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CueMath Company Profile

Cuemath is an Indian startup that specializes in providing online math lessons to children between kindergarten and grade ten. They have over 40,000 students learning across 100 cities in India. Information on the company’s competitive advantage, revenues, business/sales model, target customers, advertising strategy, and recent news coverage is provided below.

Business Model

Target Customers


  • Cuemath claims an annual run rate revenue of $10 million in February 2020.

Competitive Advantage

  • According to their website, Cuemath “8th graders outperform other 10th graders in competitive exams” and “3 out of 4 Cuemath students bagged the top ranks in International Math Olympiad”.

Advertising Strategy

Recent News Articles

Following are some recent news articles about Cuemath:

1. Love of Learning in the Time of Coronavirus

  • On 7th April 2020, YourStory published a news article covering Cuemath’s special initiative to make their courses free to access during the Coronavirus epidemic. The article also briefly explains Cuemath’s unique feature of studying with a teacher instead of watching a recorded video.

2. How Cuemath is Redefining the Concept of Learning Math

  • On 5th March 2020, YourStory published a news article covering India’s math education gap and Cuemath’s role in tackling the problem. The article also briefly explains Cuemath’s approach to instilling children's interest to learn the subject.

3. Cuemath Takes Teacher-First Approach To Solve India’s Maths Phobia

  • On 26th February 2020, Inc42 published a news article covering Cuemath’s unique approach to the math education problem in India. The article also covers the CEO’s vision for the future of the company.

4. After More Than 2 Years, Google-Backed Cuemath Is Now Raising $5.45 Mn Series B

  • On 9th December 2019, Inc42 published a news article covering Cuemath’s series B funding round. The article also briefly explains Cuemath’s funding history and business outlook.

5. 500 Parents Decode Student-Teacher Relationship

  • On 14th November 2018, India Today published a news article covering Cuemath’s survey of 500 parents to understand their view on one-on-one interactions between students and teachers. The article also briefly covers how Cuemath’s platform help teachers to better engage with students one-on-one.

6. Soon, Google AI Tools to Help Customize Learning for the Students

  • On 15th July 2018, Business Standard published a news article covering Cuemath’s use of Google’s AI technology to customize student’s learning. The article is listed as a key story on the site and requires a paid subscription for full access.

7. Parents Believe Math is Not Taught Well in Schools Today

  • On 13th June 2018, The New Indian Express published a news article covering Cuemath’s survey of 1,000 parents across key Indian cities to understand their views on the Math Anxiety problem. The article also covers Khurma’s take of the situation.

8. Ex-FreeCharge CEO Rajan Joins Cuemath as COO

  • On 2nd May 2018, The Economic Times published a news article covering former CEO of FreeCharge, Govind Rajan joining Cuemath as its chief operating officer. The article also covers Rajan’s professional experience and how he is a valuable addition to Cuemath.

Research Strategy

We've only included articles dated after May 2018 to fit the definition of recent and prioritized search results according to relevance. Articles covering the same news such as Cuemath's series B funding and published survey results are omitted to avoid repeating content. For such news, coverage from the publisher ranked first by the search engine is selected.

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