Dental Industry Campaigns

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Dental Industry Campaigns

Two examples of creative advertising campaigns in the US dental industry focused on DSOs, that led to a major increase in sales are the ones from Reimel's Dentistry and NC Pediatric Dentistry.

1. Reimel's Dentistry

  • The DSO company, Reimel Dentistry, worked with the Dental Inbound agency to conduct a marketing campaign.
  • The challenges the company was facing was that not all the dental practices managed by the company had the same name, making a unified marketing campaign more difficult to conduct and slowing their intentions to expand their locations.
  • At the beginning of the marketing process, the company had six practices. The agency worked with the company's marketing director to research each area's demographics and create an adequate strategy for each location.
  • Dental Inbound designed a scalable infrastructure for Reimel Dentistry, new websites, new logos, and the creative that would be used to promote the services available in each practice.
  • For the campaign, Dental Inbound used digital, mail, and traditional marketing.
  • The company spent $3,000 in the redesign of its logos and websites, between $1,500 to $5,000 in online advertising per month per practice, between $2,500 and $3,500 per month on direct mail, and between $400 and $1,500 per month on magazine printed ads.
  • Their social media channels feature different services available, giveaways for the communities, events, interviews with their professionals, dental procedures, etc.
  • The imaginary is simple, and the message reads "Welcome to the Neighborhood, come see your local dentist today."
  • The results were that Reimel Dentistry tripled its growth in every practice, growing each practice's sales revenue more than 20%, between $750,000 and $3 million per year per practice.

2. NC Pediatric Dentistry

  • The DSO company, NC Pediatric Dentistry, worked with the Dental Inbound agency to improve the growth of its five practices, coordinate advertising efforts, and manage its branding.
  • The challenge that NC Pediatry Dentistry had was creating a cohesive brand while at the same time maintaining the local presence of each practice. For example, they created a logo for North Carolina, one for Denver, etc.
  • The agency created a re-branding campaign, designed a new logo, and expanded the branding and campaign to each practice using the local name in the messaging.
  • They created a brand by educating the customers about dental health and insurance options, educational blogs with articles that promote the children's wellness, and interviews with doctors.
  • The interview videos were combined with social media, to make them accessible online, they also used digital, and mail marketing. Its social media shows a fun image of the company's staff in events and community activities with children.
  • The company spent $9,500 on redesigning its logos and websites, between $750 and $2,000 per month per practice in online SEO and PPC Campaigns, and $12,000 on direct mail.
  • For the image of the campaign, they used children taking care of their teeth, and fun letters with the message "Save 30% on Pediatric Dentistry," or another promotion available, and the location of the practice above the company's name.
  • The results were an increase in the awareness of each practice, thanks to promotions and online education advertising.
  • Also, every location of the company has demonstrated steady growth in sales year-over-year, and are considered the preferred pediatric dentists in some areas.