Digital Signage in Education

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Digital Signage in Education

Key Takeaways


The research team has curated a list of 11 digital signage companies that serve the education sector, specifically: Yodeck, NoviSign, Screenly, Raydiant, Rise Vision, Carousel, OptiSigns, Spectrio, Telemetry TV, Pickcel and Mvix. For each organization, the research team has included a brief description of its services to the education sector as well as an overview of its pricing strategy for digital signage products. Additionally, the research team appended the details of Screencloud, the previously identified digital signage provider, at the end of this research brief for completeness/ease of reference. The full results of this analysis are available directly below.

#1: Yodeck

  • Yodeck is a San Francisco, CA-based digital signage company that serves a variety of sectors including education, with an emphasis on higher education institutions such as NYU, Duke University, Princeton University and Penn State.
  • The company's digital signage is priced on a per-screen, monthly basis that ranges from $7.99 per month (Standard) to $12.99 per month (Enterprise) for each screen, depending on the desired associated features.
  • Yodeck also offers a free trial for a single screen.
  • More complete details regarding the company's pricing have been provided directly below.

#2: NoviSign

  • NoviSign is a cloud-based digital signage company that serves five continents globally (including the US) as well as companies from a wide array of industries, including Disney, Ikea, Papa Johns and Ferrari.
  • Within the education sector, NoviSign caters to organizations ranging from elementary schools to high schools, colleges and universities.
  • The company prices its digital screens on a per-screen, annual billing basis that ranges from $18 per month (Business) to $44+ per month (Premium/Enterprise) per screen, depending on the associated features.
  • These prices are slightly higher ($20 per month to $49 per month per screen) if monthly billing is desired.
  • Additionally, a free trial is available for Enterprise-tier clients.
  • Further details regarding NoviSign's pricing is available directly below.

#3: Screenly

  • Screenly is another San Francisco, CA-based digital signage company that powers more than 10,000 screens globally to clients including "schools and educational institutions" as a single, larger customer group.
  • The company's per-screen, annually-billed pricing varies from as little as $11 per month (Starter) to $25 per month (Enterprise) per screen, once again depending on accompanying features.
  • This pricing is slightly higher for monthly-billed plans, which range from $13 per month (Starter) to $29 per month (Enterprise) per screen.
  • However, free trials are available for all versions/tiers of Screenly's digital signage products.
  • Full details regarding Screenly's digital signage pricing is available at this link here, as well as directly below.

#4: Raydiant

  • Also based in San Francisco, CA, Raydiant specifically caters to the K-12 segment of the education industry with its digital signage products.
  • The company offers three digital signage products (Experience Platform, Kiosk, Virtual Agent), all of which price services on a per-screen, per month basis, and all of which offer three tiers of pricing: a free trial, a $59 per month/screen Standard offer and an undisclosed Enterprise pricing plan.
  • While the specific features associated with these three tiers are available for each platform at this link here, a sample of the pricing/feature arrangement for the Experience Platform has been included directly below.

#5: Rise Vision

#6: Carousel

#7: OptiSigns

  • Based out of Houston, TX, OptiSigns is a digital signage specialist that markets its products to both K-12 institutions as well as universities and education centers, including Kids R Kids, Morgan County Charter Schools, Lincoln Consolidated Schools and the Mississippi Department of Education.
  • As with many of the preceding competitors, OptiSigns sells its products on a per-screen, monthly basis that ranges from $10 per month (Standard) to $15+ per month (Pro Plus/Enterprise).
  • From these base pricing levels, the company also offers a 10% discount for annual billing, and a flat 25% discount to all non-profit/education clients, in addition to free trials.
  • Further details related to this pricing strategy are pictured below.

#8: Spectrio

  • Tampa, FL-based Spectrio sells a variety of customer engagement solutions, including digital signage, to a broad array of industries including the overall education sector.
  • Its digital signage business is price into two tiers:
  • This pricing strategy and associated key features are depicted directly below.

#9: Telemetry TV

#10: Pickcel

  • New York, NY-based Pickcel is an "award-winning SaaS cloud digital signage software solution provider" that caters to the education sector overall, among other industries.
  • In addition to offering customers the option of a free trial, Pickcel offers two tiers of pricing for its digital signage solutions:
  • This pricing strategy is depicted below for further review, as desired.

#11: Mvix

  • Based out of Sterling, VA, Mvix sells enterprise-level AV solutions, including its "award-winning digital signage," for both K-12 schools and colleges.
  • In terms of product pricing, Mvix offers a monthly subscription that starts at $29 per month for third party players, as well as a lifetime license that starts at $299 for its software and player combination.
  • The full details associated with the third party player pricing strategy are available at this link here, while the bundled software/player option pricing is available at this link here.

#12: Screencloud

  • Screencloud, based out of London, UK, is another digital signage company that offers its services to an array of industries, including "schools, universities and colleges."
  • In addition to offering a free trial, Screencloud sells three separate pricing tiers for education clients which vary based on the available features and minimum screen requirements.
  • The least expensive tier (Core) is available for between $20-$24 per screen per month, depending on whether billing is annual or monthly.
  • The latter two tiers are available for annual billing only, and start at $30 per screen per month.
  • Additional details regarding feature/pricing combinations are available directly below.

Research Strategy

For this research on digital signage companies that serve the education sector, the research team leveraged the most reputable sources available in the public domain, most notably the corporate websites of relevant digital signage organizations including Yodeck, NoviSign and Screenly.

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