, in the Metro Denver area."
  • "Team Fit program appearances will take place from November 2019 through March 2020. Not all requests can be granted as dates and times available are limited due to logistical parameters, so please sign up soon."
  • "Participation for your school or community group may include the following: A fitness workout led by Colorado Mammoth coaches Appearances from Colorado Mammoth Players, Alumni or Wild Bunch. A gift bag of health-inspired Mammoth Team Fit swag that will re-inforce lessons learned in the Team Fit program."
  • "The Mile High Dreams Gala - A Toast to Our Teams gave fans the opportunity to mix and mingle with players, coaches, alumni dancers and mascots from the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Mammoth and Colorado Rapids. The Gala featured elaborate food tastings from Denver's best restaurants, a variety of libations, live music, a silent auction, a photo station, casino games and much more! Proceeds benefited Kroenke Sports Charities programs for children and families in Colorado."