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D2C Companies Using Urine Analysis

Hello and thank you for asking Wonder! I understand that you are seeking a list of US companies using urinalysis for direct-to-consumer health and wellness services and that you have a preference for tech-oriented start-up companies. While we were able to find five tech-oriented companies, the majority of the companies included below offer direct-to-consumer diagnostic testing similar to that which would have been ordered in a clinical setting. However, of these companies, none required the testing to be used as part of a medical regiment.

Due to the time constraint placed on this request we were able only to include 15 companies that meet the stipulated requirements. As the majority of the companies included used urinalysis for more than one use. For each company on the list we included the following information:

-Company Name
-Company Website
-Location of their Headquarters
-A description of their overall services and how they use urinalysis.


Scanwell Health
Company based in San Fransisco
This company sends consumers a test kit which they can use in combination with their app to test urine for UTI's and Kidney disease. The results can then be reviewed within the app by a clinical professional and treatment options are recommended.

California based company
This company sends consumers the same testing strips which are used in veterinarian's offices. When used in combination with their app, enables pet owners to screen and monitor for conditions such as Diabetes, Urinary tract infections, kidney stones, dehydration, Proteinuria, liver disease, Ketonuria, Anemia, and bacterial infections without leaving home.

Website: https://vivoo.io/
California based company
Through the use of the app and testing strips, this company allows consumers to analyze their urine and monitor changes using the following 8 parameters: pH/Nutrition, Water consumption, Ketone, Liver functions, infections, Urinary infections, kidney functions, and protein levels. The app then offers personalized advise for achieving a healthier lifestyle.

New York based company
The app produced by this company is compatible with many commonly available urine testing strips and enables users to accurately track the results of home urinalysis tests. Results can then be shared with a medical professional if needed.

INUI Health
Silicon Valley based company
This company allows consumers to test and monitor their urine for Kidney Functions, Metabolic Disorders, Urinary Tract Infections, and General health through the use of their testing paddle and app.

Multiple diagnostic tests

Texas based company.
This company offers a urine testing kit for STD's, testing kits are sent to the customers home and the results are then sent away by mail for analysis and review by a physician. The results are then available directly to the customer through the EverlyWell platform.

California based company
This company allows consumers to test their urine for STD's from the privacy of their own home and provides free physician consultations for those who test positive.

Private MD Labs
Tennessee based company
This company provides direct-to-consumer medical testing, allowing their customers to test their urine for UTI's, STDs, drugs, general health, and other conditions.

Ulta Lab Tests
Arizona based company
This company allows consumers to search for and order medical tests online. Urinalysis is available to test for various biomarkers, heavy metals, hemoglobin, diabetes, Kidney health, men and woman’s health, various other issues. While testing is not completed in the home, consumers are able to order their tests online and results are made available directly to the consumer via Ulta Lab's healthcare dashboard.

Ohio based company
This company offers direct to consumer medical testing. They offer routine urinalysis, as well as urine testing for heavy metals, drugs/ STD’s, hormone levels, and various other issues. Consumers order their tests online, travel to a testing facility, and are able to choose how they receive their results.

HealthCheck USA
Minnesota based company.
This company allows consumers to order lab tests online, travel to the testing facility and then receive their results online. Urinalysis testing is available for diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, and various other conditions.

Any Lab Test Now
Georgia based company
This company provides consumers direct access to clinical lab testing and uses urinalysis to test for UTI’s, drugs, STDs, pregnancy, and general health concerns.

My Med Lab
Missouri based company
This company provides direct-to-consumer laboratory testing. Consumers can order diagnostic tests online, urinalysis testing kits are mailed to the home and are available for UTI's, heavy metals and various other uses. Consumers are then able to review their results online as well as have them professionally reviewed by a physician.

Texas based company
This company provides direct to consumer laboratory testing and uses urinalysis to test for UTI's, STD’s, drugs, heavy metals, female wellness as well as various other conditions. Consumers order tests online, travel to a testing facility and then receive their results online.

Louisiana based company
This company provides direct to consumer testing, and urinalysis is used to test for drugs, pregnancy, hormones, UTI's and heavy metals among other things. While the tests are ordered online, the company offers both in lab testing as well as home kits and results are available online through their website.

To wrap up, there are many US companies using urinalysis for direct-to-consumer health and wellness services. Thanks for using Wonder! Please let us know if we can help you with anything else.

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  • "provides confidential laboratory testing and personal medical information-direct to the public-empowering individuals to take charge of their own health, monitor their wellness and to assist in the prevention and early detection of disease."
  • "We provide direct access to clinical lab tests, DNA tests, and drug and alcohol testing services. But what does “direct access” mean? Direct access means you walk in to any of our locations and select which lab test(s) you want completed in a quick and efficient manner. Most results are ready in one to three business days giving you the information you need to better your health."
  • "MyMedLab began as a regional lab provider in Missouri in 1993. The company was created to allow consumers to make informed health care choices for themselves and their families. In 2004 our founder, David Clymer, set out to use partnerships with industry leading providers and the power of the Internet to take MyMedLab nationwide. "
  • "David Clymer, CEO created MyMedLab to empower consumers with their own health information so they can make informed health care decisions for themselves and their families. David has over 22 years within the laboratory industry. He has spent the last 12 years operating a Direct-to-Consumer lab in the Midwest providing this unique service to local physicians and tens of thousands of consumers. "
  • "Walk-In Lab's mission is to provide affordable direct-to-consumer testing, the convenient solution for all medical laboratory needs. Committed to operational excellence with an innovative approach, Walk-In Lab offers a wide array of lab tests with or without a physician's referral, empowering individuals to take control of health care costs while monitoring their overall health. "