CT Individuals Interested in Education

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Potential Education Donors in Connecticut

We used this website to generate a list of wealth Connecticut residents worth over the 30 million. We searched the richest people in the state of Connecticut and from there looked into which people had prior philanthropy work in education. Below are the 10 people we found.

1. Steven and Alexandra Cohen net worth 13 billion
2. Paul Todur Jones net worth 4.7 billion
3. Karen Pritzker net worth 4.4 billion
4. Ole Anderson Havlorsen net worth 3.1 billion
5. Clifford Asness net worth 3 billion
6. Stephen Mandel net worth 2.6 billion
7. Peter Buck net worth 2.5 million
8. Alexandra and Peter Daitch net worth 1.9 billion
9. Mario Gabelli net worth 1.6 billion
10. Vincent McMahon net worth 1.3 billion

All the details of each of the people listed above can be found int the spreadsheet listed here.