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The Cut's Editor In Chief, Stella Bugbee: Part 1, The Profile

Stella Bugbee's career as an editor did not begin in a clear-cut manner. She only realized her strong interest in editorial work when a company she started with her college friends produced a magazine. This moment set the stage for her career, in which she has held numerous titles such as Design Director at Domino magazine, consultant, to being the current Editor-in-Chief of The Cut.

Stella Bugbee Bio and Career Timeline

Stella Bugbee's love of fashion and design began at a young age. She attended Parsons School of Design where she majored in communication design, which was a perfect blend of all her interests: photography, writing, visuals as well as art and creative direction. Bugbee's career began with a number of internships while she was still a student at Parsons, most notably her work for Roger Black who designed many major magazines such as Rolling Stone. By her own admission, Stella Bugbee's career trajectory was not straight-forward. After graduating, Bugbee worked for an advertising agency called Spot Co, she then started a company with two college friends where they produced a magazine, this was when she realized her strong interest in editorial work. Below is a detailed overview of Stella Bugbee's career timeline.

1994-1998: Bachelor of Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design.
1997-2007: board member at the Center for Urban Pedagogy.
2003-2018: Creative Director at Topic magazine.
2006-2008: Design Director at Conde Nast.
2008: visiting critic for final reviews, Yale University.
2006-2009: Design Director at Domino magazine.
2009-2010: Associate Creative Director at AR New York.
2009-2012: Creative Director at Bugbee & More.
• 2011-2012: Editor at Large for New York Magazines daily fashion.
2012-2017: Editorial Director at The Cut.
2017-present: Editor in Chief at The cut.

Prominent Projects and their Impact

The Cut is, arguably, Bugbee's most prominent and impactful project. According to a SurfaceMag article, "[s]tella Bugbee has successfully re-imagined the fashion magazine for the digital age." The Cut initially started as a fashion blog on the New York Magazine (NYMag) website in 2008. The initial website was poorly designed and aesthetically lackluster. NYMag initially hired Bugbee as a consultant and gave her the task of turning the blog into a "robust website with a range of coverage and a clear visual sensibility." Bugbee did more than that, her work was impressive enough to land her an editorial job without ever having been an editor before. According to NYMag's Editor-in-Chief Adam Moss, Stella Bugbee is a natural editor. The Cut was relaunched in 2012 and is now "a key part of New York’s brand." It currently has more than 8 million monthly unique visitors, representing a 40% increase since 2016.

In addition to The Cut, Bugbee has also taught design and typography at Parsons and served as a visiting reviewer for the Yale MFA program.

TOP WORKS BY Stella Bugbee

Stella Bugbee's most prominent project and biggest success to date is her work and role at The Cut. In fact, her editorial career only began at The Cut, therefore, much of her writing has been for the publication. As a result, we have included the articles she has produced for The Cut as her important works. Bugbee's official page with all the articles she has written for The Cut is available here. Below are just some of her most recent articles.

• Title: "I Keep Wondering When I Will Become Invisible."
• Title: "The Best of New York Health & Self 2018."
• Title: "Finding Comfort Among Beautiful Strangers."
• Title: "Fashion Has an Image Problem Glamour is predicated on transgression."

Stella Bugbee's Mission for The Cut

In a recent interview with Fashion Week Daily, Bugbee admits that a lot more work still needs to be done, particularly in "exploring what a women’s publication could be." Her mission is to reach ambitious women, her key demographic. She aims to reach this demographic by focusing on four points of the Approval Matrix: "funny, smart, sexy, and stylish." These four points embody the tone of The Cut.

In a move to ensure that her mission for The Cut is fulfilled, Bugbee has enlisted top names such as former New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn, Rebecca Traister, and Allure founding editor Linda Wells. According to Cathy Horyn, "[t]he idea is to stay fresh, try new things."

