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Manhattan Event Venues

Fifteen event venues in Manhattan that can accommodate 75 to 100 people, offer audio/visual amenities, and are close to a subway station are:


The requested details for these event venues have been entered on the attached spreadsheet. Please find my methodology and limitations below.


To find venues that meet the request's requirements, I used EventUp, which allowed me to filter results by location, capacity, A/V amenities, and food and beverage catering capabilities. This provided me with numerous options, which I then further narrowed down by finding the closest subway station to each venue. Finally, I searched each venue's website to identify any outstanding or differentiating aspect that would provide attendees with a memorable experience and be "video-ready."


Although I was able to stay within the 75-150 capacity for most venues, there was one (GoldBar) that will only accommodate that many people if they are standing. Several others will accommodate a higher maximum number of people, but I assumed the 75-150 number was meant as a minimum so I included venues with larger maximums on the spreadsheet as well.

The specific A/V capabilities were unavailable for MAD Museum, Katra Lounge, The Attic Rooftop & Lounge, and Distilled New York, either on the EventUp website or the venues' websites. I elected to include them on the spreadsheet anyway because not only do they meet all other requirements, but also because EventUp indicates they do have A/V capabilities. It is likely that the Katra Lounge, The Attic Rooftop & Lounge, and Distilled New York have excellent A/V equipment, as they all feature music as part of their complete visitor experience. None of the venues mentioned that a lighting grid is available, although The Delancey does have a state-of-the-art light and sound system that can be used for private events.

Despite extensive research into each venue's event web page, media mentions, and venue listing sites, I was unable to determine the extent of setup flexibility each venue offers. Some venues, like DL Rooftop and Vanderbilt Suites, indicate they can customize the space to meet clients' needs, but most venues don't mention flexibility at all. As such, it is not possible to determine how customizable these spaces actually are without contacting them directly.

All but two venues are located within a half mile of a subway station, but The Skylark and The Delancey are each 0.7 miles from a subway stop. These might be too far for consideration; however, their A/V capabilities indicate they could be exactly the type of venue that would create memorable experiences for event attendees. Therefore, I elected to keep them on the spreadsheet.

Most venues offer both in-house catering and an in-house bar, but there is one that only offers catering (The Loft in Flatiron), one that only offers an in-house bar (The Delancey), and two that do not offer either one (Projective Space and Blender). I decided to keep these venues on the list because a bar and in-house catering were not listed as "must-have" requirements. However, there are 11 other venues that do provide both a bar and catering that also meet the other requirements.


Of the 15 event venues listed on the attached spreadsheet, the closest one to a subway station is The Loft in Flatiron (32.8 feet). The venue that appears to have the best A/V options is The Delancey, because it is a "full capacity live music venue equipped with private bar, DJ booth, back line, and state-of-the-art light and sound system."