Create a summary of the key company/industry shifts (particularly as relates to HR and organizational transformation needs) for the list of following companies: Eli Lilly ING Mastercard Royal DSM Sanofi Novo Nordisk Kimberly-Clark General Mills

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Create a summary of the key company/industry shifts (particularly as relates to HR and organizational transformation needs) for the list of following companies: Eli Lilly ING Mastercard Royal DSM Sanofi Novo Nordisk Kimberly-Clark General Mills

Hi! Thanks for your question about company and industry shifts affecting Eli Lilly, ING, Sanofi, and other companies. I've assembled a top-level summary of reorganizations, strategic initiatives, and other shifts at each company you requested. Read on for my full rundown!

I started by searching each company's press and investor relations section for news about reorganization and transformations within each company's structure. For several companies that was enough, but for a few others I had to do a search of external news sources and case studies to get a fuller picture of the transformations going on. Below, I've given a summary of initiatives at each company and linked to the articles where I found the information for additional context, as you requested.

Streamlining and simplification has been the name of the game for Eli Lilly in the past year. They announced a round of roughly 3,500 layoffs to "more efficiently focus resources on developing new medicines and to improve ... cost structure." The company also made some adjustments at the executive level and in the C-suite, to "better align them with the company's growth opportunities." Most important here is the shift of the CIO role to directly report to the company CEO, which is "critical given the role digital technology and analytics will play in the future of healthcare."

Press release announcing executive shifts and reorganization
Press release announcing C-level hires and reorganization
Press release announcing layoffs/streamlining

ING's transformation goes back to 2015 when they adopted a fully-agile approach company-wide in the midst of their "Strategy 2018" initiative. ING doesn't have a concrete org chart in this model. ING does predict future restructuring and streamlining, most likely to the tune of roughly 6,000 layoffs across Europe as the company streamlines and adapts to growing customer demand for digital transformation in banking. Company leadership has had to adopt some new ways of thinking and communicating with employees to get complex or abstract strategic concepts across and make sure all employees are on board.

Update on ING's Strategy 2018 initiative as of late 2016
McKinsey case study of ING's agile org model
Article examining "design thinking" in ING strategic communications

Mastercard's most notable efforts have been in using digital tools for onboarding and internal talent development. The company partnered with Salesforce to improve its sales training efforts with new digital tools and moved from "completion learning" to "consumption learning." Mastercard also partnered with Salesforce and Degreed to create "Degreed at Mastercard," a digital repository for internal Mastercard employee learning. Finally, Mastercard recently hired a new Chief Inclusion Officer, Randall Tucker, as part of a several-years-long refocusing in a "journey from diversity to inclusion" -- Tucker's predecessor held the title of Chief Diversity Officer.

Blog post and case study covering Degreed at Mastercard
Blog post on Mastercard's digital transformation in training
Press release announcing Randall Tucker as Mastercard CIO

Royal DSM is emerging from a roughly 10-year period of "continuous transformation" and starting to focus on internal improvements and "organic growth." The company has stepped up internal leadership development, creating a program with the Wharton School of Business. They've also stepped up D&I efforts worldwide -- both initiatives have the stated goal of increasing sustainability (of growing importance in health and pharmaceuticals generally) and powering international growth in conjunction with their own Strategy 2018 initiative.

Outline of Royal DSM's transition from rapid transformation to internal development
HBR article examining Royal DSM's D&I initiatives
Description of Royal DSM/Wharton School leadership development program

Sanofi restructured its divisions starting January 2016 to better center R&D efforts in its corporate strategy. This structural simplification allowed Sanofi to "unite the different parts of the company behind a single vision, a common set of values and a shared culture."

Analysis of business impact of Sanofi's restructuring process
May 2017 Sanofi investor factsheet with more strategic information

Like some other companies on this list, Novo Nordisk is in a period of restructuring to streamline and save costs. They announced a 1,000-job reduction in their US employment in September 2016, which was aimed at "increas[ing] focus, agility and accountability." Novo Nordisk has also set new health and safety guidelines at an organizational level to prevent employee stress and injuries.


Kimberly-Clark has seen growth in its international business segment, and as a result the company has consolidated and reorganized some aspects of its business. In January, K-C shifted several international divisions to report to its new COO after the departure (and elimination of the position) of the former K-C International president. K-C has also reorganized to respond to a growing shift toward a service-based business model in hygiene products, prioritizing information technology and IoT development.

Kimberly-Clark report Form 8-K outlining international reorganization
Analysis of K-C's transition in IT to service-based model


General Mills is currently in the middle of several restructuring and streamlining initiatives, most focused on international operations. Starting in Q3 2017, General Mills predicts "savings of $70 million to $90 million" as a result of these initiatives. However, these efforts will come at a cost of several hundred jobs globally between them.

Press release announcing new global executive report structure
Nasdaq article examining financial potential of organizational shifts
List of General Mills' major restructuring plans worldwide


I've assembled information on reorganizations, strategic initiatives, and other transformative events at Eli Lilly, Mastercard, Kimberly-Clark, and the other companies you requested. Each company has gone through at least minor shifts and adjustments even in the past year or so, from global restructuring initiatives to internal leadership development and onboarding strategies.

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