Dave Matthews Band Fans' Wine Versus Beer Versus Liquor Preference

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Dave Matthews Band Fans' Wine Versus Beer Versus Liquor Preference

Dave Matthews Band fans are aged between 25–40 years. Information specific to alcoholic drink preferences of Dave Matthews Band fans is not available in the public domain. A possible reason for the unavailability of information might be due to limited studies and surveys conducted directly on DMB fans and fans of the same music genre as DMB.


We were unable to identify the alcoholic drink preferences of Dave Matthews Band fans, both at concerts as well as generally.

To thoroughly address the research criteria, we began our research by searching for pre-compiled statistical data concerning DMBs fans and their preference for alcoholic beverages. We were hoping to find articles about the band which could provide insights about the drinking preferences of their fans. For this, we combed through several renowned websites including Forbes and Bloomberg. We also used a number of music websites such as Digital Music News, Lastfm, and Loudwire in our attempt to find information relevant to DMB fans and their alcohol-related preferences. These websites, however, did not facilitate any information relevant to our research criteria. After this, we moved to DMB fan sites such as Antsmarching and DMB Warehouse to find any mentions about alcoholic drink preferences of the fans. We also were hoping to find the general demographics of the DMB fans. We found an article which rendered information about the age group of DMB fans. According to the article, DMB fans fall in the age group of 25-40 years.

Next, we looked for data about the alcoholic beverage consumption of live music goers. We did this with an intent to correlate the alcohol consumption of live music goers to the alcohol preferences of DMB fans. We looked for research reports from prime institutions including Nielsen, Mintel, and Experian and several others. We found two reports from Nielsen which provided information and statistics about live music goers and their alcoholic beverages preference. The information found on these reports provided a general view about the live music concert attendees and their alcohol preferences.

According to the report published by Nielsen, attendees aged 21 or more are consuming more alcohol than the general population. We also found out that these live music goers would prefer liquor and wine (both 34%) compared to beer (27%). This information is related but is not enough for attempting a triangulation to find out alcoholic drink preferences of Dave Matthews Band fans. We cannot accurately triangulate what percent of these music goers probably like DMB's music; also festival genre may have a different genre to that of DMB, so we cannot assume that these statistics are enough to represent the DMB fans.

After this, we searched through official websites and social media websites of the band to get a general overview of their fan preferences, audience interests, and other related demographic information concerning the brand audience. Since this was kind of tricky, we have made an assumption that the visitors and followers of the websites are the fans of DMB. We then used some popular website and social media analysis tools including SimilarWeb and Socialblade. We were unable to find any alcohol-related preferences of the fans, but we have included some general interests of DMB's audience. Another tool we used was Spotify to search for other relevant information about the band's music listeners. However, this did not yield any results except location data of its monthly listeners.

Next, we tried to search for general information such as music preference of Americans. We intended to find music preferences of Americans and then correlate it with music preferences of DMB fans based on the age group they fall in. We searched for reports from Statista, Nielsen, Mintel, and Experian. However, nothing specific was found. We found out that 18% of Americans prefer rock music, and mostly they are men and white people. Although not directly stated, DMB's fans would probably belong to this group since the major genre of the band is Rock music.

We also tried searching for statistics about the alcoholic beverage preference of the general American population and our goal was to get relevant data points for us to triangulate DMB's fans preferences. We searched for surveys, polls, and research segments. For this, we searched through news websites such as Forbes and survey and poll portals such as Gallup and several others. We found some information about the drinking preferences of millennials, although the age group is relevant to DMB fans, the information is still not enough to triangulate the requested data since we need to get other data points such as the percentage of US millennials that liked rock music to complete our assumption, but that information is unavailable.

We are able to find statistics on beer preferences of music live goers and music preference of Americans and alcoholic preferences of Americans in general; the information is not sufficient to directly triangulate the percentages of alcoholic beverage preferences of DMB's music goer fans and fans, in general, depending on the demographics found. This is due to the incomparable nature of the data found. The unavailability of the information may be due to the limited studies and surveys conducted directly on DMB fans and fans of the same music genre as DMB. We have provided some critical information from our research in the helpful findings section.

Helpful Findings


  • Dave Matthews owns a wine brand which is commonly known as "The Dreaming Tree".
  • Half of the sales for the brand are from Dave Matthews band's fans.
  • Dave Matthews Band campers belong to the age group of 25-40 years or in their late twenties or thirties.
  • DMB has monthly music listeners on Spotify who are from different locations including Chicago(75,317), New York City(72,119), Atlanta(59,216), Los Angeles(50,068), and Dallas(49,383).
  • The official website traffic is generated from the US(70.27%), and their audience is generally interested in "news and media, arts and entertainment/music audio, travel and magazines."



  • According to a recent report by Nielsen, for the year 2018, attendees who were 21 years or above consumed more alcoholic drinks than the general population.
  • The live music attendees are more likely to drink liquor (34%); gin and tequila were the leading choices according to the Nielsen study.
  • 34% of the attendees are more likely to drink wine particularly sparkling wine and 27% of them are likely to drink beer.
  • For the year 2016, music festival attendees gave almost the same preference to both beer and spirits.
  • Wine and other alcoholic beverages are preferred by 44% of live music attendees.



  • ""Ten years ago most of them were in their early 20s, but now they're older," he said. Amy Reid and her husband, Ricky Williams, both in their 40s, have been attending Dave Matthews Band concerts for nearly 20 years. "
  • "Nosal said he's noticed that many of the patrons who stay at the campground for Dave Matthews Band are in their late twenties and thirties. "
  • "Country and rock are America’s favorite music styles, according to a recent CBS News Poll. 21% of Americans say country is their favorite kind of music, while 18% say rock: a slight, three point difference that is within the poll’s margin of error. "
  • "Men have a slight preference for rock, while women prefer country and pop music. There are age differences too. Americans under 65 are split, but for those 65 and older rock comes in fourth place at just 8%, behind country (33%), classical (16%), and popular music (12%)."
  • "And while white Americans prefer country (26%) and rock music (21%) as their top two choices, African Americans prefer R&B or soul (39%), followed by jazz (13%) and then rap or hip hop (9%). "
  • "And that also extends to drinks; perhaps unsurprisingly, attendees 21 and over are "bigger drinkers" than the general population, Nielsen found. And that data drilled down even further: attendees are 34 percent more likely to drink liquor (gin and tequila leading the pack, the study found); 34 percent more likely to drink wine (especially sparkling wine) and 27 percent more likely to drink beer. "If their phone is in one hand, a drink is in the other," Yazge said, adding that the specific types of drinks surveyed "play into why you see more specific alcohol sponsorships" at events."
  • "As a pure numbers game, this strategy seems to be working: while wine typically accounts for around 1% of overall concessions sales at music festivals, Electric Sky has been raising that percentage to 16%."
  • "While the music-alcohol relationship has a long history, current trends put the music industry in an optimal position to cash in on booze, especially wine. Firstly, millennials are drinking a record amount of wine: they consumed 159.6 million cases of it in 2015, accounting for 42% of all wine drunk in the US. An estimated 70 million millennials today drink wine on a regular basis, making the demographic the largest of all wine consumer segments (even larger than baby boomers)."
  • "“We think about half of the people that buy it are Dave Matthews fans, or at least know of him and like what he does, and the other half don’t know about the association,” McKenzie said, adding the accolades they only set out to earn about two years ago “makes them feel more confident in their purchase.”"