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DataSeers Company Profile


  • DataSeers' Chief Operations Officer, Gracie Ortiz, was named as a 2022 Georgia Titan 100. The award is a recognition of Georgia’s top 100 CEOs and C-level executives.
  • DataSeers' FinanSeer platform is the first end-to-end software offering firms in the banking and payments industries to make sense of segregated and siloed data by eliminating switching between multiple platforms.
  • DataSeer has 58 employees in 2022 from 17 employees in 2020.


The research report provides insights on the company profile of DataSeers. We provided insights on the general details of DataSeers that included field/industry where DataSeers operates, types of customers that the company serves, company’s products and solutions, what the company’s values are, and links to social media pages. We also provided insights on the organizational structure of DataSeers that included members of the management team and board of DataSeers.


Field/industry Where DataSeers Operates

Types of Customers That the Company Serves

  • Republic Bank of Chicago: DataSeers is providing innovative fraud and compliance management solutions through its FinanSeer AI solution to the Republic Bank of Chicago. The Republic Bank of Chicago's website can be found here.
  • Central Bank of Kansas City: Central Bank of Kansas City will use DataSeers' FinanSeer AI solution to expand its end-to-end use of big data and streamline data flow for fintech partners in its Central Payments ecosystem. The Central Bank of Kansas City's website can be found here.
  • Sutton Bank: Sutton Bank is working with DataSeers to increase the entry of new client data in its system, improve fraud reporting and regulatory compliance, and expand choices for data end-users. Sutton Bank's website can be found here.

Company’s Products and Solutions

  • DataSeers has one premier product: FinanSeer. FinanSeer is an AI Platform for banking and payment companies that serves to ingest payments data from all of their sources. Solutions offered through FinanSeer include:
    • Compliance: DataSeers' ComplianSeer module offers financial companies with real-time regulatory compliance with features such as Anti-money laundering and UDAAP Monitoring. More information on DataSeers' ComplianSeer module can be found here.
    • Reconciliation: DataSeers' ReconSeer module offers end-to-end reconciliation of financial data with varying settlement times and across multiple data sources even including reconciliation of fragmented information. More information on DataSeers' ReconSeer module can be found here.
    • Fraud Detection: DataSeers' FraudSeer module utilizes algorithms to keep its customers ahead of financial crime. More information on DataSeers' FraudSeer module can be found here.
    • Analytics: DataSeers' StrataSeer module enables its users to visualize data through customizable and real-time dashboards. More information on DataSeers' StrataSeer module can be found here.

Company’s Values

Company Awards/Recognition

  • Dataseers was one of the top twelve finalists for the Technology Association of Georgia’s 2021 Fintech Advance Awards program. Over the last two years, DataSeers has been recognized in the Technology Association of Georgia's “Top 40 Most Innovative Technology Companies”.
  • The Innovative Payments Association recognized DataSeer as 2021’s Most Innovation Payments Tech Company of the year.
  • Georgia Department of Economic Development was named as a 2019 GLOBE Award Winner in its New To Export category. The award was in recognition of its entry into new international markets in 2018.
  • Metro Atlanta Chamber recognized DataSeers among the 14 high-potential middle-market businesses of Atlanta. Importantly, Metro Atlanta Chamber added DataSeers in 2021 to its Backed by Atlanta program.

Customer Metrics

Links to Social Media Pages

  • Linkedin: DataSeers can be found on Linkedin here.
  • Twitter: DataSeers can be found on Twitter here.
  • Facebook: DataSeers can be found on Facebook here.
  • YouTube: DataSeers can be found on YouTube here.
  • Instagram: DataSeers can be found on Instagram here.


Management Team

Adwait Joshi - CEO

  • Introduction: Adwait Joshi has over 15 years of experience as a technologist and entrepreneur. He is the founder and president of SwarGanga, which is the largest resource for Indian Music globally.
  • Job Description: As the Chief Executive Officer, Adwait Joshi is in charge of the overall success of DataSeers which includes driving profitability, strategy, and directing the agenda of the company.
  • Linkedin: Adwait Joshi can be found on Linkedin here.

Gracie Ortiz - Chief Operations Officer

  • Introduction: Gracie Ortiz has extensive management experience having worked for over 15 years in sales management and over 13 years in project management. Importantly, she has over 9 years of experience in sales and project management working across global markets.
  • Job Description: As the Chief Operations Officer, Gracie Ortiz is in charge of overseeing the management of DataSeers' human resources, product development, and sales.
  • Linkedin: Gracie Ortiz can be found on Linkedin here.

Board of Directors

John A. Reed - Board Member

  • Introduction: John Reed has extensive experience in enterprise architecture and architectural transformation, global software product development, complex systems' integration, business development, security and risk management, and technology consulting. He is currently the Managing Executive Consultant at Reed Technology Advisors LLC and is the former Global Chief Information Officer for Fleetcor.
  • Job Description: John Reed brings to Dataseers advice, knowledge, and expertise in payments and financial service.
  • Linkedin: John A. Reed can be found on Linkedin here.

Jeff Johnson - Board Member

  • Introduction: Jeff Johnson has over 20 years of experience in the product development and distribution of payment solutions. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Cuentas Inc.
  • Job Description: Jeff Johnson will expand the prepaid market experience and knowledge for Dataseers that will help it in shaping its market strategies.
  • Linkedin: Jeff Johnson can be found on Linkedin here.

Jeff Lewis - Board Member

  • Introduction: Jeff Lewis has over 20 years experience in the Payment Industry where he has experience in Networks, card processing, payment processing, and program management disciplines. Currently, he is the Senior Vice President - Payments at ECHO Health, Inc.
  • Job Description: Jeff Lewis will work with Dataseers in streamlining its technology strategy in regulation and payment processing.
  • Linkedin: Jeff Lewis can be found on Linkedin here.

Board of Advisors

David Pattillo - Advisor

  • Introduction: David Pattillo has successfully led US and UK companies through international expansion and IPOs. He is currently a Board Member and Audit Committee Chair of NYSE-listed Endava.
  • Job Description: David Pattilo will provide management advice to Dataseers in the fields of audit control, finance, partnerships, and international expansion.
  • Linkedin: David Pattillo can be found on Linkedin here.

Billy Franks - Advisor

  • Introduction: Billy Franks is a top AI influencer and big data expert. He is currently the Chief Analytics Officer for The International Institute For Analytics.
  • Job Description: Billy Franks will aid in the streamlining of the vision of Dataseers to better serve its customer base.
  • Linkedin: Billy Franks can be found on Linkedin here.

Arjuna Chala - Advisor

  • Introduction: Arjuna Chala has over 20 years of experience in software design. He is the Senior Director of Emerging Technology at HPCC Systems, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions.
  • Job Description: At DataSeers, Arjun Chala provides strategic advice on technology, integrations, and best practices.
  • Linkedin: Arjuna Chala can be found on Linkedin here.



To provide insights on the company profile of DataSeers, we leveraged the most reputable sources in the public domain that included the company's website, Linkedin, and news reports. For the company's products and solutions, the pricing details are not published by the company but interested users can contact the company by requesting a demo. All the other requested information was found available in the public domain.

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