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Natural Health and Wellness Case Studies

Trending brands that have successfully executed marketing strategies for their natural vitamins or supplements products include Care/Of and Eu Natural. Summaries of the brands' products, their marketing strategies, and metrics of success for their campaigns are detailed below.

Natural Health and Wellness Products Case Studies

Brand 1: Care/Of

  • Care/Of is a subscription-based vitamin supplement company that offers personalized daily dose packs of vitamins, customized to consumer's health and wellness goals, dietary needs, and lifestyle and is valued at an estimated $35 million.
  • The brands' products are produced with evidence-backed formulations and transparent ingredient lists sourced from fresh and safe ingredients.
  • Care/Of partnered with digital marketing agency, Bamboo, to identify and optimize high-value audiences to increase their reach, leveraging to automate and optimize Facebook and Instagram campaigns at an optimal scale.
  • Bamboo tested lookalike and non-lookalike audiences on Facebook and Instagram and created customer persona profiles based on demographic data pulled from Care/Of's personalized vitamin quiz results.
  • Bamboo identified the highest-performing audiences and rolled out creative campaigns tailored to the persona profiles of those audience members.
  • The brand's minimalistic yet distinctive aesthetic was advantageous in Bamboo's ability to develop a high-converting creative, which emphasized the personalization products and packaging offerings of the brand, coupled with soft sell techniques that used video and image content to incentivize consumers into engaging with the advertisements and taking Care/Of's personalized vitamin quiz.
  • Through these methods, Bamboo was able to support Care/Of in driving conversions and scaling customer acquisition month-to-month while maintaining target cost per acquisition (CPA).
  • Unfortunately, Bamboo did not provide exact numbers for these metrics of the campaign.
  • Additionally, Care/Of tapped into an omni-channel marketing approach to expand their marketing strategy through email and SMS to customers segmented by their personal health goals, as supported by marketing agency Iterable.
  • The customer segmented omni-channel marketing campaign increased Care/Of's following to 80,000 loyal followers on Instagram and its ease and refreshing aesthetic has led to a 27% increase in year-over-year open rates, a 38% decrease in unsubscriptions, and a 138% increase in email sends.

Brand 2: Eu Natural

  • Eu Natural, a natural, premium health supplements company, provides products free of added fillers, binders or artificial ingredients, using only highly-potent and effective natural ingredients.
  • The brand works with medical and health professionals in the field to develop products that are derived from scientific evidence-backed formulations that are 100% pure, natural, and contaminant-free.
  • To improve their reach, Eu Naturals partnered with Stack Influence to build a network of micro-influencers over the period of 5 months to generate branded content, strengthen Eu Natural's social media presence, and drive targeted traffic to new listings on Eu Natural's Amazon store site.
  • The brand started with 100 influencers during the one-month trial campaign, expanding to a total of 801 influencers at an average rate of 200 new influencer affiliates each month over the course of 5 months.
  • By the end, the total following from Eu Natural's network of micro-influencers amounted to 3,748,848 users.
  • The brand accumulated 1,885,554 impressions with 168,425 engagements from the campaign.
  • Nearly half (366) of the micro-influencers provided in-depth product reviews and testimonials for its followers and all 801 influencers produced video and image content to market Eu Natural's products.
  • Some micro-influencers featured by Stack Influence for the campaign include Alyssa Puckett @hintofhazel, (17,000 followers, 3.17% engagement rate) and Stefani Wooldridge (@rootofwellness, 997 followers, 6.8% engagement rate).
  • The audience members who were most engaged by this campaign were predominantly female, married, between ages 20 and 49, and residing in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Miami.