Demographics: Site Selection Manager

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Demographics: Site Selection Managers

The average site selection manager or person holding a similar job is a 31-year-old white male earning $108,000 a year and found in the city.


  • A site selection manager is a senior-level management position based on the years of experience that applicants for such positions are required to possess, the responsibilities, and the salary offered.
  • A site selection manager is expected to have worked in the industry for more than seven years, meaning that he has accumulated a lot of experience and justifies the responsibilities assigned.
  • Considering that an average student graduates at the age of 23 years and gets his or her first job after a year, seven years’ experience from 24 years would translate to 31 years of age.


  • An average senior level manager in the US earns between $71,000 and $160,000, depending on the industry, duties assigned, and skills required.
  • The average earning for managers at this level is $108,000, with little attention to the industry they work.
  • A site selection manager is a senior management position requiring more than seven years’ experience and offering a starting remuneration of $71, 000.
  • Variations in salaries depend on the responsibilities assigned, activity on site, and allowances that come with assigned responsibilities.


  • Most of the senior managers work from the headquarters of their companies and are, therefore, located in major cities.
  • Other jobs in the same category include consultants, who have to work from a central point in order to serve a wide population.
  • According to adverts, site selection managers are required to coordinate other members and travel a lot, meaning that they have to be positioned at a strategic place like a big city.
  • Other managers are hired for remote positions, indicating that they have to find a strategic place from where to coordinate their activities, with the city being the best option.


  • Advertisers do not indicate any age preference when hiring for site selection managers.
  • According to estimates, there are more men in senior management positions than women in the US. However, data from actual people holding site selection managers positions indicate that there are more women than men, accounting for 63%, while men account for 37%.


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Psychographics: Site Selection Managers

Some psychographic information for site selection managers and other similar job titles within the US are 1) Professional interests: career development, networking, and others; 2) Values: hard work, sustenance of relationships, and others; 3) Preferred media sources: electronic and print media plus online platform; and 4) Personal interests: voluntary causes, speaking, and others.


  • Tracey Buonforte is the present Vice President of Client Development at IMN Solutions and part of her job portfolio includes "site research, venue RFP process, and coordinate site inspections and planning visits".
  • Connie Bergeron is the founder of Site Selection Solutions — a company she started in 2007. She is an "internationally recognized expert in site selection and negotiations", and a Certified Meeting Professional.
  • Don Taylor started working for IMN Solutions in 1999 and he is currently a regional director for the company. He has over 20 years of experience and his job description entails "performing site location and contract negotiations for associations and corporations".
  • Kim Paine is the Vice President of Site Selection Services (SSS) and her specialties include "efficient site selection, convention services management experience, collaborative meeting management, and sharp contract negotiations".




  • The preferred media sources are both electronic and print media. The coming of age of online content writing has, however, shifted writings to online platforms.
  • Site-selection managers are involved in a lot of speaking engagements, it can be assumed that lots of coverage are channeled through the electronic and print reportage.
  • For example, Buonforte channeled her communication strategies through electronic and print media.
  • Although SSS has a few social media accounts like Facebook and LinkedIn, the company still hold the belief that face-to-face meeting is better off than using digital media.



We started our findings by locating companies in the US that recruit site selection managers and other similar job titles. We found three namely IMN Solutions, Site Selection Services, and Site Selection Solutions. Through their websites and LinkedIn pages of some of their employees, we were able to profile the professional interests, values, preferred media sources, and personal interests of site selection managers (and other similar job titles) within the US.