Dental Aligner Providers

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US Dental Clear Aligner Providers

Five producers/brands of clear dental aligners in the United States are Byte, SnapCorrect, Uniform Teeth, Dandy, and ClearCorrect. We have provided each company's name, website, pricing options, and conditions into the attached spreadsheet. Below is a brief overview of our findings.



  • One-time payments only require patients to make one payment in full, while the monthly payments are based on the base price of $1,749.00 at 10% APR for 24 months. Rates can vary between 10%-30%.

Uniform Teeth

  • Uniform Teeth offers clear aligners from $2,500 — $5,000.
  • While their website does state that they offer "pay over time" options, it does not specify how much or the conditions.
  • Patients may receive an $100 discount if they pay in full and insurance may cover up to $1,500.


  • Dandy has locations in Los Angeles, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Seattle.
  • Dandy offers Simple Cases and Complex Cases payment options. Patients can choose the Simple Case one-time payment at $1900, the Complex Cases one-time payment at $2600, Simple Cases monthly payment at $88 per month, or Complex Cases monthly payment at $122 per month.
  • In order to obtain simple cases, you must only be looking to correct minor crowding and spacing issues, while complex cases are to correct complex crowding and spacing issues.
  • One-time payment options only require one payment in full.
  • Monthly payments require the patient to choose between 12, 18, and 24 month payment options for specific pricing per month.