CoStar Competitor List

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CoStar Competitor List-Part 1

Two companies that provide commercial real estate databases, analytics, and other data similar to CoStar that operate in Canada are CoreLogic and Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). CoreLogic is a provider of property information, technology solutions, and big data. Meanwhile, JLL provides professional services related to real estate and investment management.


  • Here is a link to the company website.
  • Company Overview: CoreLogic offers information intelligence to help distinguish and regulate opportunities for growth, manage risk, and enhance business performance.
  • The company claims to be a leading provider of big data, technology solutions, and property information.
  • CoreLogic provides powering housing via connectivity, analytics, and data by insuring tract homes, offering instant real estate data, and supplying print and ship services.
  • The company combines data from contributory, public, and proprietary sources spanning over 50 years to make up its more than 4.5 billion records, from over 5,000 data fields, and around 200 analytical models to serve its numerous customers.
  • Services Offered: CoreLogic services includes underwriting and workflow, valuation, property intelligence, and risk management and monitoring.
  • Reason for Inclusion: CoreLogic is listed as a top competitor of CoStar by
  • Analysis of the company website reveals that they offer similar services to CoStar, such as real estate databases and analytics.
  • CoreLogic operates 19 office located across 5 nations, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. CoreLogic's office in Canada is located at 625 Front St. Nelson, Canada.

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)

  • Here is a link to the company website.
  • Company Overview: JLL claims to be a leading professional services firm that concentrates on both real estate and investment management.
  • The company's vision is "to reimagine the world of real estate, creating rewarding opportunities and amazing spaces where people can achieve their ambitions."
  • JLL's sustainability ambition includes engaging their people, producing lasting value its clients, modifying its workplaces, and upholding communities.
  • The company supplies transformation technology with insights into utilizing creative processes, tactics, and tools that enhances real estate performance and value.
  • Services Offered: JLL provides services for property and project management, leasing, valuations, capital markets advisory, and hotel advisory.
  • Reason for Inclusion: Jones Lang LaSalle is listed as a top competitor of CoStar by
  • Analysis of the company website reveals that they offer similar services to CoStar, such as real estate databases and leasing analytics.
  • CoreLogic operates 281 office located across 38 nations, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Italy. CoreLogic operates 9 office in Canada.

Research Strategy:

Our research involved consulting trusted business directory sites such as Crunchbase and to identify true competitors of CoStar. This strategy provided us with a list of companies that provide commercial real estate databases, analytics, and other data similar to CoStar. We further filtered the list by identifying competitors that operate in the real estate industry with similar features to CoStar.
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CoStar Competitor List-Part 2

CompStak and Reonomy are two of the leading competitors of CoStar in the commercial real estate, analytics, and market intelligence services marketplace. Both companies have achieved their success by offering their database services through customized platforms.


  • CompStak is the leading crowd sourced commercial real estate platform in North America. They provide robust and comprehensive data sets by analyzing millions of data points each week.
  • In the last ten rounds of funding, CompStak has raised over $35.3 million. It has an annual revenue of $6.9 million and employs 67 employees in offices in New York and Los Angeles.
  • The company offers the only free analyst reviewed comp data and analytics platform for commercial real estate brokerages and appraisal firms.
  • CompStak has built a comprehensive database of commercial lease deals in a range of different markets.
  • Data is used to provide real-time customized market intelligence across a range of real estate options. The services provided include trend analysis, customized data sets, and project-based analysis.
  • This information is provided on a subscription basis to private equity funds, asset managers, banks, REITs, hedge funds, and other commercial real estate professionals.
  • CompStak is identified on the company database, Crunchbase, as one of CoStar's top competitors.


  • Reonomy has its headquarters in New York.
  • It has an annual revenue of $4.1 million and over 70 employees. The company has raised over $69.4 million in funding over 21 rounds.
  • Reonomy is a commercial real estate platform. Its data is sourced from a range of public and private sources. The company provides data for over 54 million properties across North America.
  • Another leading database provider, Black Knight, has recently become a preferred provider on the Reonomy platform, strengthening Reonomy's claim as one of the key players in the commercial real estate database and analytics market.
  • In 2019, Reonomy announced a partnership with CoreLogic to maximize the data sets available on its platform.
  • The company has the largest commercial tenant database on the market, with over 11 million tenant data records.
  • Reonomy offers a range of different services grouped under four main headings, discover, research, collaborate, and outreach.
  • The services include prospecting, data analytics, trend identification, property insights, portfolio access, property tracking, and a range of customized data options.
  • In 2018 Apto, one of the leading software providers for analyzing commercial real estate data completed a comprehensive review of the companies providing commercial real estate databases and market intelligence in North America. Reonomy was consistently ranked alongside CoStar in a range of categories, including lease/sales transactions, ownership information, mortgage, and financial data, property data, and demographics.


We extensively searched a range of industry publications, media articles, blogs, and opinion articles to determine companies that were offering real estate database, analytics, and market intelligence services in Canada. Unfortunately, we were unable to identify any key competitors operating exclusively in the Canadian market. Given this, we expanded our search to include the US. We also considered a range of company databases, including Crunchbase, which contains comprehensive records and competitors for a range of different companies. This process enabled us to develop a list of potential competitors of CoStar.

We then developed a list of the core services offered by CoStar by reviewing their company website. Once we had identified these services, we searched the respective websites of each of the companies that we had identified as potential competitors to CoStar. This process enabled us to identify CompStak and Reonomy as companies offering similar databases, analytics, and market intelligence services.