Health/Wellness Products Demographics

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Health/Wellness Products - Demographics

The average demographic profile of Canadian consumers in the health and wellness market is a white woman between the ages of 37 and 51, with an after-tax income of over $76,275, and married with children.


  • 43% of adult men and 55% of adult women in Canada reported trouble going to sleep or staying asleep. Therefore, sleeping is one of the major verticals in the health/wellness products market in Canada.
  • Boomers and Gen Xers put a larger emphasis on aging well, as well as avoiding injury and illness.
  • Millennials are more interested in exercising more, while Millennials with kids are even more focused on improving their sleep.
  • Gen Xers (37-51 years of age) state to be less satisfied compared to other generational segments in terms of their overall health and wellness.
  • Millennials rate researching health information, monitoring sleep habits, buying health insurance, and visiting health and wellness professionals


  • When it comes to healthy foods and products, women are more likely to purchase health and wellness products and be interested in them. Overall, women are less satisfied than men with their health and fitness level.
  • Men prioritize avoiding injury and illness while women want to avoid stress.

Marital/family status

  • Married women with children are the biggest demographic bracket regarding health and wellness products in Canada, with 60% of married women with children in Canada stating they are actively involved in researching and purchasing health and wellness products.
  • The most common (65.2%) group of users of health and wellness products in Canada are married or co-habitating.



  • When it comes to non-white bracket of Canadian consumers, 22% of ethnic consumers say natural ingredients influence their purchase decisions. This is followed by products without artificial ingredients (19%).
  • Ethnic consumers see the fresh food category as the most import to include natural ingredients. 31% of ethnic consumers state natural ingredients are a factor in purchase decisions, compared with 26% of white consumers in Canada.
  • Immigrants to Canada are more likely to be interested in and buy health and wellness products as they tend to be more health-conscious.

Geographic distribution

  • Ontario is the region which is most with their overall health and wellness, while Quebec is the least satisfied.
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Health/Wellness Products - Psychographics

The following is a psychographic profile on an ideal buyer of health & wellness products which, per our demographic research, is a white Canadian woman between the ages of 37 and 51, with an after-tax income of over $76,275, and married with children.

Lifestyle and Ideals

Media Consumption

  • While it's a mistake to think that Gen Xers are less "digital natives" than Millennials, our ideal buyer's busy lifestyle means that she is more likely to go online via her smartphone than a PC and her activities online "are more driven by purpose and intent than casual browsing."
  • However, she also spends 2 hours a day on social media, most often YouTube and Facebook, from where she gets her news and searches for products to buy even though she trusts traditional TV and print news media far more.
  • She still watches more broadcast TV as her primary means of entertainment, she how devotes a third of her viewing time to online streaming services.
  • This means that traditional marketing is still the best way to reach her, with only 28% of Gen Xers finding new brands online.

Buying Habits

  • Our ideal buyer most likely finds new brands through TV ads and in-store promotions or displays.
  • After hearing of a new brand, she most often researches it online via Google, preferring to find an expert's opinion.
  • Once she finds a brand she likes, she will likely stay loyal to it and wants her favorite brands to keep her up-to-date on news and new products.
  • She is also willing to promote favorite brands that provide high-quality products, rewards, and/or great customer service.
  • However, she values price over having brand name products and can be motivated purchase with free delivery, discounts, and/or coupons.
  • She is also motivated by products that she perceives to maximize her limited leisure time.

Interest in Health & Wellness

Our ideal customer's purchase of Health & Wellness products is most often driven by one or more of the following (quoted verbatim):