Cooking Wines Marketing Strategies

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Cooking Wines - Marketing Campaigns

After an extensive search, only Holland House brand cooking wines were found to have marketing campaigns. Two campaigns from this brand are detailed below.

Holland House & Crock-Pot

Holland House Flavor

  • Holland House has also run desktop ads centered on the idea of flavor to promote their cooking wines. They also shared some of these ads on social media. This campaign has run off and on as far back as 2015.
  • The campaign centered around the idea of adding flavor with Holland House cooking wines, and featured the tag lines "Bring Out Your Bold" or "Fill Life With Flavor." Other messaging in the campaign included phrases like "unleash flavor to savor", "small bowl, big flavor" or "where festive meets flavor."
  • The campaign featured images of bottles of Holland House cooking wines with the recipes they created using the wines, like french onion soup and chicken Marsala.

Research Strategy

In order to identify marketing campaigns by cooking wines, the research team began by looking for popular cooking wine brands and reviewing their social media and websites. From this search we found Holland House and Reese Specialty Foods. However, for Reese Specialty Foods, we could not find any advertising specific to their cooking wine. We then reviewed advertising databases like Moat and for more ads, and found additional advertising by Holland House, but could not find any advertising by Reese or other cooking wines. Lastly, we moved to searching marketing and advertising databases for boxed wine brands and other discount wine brands to see if they had any advertisements featuring their wine as cooking wine, however, this returned no results. Therefore, we concluded that the only cooking wine brand actively marketing their cooking wines within the US is Holland House, and included the two most recent campaigns from that brand above.

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