Corporate Banking Digital Channels

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Corporate Banking Digital Channels

Kybria, located in the US, Fides in Switzerland, and AccessPay in England, are three companies that are raising eyebrows in the industry with their multi-bank connectivity channels. The platforms offered by the companies have been designed as the link between back-office teams and the banks themselves. A competitive landscape incorporating annual revenue, multi-bank connectivity channels, and the competitive advantage each company holds has been prepared for each of the companies.

Overview — Kyriba

  • Kyriba has headquarters in San Diego, California, with offices in Paris, London, New York, Dubai, and Tokyo. It has an estimated annual revenue of $113 million. Considered by some to be the number one provider of cloud treasury and financial solutions, Kybria focuses on cash and risk management, payments, and supply chain finance solutions.
  • The company has more than 2,000 clients, including some of the world's largest organizations. Accelerated growth opportunities through improved decision support, the streamlining of key processes, and protection against loss by cybercrime or fraud are all services provided by Kybria.

Competitive Advantage — Kyriba

  • Kybria describes its competitive advantage as follows, "Kyriba is the global leader in cloud treasury and finance solutions, delivering mission-critical capabilities for cash and risk management, payments and working capital solutions. More than 2,000 clients worldwide rely on Kyriba to get 100% cash visibility, better manage FX losses, reduce fraud and make better, faster decisions through improved insight and intelligence."

Multichannel Connectivity Channel — Kybria

  • Kybria's SaaS cloud-based platform has five product categories. They are treasury management, payments, risk management, supply chain finance, and control and compliance. SaaS offers clients predictable subscription-based payments. The security category is SOC1 and SOC2 compliant, providing both disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Treasury management incorporates cash management and forecasting, in house banking, inter company loans, eBAM and bank fee analysis, investments and lending, and multilateral lending. There are four payment options, treasury payments, supplier payments, direct debits, and format transformation. Sanction list screening, login protection, digital signatures, control center, and control center are all provided by the control and compliance aspects of the platform.
  • Supply chain finance includes supplier on boarding, dynamic discounting, and reverse factoring. Finally, the risk management service incorporates foreign exchange and hedge betting, credit risk, value at risk, exposure management, hedge accounting, and mark to market.

Overview — Fides Treasury Services

  • Fides' network includes more than 10,000 banks. Its product can enhance and expand capabilities while making banking easy. With headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, Fides Treasury Services has an estimated annual revenue of $13 million.
  • The multi banking options provided by Fides Treasury Services can be managed through ERP, a TMS, or direct connections. More than 3,000 organizations are already benefiting from the services offered by Fides Treasury Services.

Competitive Advantage — Fides Treasury Services

  • Chief Marketing Officer for Fides Treasury Services, Andreas Lutz explained the competitive advantage held by the company. He said, "With our foundations having been laid in 1910, Fides Treasury Services can look back on more than a century of experience in servicing satisfied clients. In addition, being part of the Credit Suisse Group, we are committed to the highest quality and security standards, while also being a specialized multi-banking service provider."

Multi Connectivity Channel — Fides Treasury Services

  • Fides Treasury Services offer customers three categories of service. The ERP service is a global network that includes all major players. The platform is designed to complement the ERP treasury model. It integrates Fides Accounting Reporting Solutions with ERP, creating a comprehensive and straightforward way to manage banking relationships.
  • By integrating Fides, customers enhance multi-banking experiences, while leveraging their investments. Security statement aggregation, and data integration, and security are all features of the TMS service provided.
  • In addition, Fides offers two web platforms, Account Reporting Solutions (ARS) and Electronic File Transfer (EFT)

Overview — AccessPay

  • AccessPay has its headquarters in London, England. It has an estimated annual revenue of $12 million. AssetPay describes its staff as an asset to the company. 95% of staff in a recent survey said they were proud to work for AccessPay.
  • The integration platform provided by AccessPay connects businesses to any bank, payment scheme, or system. AccessPay considers itself a bespoke connector tailoring its platform to meet the demands of consumers. The platform they have developed is a bridge between the back office and banks.

Competitive Advantage — AccessPay

  • AccessPay's competitive advantage is described as follows, "AccessPay sets out to differentiate itself in the market through a combination of product innovation, but also through providing first in class service to all its current customers. Selling this proposition to potential and existing customers means AccessPay can maintain its competitive advantage without needing to compete in areas such as price. Essentially customers are happy to pay a slightly higher premium price for the software, because it is market leading for innovation and the business provides excellent customer service."

Multi Connectivity Channel — AccessPay

  • AccessPay's platform connects ERP, TMS, accounting, payroll, CRM, and several other back-office programs with banks, through the connectivity suite that it has developed. One intuitive user interface analyzes and interprets financial data from numerous sources giving insight to financial and treasury teams.
  • The platform provided by AccessPay has three key functions, delivering meaningful insights, making operations more efficient, and enhancing security and control.
  • Applications available on the AccessPay platform include Bacs Approved Software, Cash Management and Analytics, Bacs Approved Bureau, Direct Debit Collections, and the AccessPay Bureau Service.