What is the DAU/MAU (% of monthly active users that are also daily active) and what is the WAU/MAU (% of monthly actives that are weekly active) for the following apps: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Line, Twitter, OKCupid, Plenty of Fis...

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What is the DAU/MAU (% of monthly active users that are also daily active) and what is the WAU/MAU (% of monthly actives that are weekly active) for the following apps: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Line, Twitter, OKCupid, Plenty of Fish, Match.com, Bumble, Badoo.

Hello! Thanks for your question about the DAU/MAU and WAU/MAU ratios for the 11 social media apps you identified. 
The most useful sources I found to answer your query were statista.com (for several of the apps) and expandedramblings.com for Snapchat.

The short version is this: In spite of a lengthy search for WAU numbers I was not able to come up with any data, and I was therefore unable to calculate your requested WAU/MAU ratios.  I did not want to estimate these ratios based on DAU/MAU information, as I felt the numbers would be meaningless.

I was however, able to determine the DAU/MAU ratios for most of the non-dating apps. Data on the dating sites was either non-existent or insufficient to calculate the ratios. I checked into several forums where people were asking for the same information. The consensus appears to be that the dating sites have not chosen to release this type of information.

I searched the following resources: corporate websites, industry reports, and trusted media sites.

Below, you’ll find a deep dive of my findings.

As of March, 2017, Facebook had just over 1.94 billion active monthly users. During that month, an average of 1.28 billion users logged onto Facebook daily; yielding a 0.659 DAU/MAU ratio.

It was also noted in the same source that there are 1.15 billion active mobile Facebook users (the number is from December, 2016), and that the percentage of mobile users is steadily increasing (up 22% from a year ago).

As of April 2017 , Instagram has 700 million monthly active users; up from 600 million users in December 2016. This primarily mobile sharing network reported its average daily number of users in April at 200 million (up from 150 million in December), yielding a 0.285 DAU/MAU ratio.

The numbers for WhatsApp are from January 2017, and indicate the app had 1.2 billion monthly active users at that time. This mobile messaging app announced the average daily user count for the month was 175 million; yielding a 0.146 DAU/MAU ratio,

As of the first quarter of 2017, Snapchat had 166 million DAUs. The daily active user data provided was from February, 2017. The number of reported monthly active users, 301 million, is from November, 2016. Assuming the monthly active user count grew between November 2016 and February, 2017, the number I calculated for the DAU/MAU ratio, 0.55, could be slightly low, but it should be a close approximation.
This Japanese-based mobile messenger apps shows the timeline of monthly active users was 200 million in December, 2016. The number of reported daily active users was the same. This would result in a DAU/MAU ratio of 1.0. I could not locate any different data for either the DAU or MAU for Line. The total number of Line users however, is given as 750 million.

The numbers cited by Twitter are from January, 2017 and indicate there were 313 million active monthly users at the time (82% of which were mobile users). The active daily user count for January was 100 million, leading to a 0.32 DAU/MAU ratio.

Bumble does not release specific information around the number of users of its platform, but I was able to determine that Bumble had 3.5 million MAUs as of March 2016, and monthly active users grew by 65 percent during the month of May 2015. This was the most recent information I could find. Bumble's website does not provide any additional information.

As of February 2017, Badoo had 60 million MAUs. This is the only number available. The Badoo website does not provide any statistical information beyond the number of new accounts.

As of September 2014, OK Cupid had 5 Million Users. That was all the information about OKCupid I could find.
Match.Com had 12 million MAUs As of August 2014. That was all the information about Match.com I could find.

Geckoboard provides a discussion of the significance and calculation of DAU/MAU.

To wrap it up; I was able to give you DAU/MAU ratios for most of the social media apps, but I could not locate any WAU information for any of the apps. By and large, the dating sites do not appear to publish much in the way of information beyond total numbers of users. I hope that you will find the information that I am able to report to be useful.

Thanks for using Wonder! Please let us know if we can help with anything else!

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