13-21 Year Old Creatives

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Gen Z Psychographic Analysis

For health advice, members of Gen Z typically turn to their family members, friends, and Google.

Who They Go to for Advice

  • This generation seeks health advice from Google, family members, and friends.
  • About 73% of them are willing to by an item due to social media recommendations.
  • Regarding issues for which they are unaware of how to respond, 63% of males and 73% of females would seek assistance from their peers.
  • Most of them (71%) will attempt solve problems by themselves first via the Internet and friends.

What They Want From Their Career Options

  • For two-thirds of them, their primary objective is "to make it to the top of their profession."
  • Compared to their parents, up to 65% of Gen Z claim that "they feel confident they will be better off, both financially and in happiness at work."
  • From their jobs, they seek a respectable boss (61%), a competitive salary (68%), and health insurance (70%).
  • The leading career priorities for Gen Z are work-life balance (84%), competitive salary with benefits (87%), and a stable carrier path (89%).

How They View Brands

  • They want brands to be authentic as 67% say that they expect the brand stay true to their core values and beliefs.
  • Additionally, they expect a brand to support homegrown heroes rather than well-established influencers as merely 15% of them have many followers on social media, and the majority only posted selfies and pictures.
  • Less than half (43%) of them trust well-established brands.
  • Gen Z expects brands to be socially accountable as 69% of the group are inclined to purchase products from a business that contributes to various social causes and 33% who are no longer purchasing items from businesses that contribute to movements they disagree with.
  • About 79% of them have more confidence in a brand if the photos they release have not been photoshopped, while 84% trust them more if customers are utilized in the advertisements.
  • Around 79% of them would love to associate themselves with companies that could assist them in making a difference.
  • More than two-thirds (69%) of the generation think that brand advertisements are disruptive.
  • Around 68% of them prefer to have communication with a brand through emails.
  • Compared to millennials, they are 50% more likely to provide a product review to receive loyalty points from a company.
  • Regarding Gen Z, 60% of them prefer to buy from retailers that use social media to interact with them.

Where They Seek Out Counsel and Mentorship

  • Compared to males, female members of Gen Z prefer to collaborate with coworkers that are capable of motivating and challenging them and provide them with new knowledge.
  • This can attributed to the 61% of the generation that desire a boss they respect.

Motivation Factors

  • Some factors that motivate them include constant feedback, flexible schedules, mentorship, social rewards, and experiential rewards and badges.
  • More than half (53%) of Gen Z favor face-to-face communication.
  • Other factors that motivate them include their input and opinions being valued, integrity, and issues that matter most to them, including human equality (sexual orientation equality, racial equality, and gender equality).