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AI and Bots for Recruiting

Professional firms in the accounting, consulting, and technology are using artificial intelligence and bots throughout the recruitment process by enhancing the quality of candidate experience and this helps the firms to identify and extract the best applicants/candidates suitable for the open position. Professional firms mostly believed that adopting artificial intelligence for recruiting improves talent acquisition and employee retention while chatbots like Mya, helps the recruiters in applicant engagement and current employee relationship.

Information and insights

  • According to Tim Pröhm, VP and global practice strategy lead of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting Group at Kelly Services, chatbots and robotic process automation (RPA) helped raise the candidate experience by giving their recruiters the focus on human interaction during the application process and interview process, while their RPA reduces the non-strategic tasks. Tim Pröhm was able to monitor and learn from the candidate's questions and concerns, which from there, he was given the ability to create a more refined conversational intelligence for better quality responses.
  • According to Alexander Mann Solutions, "a recruiting outsourcing and consultancy service provider made an early investment with artificial intelligence." This is of great help to the company by processing and extracting the information on resumes and to easily identify which candidate or applicant is best suited for the position.
  • A financial services group named DBS Bank is using artificial intelligence called virtual bank recruiter, Jobs Intelligence Maestro (JIM). This virtual bank recruiter helped the company in the pre-screening, resume reviews, candidate's response collection, and conducting psychometric assessments throughout the hiring process said James Loo, the human resource head of the company.
  • This technology also enhanced the data analytics for them to be able to hire the best employee that is fit for the job. JIM has a positive influence on recruitment changes in data creating effective interview training.
  • Deloitte company, one of the "Big Four" accounting organizations, uses artificial intelligence contract management solutions. Through its HR teams, it uses this as a way to improve their company hiring.
  • Tech Mahindra, an information technology company, uses artificial intelligence to speed up the hiring process. They use this AI-led system to help the HR filter the fit candidates from a large candidate database.
  • The usual employee to HR conversation and engagements are turned into the work of chatbots called UVO. UVO provides assistance to company employees regarding their leave, cash advance or travel matters.
  • Mindtree, an Indian information technology firm, uses artificial intelligence in the selection process during the recruitment. They use this AI not only for processing large data, but it also provides assistance with identifying the right resumes, eliminating bias, and discover fraudulent resumes.

Recruiters believe AI improves talent acquisition and employee retention

  • Ninety-six percent of recruiters believed that with the use of artificial intelligence, they can improve talent acquisition and employee retention with a 100% positive response.
  • Sixty-three percent responded that artificial intelligence has a great impact on the recruiting process and 69% said that the quality of candidates being hired is enhanced with the help of artificial intelligence.
  • The artificial intelligence recruiting improves outreach. It can collect data from vast numbers of active and passive applicants and analyze it to easily identify who is the best fit for the position.
  • The artificial intelligence recruiting removes bias hiring. According to the National Academy of Sciences, 55,000 job applications have racial discrimination over the past 25 years. Artificial intelligence in the hiring process may help eliminate this issue by setting the artificial intelligence to bias-free.
  • The artificial intelligence recruiting improve analytics. With the use of this technology, it can enhance the applicant tracking system (ATS) analytics to save time in the whole hiring process.
  • With artificial intelligence recruiting, a recruiter can be able to give aptitude tests to candidates easily. This can help them assess candidate proficiency.


  • The launch of Mya and IBM's Watson Candidate Assistant as an artificial intelligence platform is expected to be used by 18,000 employees and it is continuously growing over the past 5 years.
  • Artificial intelligence conversational assistants like Paradox Olivia and Mya Systems are used by companies in pre-screening applicants and to respond to inquiries about the positions using natural conversation processing.
  • Companies who adopt chatbots have been increasing in 2019. These chatbots are used to serve internal customers like employees.
  • Today, in the life cycle of an employee in the company, there is usually a chatbot solution used.

helpful findings

  • L'Oreal, a cosmetic company, is using a bot in hiring employees.
  • According to the Global VP Eva Azoulay of L'Oreal's HR, they acquired artificial intelligence in the hiring process to have more quality, diversity and candidate experience. The AI is called Mya, a chatbot which handles applicant queries, check availability and visa requirements to save recruiters time in the first stage of the hiring process.
  • The company has the ability to double check the profile of the candidates who are and are not fit for the job with the help of Mya.
  • LinkedIn Corp provides artificial intelligence based services to clients including the use of artificial intelligence in strategic business decisions that involve the hiring process. This artificial intelligence helps a business to see the competitiveness of the technology talent pool in a location.
  • Fifty-five percent of HR managers are expecting artificial intelligence to be part of their company for the next 5 years.

  • "The company uses Mya, a chatbot, to save recruiters time during the first stage of the process. It handles routine queries from candidates and checks details such as availability and visa requirements."
  • "Early results have been promising. For one internship program — where 12,000 people apply for about 80 spots — recruiters claim they saved 200 hours of time while hiring the most diverse group to date."
  • "The bot also integrates with their ATS so candidates can get a job recommendation and also apply via the bot. Once that happens and the bot has done the initial screening, the bot can also schedule interviews and reach out to candidates with reminders or status updates."
  • "“We found a reduction of 10 percent of administrative tasks, which enables recruiters to spend more time on personal candidate interactions. They expect the administrative reduction to increase to 20 percent over the next year," said Pröhm."
  • "AI is revolutionizing manufacturing, supply chain, sales and marketing, and customer service, as well as back-end processes such as AI in recruiting, accounting, and IT."
  • "A handful of software vendors are incorporating AI algorithms into their tools in order to automate tasks such as examining resumes, sending follow up emails, or finding potential candidates for your company’s new vacancies."
  • "Aside from JIM, DBS also leverages data analytics to hire high performers and reduce attrition rates, a concept agreed upon by Global HR Consultant Cordero Davis. "
  • "About 23% of organizations using some artificial intelligence said they were doing so in the human resources and recruiting domain, according to a 2018 Gartner Inc. study of about 850 respondents in the U.S. and Canada."
  • "Mya, for example, is a recruitment chatbot, that guides candidates through their entire hiring experience from job search to hire and from onboarding to career advancement."
  • "Many Indian companies, especially large corporates in the technology, banking and ITeS sectors, have started using AI-based chatbots to screen candidates and manage talent. "