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Psychographics _ Dairy Queen Consumer

Some psychographics of the typical Dairy Queen consumer includes having a soft-serve cone from DQ to boost happiness, spending the weekend with the family, among others. Below are the detailed findings and methodology.

Dairy Queen Consumers - Psychographics


  • According to a national consumer survey commissioned by American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ), 92.2% of the American consumers expressed their habit of having a soft-serve cone from Dairy Queen (DQ), which makes them feel happy.
  • The typical DQ consumer/fan has a habit of engaging with the mobile app and exploring social media websites such as YouTube and Facebook to grab various deals and offers on food and beverages.
  • Most DQ consumers have an interest in food and drinks, news and media, technology, and finance.


  • Some hobbies of typical DQ consumers involve spending weekends with their families, and dining in fast food restaurants rather than in fast-casual restaurants.
  • Most consumers of DQ enjoy summer activities and have hobbies such as road trips and cannonballing into a pool, along with playing video games on consoles and accessories.
  • The consumers of DQ have a hobby of trying different textures of unique flavor combinations and enjoying big flavor experience.

Spending Habits


  • The typical consumers of DQ value healthy eating and like to consume healthy ingredients rather than artificial ones.
  • Most DQ consumers value the convenient location of an eating outlet and get influenced by the hospitality of the outlet staff. They dislike unclean outlets.

Research Strategy:

To obtain insights and comprehensive information related to the psychographics of the typical Dairy Queen consumer, including his/her habits, hobbies, spending habits, and values, we searched through various consumer survey findings from the DQ fan survey, which is a national consumer survey commissioned by American Dairy Queen Corporation. Also, we explored consumer reviews and ratings from sources such as Consumer Affairs, Influencer, among others, as these sources share key insights on the typical consumer of the company, Dairy Queen. Additionally, these sources provide relevant information on the company's expectations, preferences, values, dislikes, and the pricing of products. To get more information, we also explored analytical databases such as Similar Web along with related news articles and executive interviews of Dairy Queen officials from sources such as QSR Magazine, Chef Marketer, among others. From these sources, we could find information to answer the research criteria.