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Covenant Eyes markets its app via its social media pages and its website. The official website blog also provides in-depth insights into prominent individuals’ journey to recovery. The company’s primary goal is to break the shame-cycle by acknowledging the impact of pornography. This app has a relatively quick and easy signing up process. Research has shown that pornography affects marriages, gets teenagers hooked, is still an unspoken menace, and the public perception does not see this as a real addiction.


Homepage Video

  • The website's homepage video is a powerful enactment of heroes with super-powers and the elements that stop them. One example is a fire extinguisher to fire as a superpower. When we reach the final example, we see how even great mean can have a weakness; pornography.
  • This video addresses how the main character was introduced to it at the age of 12. He explained how it affected his daily routine and his relationships. This video goes on to provide insights into the impact that Covenant Eyes has had on its one million users.

YouTube Videos

  • Although the posts on this channel seem to be about three months apart, the duration of each video is long and the content is powerful. These videos demonstrate that even though overcoming pornography is difficult, having an accountability partner is very critical.
  • The main character in the videos has a crucial wing-man in his efforts called Jeff.
  • By using humor and imagery, Covenant Eyes is able to communicate the importance of its app. It displays how accountability, and not strength, is the most essential weapon in overcoming pornography.

Twitter Insights

  • Covenant Eyes uses its Twitter account in presenting creative ways to communicate its message. By posting at least once a day, this company stays relevant and accessible.
  • The posts bring up issues faced by teenagers, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sons. The Twitter posts provide deeper insights into the topic by incorporating their own messaging.

Vulnerable Stories

  • Celebrities like Lamar Odom share their personal experience as they struggled through pornography and their determination to break free. Motivated by his girlfriend Sabrina, he downloaded the app onto his devices.
  • As an athlete who has pushed himself to achieve his goals, he reveals that fighting this urge was very difficult and needed help to overcome this addiction. One major impact he endured was how it affected his romantic relationships because pornography objectifies women.
  • This company’s official blog provides additional insights and other testimonials that would encourage others to try the app.


The Shame Cycle

  • Watching pornography is embarrassing. Most people do not want to talk about it because they are ashamed. Being ashamed causes one to isolate themselves, which results in feelings of loneliness, which may trigger a desire to watch more pornography, creating a continuous loop referred to as the shame-cycle.

Impact of Porn versus Covenant Eyes

  • Pornography addiction thrives in secrecy and isolation which ruins relationships. This addiction affects one’s mental state and fuels shame and hopelessness.
  • To address these impacts, Covenant Eyes connects people, restores trust, and enhances confidence by detecting pornography across various devices. By equipping one’s ally, Covenant Eyes restores sexual function by breaking the shame-cycle.

Signing Up Process

  • The main call-to-action button on the homepage is labeled “Get Started.” This website has a live chat that prompts visitors in order to assist/guide in this process.
  • This platform is comprehensive. Covenant Eyes also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Additional security measures are in place. One such feature is the encryption of the screenshots sent to the ally.

Becoming an Affiliate

  • Anyone can become an affiliate. The main responsibilities include educating the public, empowering individuals, and earning income. The affiliate users will use this platform to educate them on pornography and its dangers, promote the product and earn $20 every time someone signs up.
  • This platform educates people on the dangers of pornography as it empowers them to be integral. The income generated could fund organizations, ministries, or other endeavors.



  • These insights are a starting point in understanding the need to control and mitigate the impact of pornography addiction in our society. This company is breaking the shame-cycle by speaking the truth and understanding the problem, as expressed in the statistics below.

Pornography and Marriage

  • Research has shown that pornography affects the quality of a marriage. About 56% of divorce cases show that at least one partner had an obsessive desire for pornography.
  • Prolonged exposure to pornography results in diminished trust, a belief that promiscuity is normal, and addiction results in time lost in raising a healthy, happy, and connected family.
  • Watching pornography impacts a couple’s intimacy. A real human can not always meet their expectations and demands.

Teens and Pornography

  • A 2018 study showed that about 27% of teens receive sexts and 15% send them out. Many of them will have viewed porn before their teen years: 51% male and 32% female. The average age when one is first exposed to porn is 12 years old. 71% of teens hide their online communication from their parents.

Pornography in the Church

  • Statistics show that one in five youth pastors and one in seven senior leaders struggle with pornography.
  • 43% of senior and youth pastors have struggled with pornography at least once. 64% of Christian and 15% of women have struggled with pornography.
  • Only 7% of churches offer programs that would be necessary in helping their congregation deal with these struggles.

People’s Perception of Porn

  • About 90% of teens and 96% of young adults either accept, encourage, or are neutral in conversing with friends on this topic.
  • Only 55% of adults that are 25 and older believe that watching pornography is wrong. This indifference fails to give this addiction the attention necessary to overcome it.