Stella Bugbee in the news

• Title: "[s]tella Bugbee Promoted to President and Editor-in-Chief of the Cut."
• Publication: New York Magazine
• Date of publication: 7 June 2017

The article announces Stella Bugbee's promotion to Editor-in-Chief of The Cut and highlights the career experience that made her the perfect fit for the job.

• Title: "[t]hrough radical empathy, New York‘s The Cut achieves success in the women’s media space."
• Publication: Columbia Journalism Review
• Date of publication: 19 March 2018

This piece is based on the backlash received after publishing a story. The media reaction was quick and tough, however, The Cut's approach was more empathetic. Stella Bugbee is quoted as saying, "[e]mpathy is my political stance in general."


Stella Bugbee has been praised by her colleagues and the industry for her natural ability to be a top editor without having much editorial experience. Her natural instinct, creativity, and drive have not only allowed her to transform The Cut from a mediocre fashion blog to a leading magazine but have also placed her at the helm of the publication.
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The Cut's Editor In Chief, Stella Bugbee: Part 2, Biographies

From existing public information, the Business of Fashion, Women's Wear Daily, and Fashionista all wrote biographies about Stella Bugbee. They detailed Bugbee's promotion to editor-in-chief and president of the Cut, and her rise to prominence in the media industry. Each of the biographies has been summarized below.

The Business of fashion

The Business of Fashion largely focused on Stella Bugbee's role as the editor-in-chief and the president of the Cut. Bugbee supervised the editorial, visual content, and business strategy of the website. One of her peers also praised her for the work she accomplished thus far: Bugbee pioneered the Cut's content expansion towards politics, feminism, and gender issues, boosting site traffic by 39 percent from 2016 to 2017.

Before the Cut, Stella Bugbee studied writing and design at Parsons School of Design. Upon graduation, she taught design and typography, after which she became the design director for several companies, namely: Ogilvy & Mather, AR New York, and Domino magazine. Bugbee's work from these companies garnered her accolades from organizations like Type Directors Club and the Society of Publication Designers.

As of the biography's publication, Stella Bugbee sat at the board of American Institute of Graphic Arts. She also lives with her three children and her husband in Brooklyn, New York.

Women's wear daily

Women's Wear Daily wrote about Stella Bugbee's promotion to executive roles in the Cut and the underlying reasons that might have motivated the upgrade. The story noted Bugbee's promotion from editorial director to president and editor-in-chief of the Cut. In her new roles, Bugbee collaborated with Avi Zimak, New York Media's chief revenue officer and publisher. The two worked on the branded content and marketing strategy of the Cut, aiming to forge stronger bonds with advertisers.

In a quote, Bugbee expressed her aspirations for the Cut and the website's future plans, while New York magazine's editor in chief, Adam Moss, was also quoted about his positive outlook on Bugbee's work.

WWD then reported how other magazines — InStyle and T Magazine — considered Stella Bugbee as a top candidate for their editor-in-chief roles. The New York Times was also said to be eyeing Bugbee to lead its Styles Section. The New York magazine kept Bugbee on board, however, although WWD admitted that New York magazine did not confirm if her promotion was due to a job offer from a rival magazine.


Fashionista covered Stella Bugbee for their series, "How I'm Making It" and outlined Bugbee's role in the Cut and the website's content. The biography also noted Bugbee's unique path to becoming an editor and her style of writing.

Through an interview, Fashionista found out that Stella Bugbee's childhood introduced and immersed her in the fashion world early on. Her parents had an extensive entertainment industry contact list, and her grandmother worked at Bonwit Teller. Growing up, Bugbee wanted to pursue fashion, but her parents barred her from such a career. She instead pursued communication design, while interning for Roger Black. After graduation, she worked in an advertising agency, fell ill with Crohn's disease, and pursued ther various career opportunities, including a freelance position in The New York Times. The interview further recounted Bugbee's path through Ogilvy & Mather, Domino magazine, and finally, the Cut.


To conclude, Stella Bugbee's story, from her path to success to her promotion at the Cut as editor-in-chief and president, was covered by The Business of Fashion, Women's Wear Daily, and Fashionista.