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Many HR-focused companies offer culture-as-a-service tools that employees are encouraged to use which in varying ways improve company culture. There is an assortment of companies that exist in the culture-building/employee engagement space. Ive curated a list of companies and tools that includes descriptions and links.


The HR/Culture-As-A-Service companies and their associated tools are listed below. Please note that since the employee engagement software company, OfficeVibe, was already included in the request description, I have kept it off this list but have provided a link.

1. WeWork WeWork offers enterprise solutions that include an app employees use to connect to each other and interact with the various and customizable WeWork coworking spaces. This article describes WeWork business activities and how it pairs its ability to design office spaces into a service cocktail of cultural management subscriptions.

2. Enex Carbon Enex Carbon is a security company that offers a product that helps to develop security culture. Their security culture as a service solution is a tool that helps engage key user communities to confirm risk areas and focus points.

3. Deloitte Deloitte proposes that its culture-as-a-service products allow users to "take a proactive approach to culture and employee engagement." Their product EngagePath is a cloud-based set of surveys that are designed to establish a baseline and work with developed key indicators to create a positive culture. Their CulturePath notes that it is designed to access deep insights, share real-time analytics that scale with the company, and track progress over time.

4. CultureIQ CultureIQ offers a platform designed for culture management and employee surveys. The service features of their product include feedback, analysis and guidance, and culture strategies built to inspire action. The company says its software is perfect for fast-growing startups, nonprofits, and HR departments, among others.

5. HighGround HighGround offers a performance management solution that also uses employee engagement software in real-time. The HigherGround platform scales engagement with their customer's organization. The software features multi-language support, rewards programs, custom badges, and support for data analytics.

6. PostBeyond PostBeyond is a social media culture-as-a-service software solution. With the goal of employee engagement, the software approves content for employees to share across their networks, rewards sharing, and tracks other data that may be important to company culture. The software integrates with Google, Office365, Sharepoint, Salesforce, Wordpress, Bitly, and MailChimp.

7. WooBoard WooBoard is designed to kickstart a culture recognition and appreciation. The company also offers concierge services that help each company start and manage recognition programs. Its feedback systems include employee contributions, recall for performance reviews, and activity reports.

8. Pomello Pomello products focus on organizational culture and recruiting. The companys aim is to maximize the potential of employees and new hires through predictive culture data and analytics. Customers include Hersheys, Evernote, Dolby, The Muse, and Accelerate.

9. TINYpulse TINYpulse customers include IBM, AirBnB, HubSpot, Michelin, and Ascension, to name a few. Their solutions focus on pulse surveys that are short and frequent and encourage truthfulness through anonymity. Their features include machine-learning and analysis that adapts to each organization.

10. Everwise Everwise touts that it is the first comprehensive learning platform that moves beyond content to incorporate collaborative and experiential learning. The Everwise platform works to connect employees with effectively matched mentors; then a dashboard is used to help provide assessments, motivation, and tracking reports. Customers include Allstate, Lands End, McKesson, Nissan, Conde Nast, Apple, Microsoft, Lyft, and Twitter.

11. Briq Briq is another software tool that focuses team members on appreciation with the ultimate goal of reducing employee turnover. The software allows users to choose from a variety of apps, integrate then into to existing browsers and chat apps, tailor rewards through the Bootiq (rewards store), and provide real-time metrics of activities.

12. WeSpire WeSpire launched in 2012 as an employee engagement platform that used applied behavior mechanics (e.g., gamification and social technologies) to inspire employees to build a better world. The company uses micro-choices to help to change company culture through focused social actions like saving water, volunteering, and saving money. Customers include MGM Resorts, Timberland, and BASF.

13. Glint Glint offers an organizational platform and on-demand surveys. The company offers at-a-glance report data so company leaders can track employees according to their strengths/weaknesses and any trends that may warrant intervention. Their customers include Intuit, LinkedIn, Dropbox, and Dish Network.

14. 15Five 15Five software features employee engagement and performance management features that tailor employee feedback into a high performing culture. The company offers tools and packages that differ from their competitors. For instance, they use uses Best-Self Reviews, meeting planners, and objectives trackers for one-on-one meetings that help to quantify and guide interactions. Their customers include Indeed, SalesLoft, Unbounce, Citrix, and many more.

15. Teamphoria Teamphoria applies its focus to the end result of increasing company revenue. Their analytics are built to assess company culture as well as employee morale and engagement. Their platform has a number of features that include surveys, social integration, TV-mode, gamification, feedback and much more; advanced features include Slack integration, rewards, and a mobile app.

16. BonFyre BonFyre boasts that its workplace culture platform is reshaping the employee experience. The company creates an ecosystem built using a dedicated digital space to help employees build trust across geographies using technology. To that end, the BonFyre app is how the company helps build culture though team-building, communications, employee recognition/rewards, engagement, and learning.


--->Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, said in an interview in 2016 that he was considering turning the companys dynamic, holacracy culture (i.e., no bosses) into a software they can sell to corporations looking to do the same thing.

---> This list, curated by WhoKnows, features a host of employee engagement survey software programs and companies that you might also find useful.


The above list features 16 culture-as-a-service companies that offer software using technologies that track metrics in real-time, offer surveys, integrate with existing software, aim to reduce turnover, and improve/initiate company culture.