On Demand Concierge Services

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On Demand Concierge Services Pricing

Busy As A Bee and Please Assist Me offer different prices for each service. While the detailed price list of the services of Please Assist Me is provided on its website, Busy As A Bee keeps the price detail of its services publicly unavailable. However, Busy As A Bee will send the price details to its users after they fill the request service application.

Busy As A Bee

  • Busy As A Bee provides various kinds of assistance, including personal errands, home and family, home management, motor vehicle service, moving and relocation assistance, travel, vendor liaison, business service, and graphic design service.
  • This company doesn't attach any price list of their services on its website. However, the users are required to fill the request service application where they're asked to select the service(s) that they're willing to choose before they are given the price details.
  • Busy As A Bee accepts payment by cash, visa card, American Express, Master Card, Discover, and other major cards.
  • A user stated that Busy As A Bee offers service at reasonable prices.
  • According to its Facebook page, the price of each service varies.

Please Assist Me

  • This company offers several types of services, such as weekly bundle, home refresh, house cleaning, groceries, laundry, dry cleaning, mail and packages, shoe care, alterations, goodwill, seasonal services, and special requests.
  • Weekly bundle, including the service of home refresh, grocery delivery, dry cleaning (pick up and drop off), laundry (pick up and drop off), mail and package delivery, alterations, goodwill pick up, and shoe shine and repair costs $108 per month. This service is only available from Monday to Friday.
  • The delivery charge for grocery service is $5 with an additional charge of $5 if a customer requests for whole foods.
  • Home refresh, including the service of sweeping and mopping the common area, hand washing dishes in the sink, emptying dishwasher, wiping down surfaces, dusting the common area, and taking on the main trash, costs $30 per clean. Additional charges for the bathroom add-on costs $5 per bathroom.
  • Deep house cleaning costs $99 per bedroom or studio, $129 per two bedrooms, and $149 per three bedrooms/penthouse/townhome.
  • Laundry service costs $1 per pound of dirty clothing with an additional delivery charge of $5. Consumers who apply for a weekly bundle are free from the laundry delivery charge.
  • Dry cleaning service costs $2.99 per item in the exclusion of comforters and winter coats with an additional delivery charge of $5. Consumers who apply for a weekly bundle are free from the delivery charge.
  • The cost of alterations service is varied depending on the type of service. The alteration of hemming starts at $10, button repair starts at $2, and general repairs start at $18 with an additional delivery charge of $5. Consumers who apply for a weekly bundle are free from the delivery charge.
  • The cost of package delivery is $5 with an additional charge of packaging materials and postage.
  • The cost of goodwill delivery is $5. Consumers who apply for a weekly bundle are free from the delivery charge.
  • The cost of shoe care is varied depending on the type of service. Shoe shine starts at $10, heel repair starts at $30, non-leather sole repair starts at $45, and leather sole repair starts at $95 with an additional delivery charge of $5. Consumers who apply for a weekly bundle are free from the delivery charge.
  • Please Assist Me also provides special request service which costs $22 per hour.

Research Strategy

We first began our research by reviewing the websites of Busy As A Bee and Please Assist Me to seek information related to the services that they offered to their customers. After our research team created an account in Please Assist Me website, we found that there's information related to the price of each service offered by this company which then we added to our findings. We also tried to subscribe to the newsletter of Busy As A Bee. However, the article sent to the research team's email only contained lifestyle and wellness tips instead of the price list of the services.

After collecting several valuable insights regarding Busy As A Bee company, we looked for any information about the price of their services in news platforms and lifestyle websites. We also utilized advanced search engines to find the requested information, including Open Corporates, Hoovers, Google Dataset Search Engine, NewsLookup, Google News, and Millie Northern Lights. We managed to find an article about Please Assist Me, whereas any news article about Busy As A Bee couldn't be found. However, there wasn't any information related to the services' price.

For our next strategy, we attempted to find information about the price of each service offered by Busy As A Bee through lifestyle blogs and review websites. The platforms that we visited included Yelp, Angie's List, Forsyth Woman, Manta, and US Directory. However, we still couldn't collect any information related to the price of Busy As A Bee's services.

As for the last strategy, we visited popular social media platforms to find any price information of Busy As A Bee's services from users' reviews or the company itself. The social media platforms that we chose included Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. After extensive research using various related hashtags and keywords, our research team still didn't manage to find information related to the price list of Busy As A Bee. We concluded that this information isn't publicly available.
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On Demand Concierge Services Providers-1

Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms have gained popularity and the task assistant and concierge services industry is no exception. There are significant variations in on-demand concierge focus and pricing. While some are focused on luxury travel and recreation, Hello Alfred, Busy as a Bee, Please Assist Me and Hey Thrivy are more task, chore or errand oriented. They have different pricing strategies and operate in different areas within the US. Below are concierge services, some with similar but others with varying focus, operating in different areas within the US or with different price plans.


  • Takl is much similar to the aforementioned platforms, except they go a step further and include a wider range of blue-collar professional services include auto-services, lawn and yard services, painting and auto services. The service also offers pet care, hourly help, mounting electronics and schedule management.
  • Their pricing strategy is unclear as it seems to be negotiated on a case by case basis.
  • The service is available in most major cities across the United States.


  • Handy is a platform that claims to be able to connect individuals looking for household services with vetted independent professionals who can help with several chores in 60 seconds.
  • Services include smart home and electrical installations, plumbing, TV and electronics services, and even home renovations.
  • Handy is available in hundreds of locations across the US as well as in a handful of England's major cities, and in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada.


  • Magic's appeal is to clients who find themselves with very busy schedules and are willing to pay extra to get a bit of time while they handle whatever needs to be handled. Sample tasks include delivery of goods, booking of services and, email, calendar and appointment management. Essentially, they are more like a white-collar office personal assistant.
  • They have a very simple payment structure: there are no sign-up fees and they charge 50 cents per minute.
  • While they are headquartered in San Francisco, they claim to be able to have a global reach.


  • Like Magic, Lifesquire find themselves positioned as a brand which will create time for busy individuals by providing white-collar assistance on-demand. Additionally, they have a babysitter's club.
  • In addition to their on-demand services, they have an academy on-site and online (still in development) through which they equip the personnel who will go on to work on their platforms with vital skills.
  • Lifesquire is currently only available in Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Tulsa in Oklahoma, and in Dallas, Texas.


  • Thumbtack specialize more in professionals 'for pretty much anything'. Their services include events like hiring a caterer, DJ, makeup artist and an officiant for a wedding, a music professional for piano lessons or voice coaching, a professional like a web designer or an accountant, and so much more.
  • Their offerings significantly shift from merely task and assistant-oriented and provide a more holistic concierge service. While their pricing strategy is unclear — which is expected as they offer such a wide range of services, they do offer a pricing guide on their website and a free cost estimate prior to a hiring decision.
  • Thumbtack use their platform to hire small businesses all across the United States.


  • Getondemand is easily the most exciting app on this list. Unlike all the other platforms discussed thus far, this one is based on machine learning and AI. The software uses Natural Language Processing and an intuitive conversation engine to make it easy for anyone to create a chatbot which can integrate with several other software and platforms including Facebook, Alexa or even Twilio and Skype.
  • What makes this application unique is its assistant feature, no humans are required. One could create a chatbot that you could verbally instruct to book you a flight and a hotel and look for discounts while it is at it.
  • While this application is not yet available on the App Store and on Google Play, individuals are able to specify to a machine (an API) in natural language what kind of app they want and how much they are willing to pay for it before they get a response.


  • This global luxury brand specializes in all kinds of service experiences including amenity management, fitness and wellness, social programming and staffing.
  • In addition to providing access to exclusive events, services and skills for residential use, LIVunLtd also provides consulting services for businesses.
  • This concierge service does not disclose any pricing policies however, from the looks of the composition of their leadership, it is clear that they are on the high-end of the pricing scale.

Velocity Black

  • Perhaps the most exclusive service in this industry, Velocity Black emphasizes how they mix technology and a multitude of skills and expertise to create the ultimate concierge service. These which involve traveling to ultra-exclusive destinations, attending A-list events and experiencing once in a lifetime events like swimming with Orcas in Norway, training with ninjas in Japan and, apparently, living 'like Iron Man for a day'.
  • The organization has a global reach but has main offices in London, New York and Los Angeles
  • The pricing is unclear; however, it is irrelevant as attempts to join this app are met with an announcement that there is a waiting list.

Research Strategies

The direct competitors for the initial Hello Alfred, Busy as a Bee, Please Assist Me and Hey Thrivy all essentially offer similar services yet most have limited geographic reach. Several other competing services were not included as they are all too similar. The inclusion of LIVunLtd prompted the exploration of other concierge services with more diverse offerings and ultimately led to two unique services, Velocity Black and Getondemand. All details are sourced directly from the respective owners of the technologies.

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On Demand Concierge Services Providers- Pricing 2

Magic has a straightforward payment structure with no sign-up fees. Magic charges its users 50 cents per minute. On the other hand, Handy includes the cost of expert installation services in its prices when advertising/selling items such as air conditioners.


  •  Takl charges different prices for its services based on the value of the service offered. Detailing a single automobile cost $113 while detailing a pickup truck or an SUV costs $126. Trucks are significantly larger than regular cars (automobiles), and the value placed on detailing them is higher.
  • Takl charges varying rates for lawn and yard activities, such as lawn mowing. Mowing 1/2 acre costs $96, mowing 1/2 acre covered with highly grown grass costs $175. The price is dependent on the size of the mowed field and the height of the grass contained in the mowed area, which represents the value of the service rendered.
  • Assembling one baby crib costs $81 while assembling two baby cribs cost $171. As the volume/quantity of Takl services increases, the value of the service and cost also increases.
  • The above pricing strategy practiced by Takl is known as value-based pricing. The pricing bases on the perceived value of the services.
  • Takl also offers a multiple tier pricing strategy. This pricing strategy gets utilized where there are numerous pricing options presented. Takl presents several pricing options for the mowing of a 1/2 acre plot of land based on the height of the grass on the field.


  • The cost of expert installation services offered by Handy is often included in the price of items to be installed, such as air conditioners. The Frigidaire 5,000 BTU window-mounted air conditioner costs $296, and expert installation services are in the price.
  • The Frigidaire 10,000 BTU window-mounted air conditioner costs $389, and the price includes the free shipping and expert installation services.
  • Several other items and assembly services offered by Handy come packaged together. The one-drawer wood storage accent end table costs $109 and includes the assembly services of an expert.
  • The study assumes that the pricing strategy used by Handy is cost-plus pricing. Cost-plus pricing calculates the costs of an item and adds a mark-up for profit.


  • Magic has a simple payment structure with no sign-up fees. The company has no monthly fees, and no minimum spend thresholds.
  • Magic charges its users 50 cents per minute. Weekly bills that reflect the time spent using the services of Magic get sent to consumers.
  • The pricing strategy used by Magic resembles the pay-as-you-go model. The pay-as-you-go pricing model involves sending a bill to customers regularly for the services that they have used. The study assumes Magic utilizes a simple pay as you go business model.


  • Consumers contact Lifesquire for inquiry on services and prices.
  • Lifesquire offers franchise privileges to owners businesses and service operators after an initial investment/payment of $25,000. These partners are allowed to conduct business using the name of Lifesquire.
  • Lifesquire franchise helps consumers carry out their laundry work. The personal assistant, as well as organizational services offered by Lifesquire, come in customizable monthly packages.
  • In 2014, Riley re-branded to become known as LifeSquire and stared offering franchising privileges. Consumers hire personal assistants from Lifesquire (Riley) at the rate of about $35 an hour.
  • The pricing strategy used by Lifesquire also resembles the pay-as-you-go model. The Pay as you go pricing model/strategy bills customers based on the services that they have used. Lifesquire bills its consumers based on the number of hours used.

Research Strategy

We reviewed the websites and press release articles of the identified companies for the description of their pricing structures. Several of the companies revealed the prices they charge for their services. They did not discuss the pricing structures implemented.

We also reviewed credible media resources such as Forbes in hopes of uncovering the pricing structure of the identified four companies. Forbes revealed that Lifesquire bills based on the number of hours used at about $35 an hour. Forbes did not define the strategy used by Lifesquire.

We also included franchise and business opportunity publications such as Franchisegator. An investigation was conducted to uncover the models used by Lifesquire and other identified companies. Franchisgator revealed that companies interested in franchising with Lifesquire pay $25,000. Additional studies examined how much Lifesquire charges clients through these companies, and their pricing models did not reveal the required insights.

The research studied the pricing details of the identified companies and compared them to various lists of common pricing strategies/structures.
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On Demand Concierge Services Providers- Pricing 3

The on-demand concierge service providers charge differently depending on the task and location of the service. Some of these services include; home management, pet management, photography, technical, wellness and event planning. These service providers use online platforms to market and enable clients to book and pay for the services. Our research focuses mainly on the pricing pattern of Thumbtack, GetOnDemand, LiVunLtd and Velocity Black.

5. Thumbtack

6.  GetOnDemand 

  •  GetOnDemand uses an artificially intelligent chat bot and a conversation engine to enable clients to make requests and orders online.
  • GetOnDemand is currently developing an app for iPhone and Android users with a platform to chat with the bot more efficiently, place an order and pay for it.

7. LIVunLtd 

8. Velocity Black

Research Strategy

To effectively carry out this research, we reviewed the companies' websites first in order to obtain all the relevant information regarding their pricing patterns for the on-demand services and the actual prices for the services. We gathered sufficient information for some companies in question. We then analyzed the social media handles like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram for the companies that we missed the pricing patterns to see whether there was any post related to how they charge.

Further, we analyzed information on business magazines like the Business Insider and Culture news for any publication on the same. From these sources, we gathered evidence that those companies offered discounts and incentives but we could not quantify the exact figure. We had to triangulate by analyzing their operating locations such as the 555TEN’s luxury Midtown West rentals for LIVunLtd and conclude that their pricing had to match a high-end budget.

From Part 02
From Part 03
  • "We are looking for dedicated, care taking individuals desiring to own their own business. We require the owner to be the operator and take an active role in the business’s day to day operations. We award franchises based on qualifications including, but not limited to: Customer service experience (Personal Assistant experience preferred) Commitment & Integrity Comfort around high net worth individuals Ability to make the initial $25,000 investment"