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According to multiple reviews and popularity of the contests, Lyft, and Amazon Mechanical Turks are examples of gig economy workplaces that offer contests that drive employee engagement. Fiverr and Freelancer also hold contests but due to the low pay and the irregularity in timing of the contests, those do not drive employee engagement as well as the contests held at Mturk and Lyft. Amazon versus Lyft 1. Amazon Mechanical Turks is a huge database that offers work to a number of different freelancer gigs. Naturally, the number of prize winners in the Amazon contests would be greater than the number of prize winners at Lyft, where the contest was designed to reward the best in a single category — driving. 2. The prize money on Mturk's is much lower but the contests are held weekly. Up to 3 winners earn bonuses of about $40 — 50. On the other hand, Lyft usually holds a contest only once a year. 3. Lyft also had funnier and more emotionally engaging contests compared to Mturk. This too counts as way of driving employee engagement.


  • Lyft holds contests all over the US to ensure all employees can participate.
  • Besides performance, the contests might also encourage the employees to share their recent fun experiences so they could be emotionally involved with the company as well.
  • profile shows growing number of employees in Lyft in a linear fashion. This reflects steady growth in factors such as employee recruitment and retention.
  • Almost all the competitions have a 1 "lucky" winner that wins cash, a trip, or another award.


  • Fiverr offers additional employment opportunities or a $5 cash reward for winning a contest. Unfortunately, as the prize for the contest is so low, it does not usually incite participation and the best freelancers on the platform do not usually participate.
  • This is an example of contests that don't drive engagement among gig economy workers.

Amazon Mechanical Turks:

  • Amazon uses the platform to form a sense of community.
  • It holds regular different contests in the community so people of all talents could participate.
  • The number of winners in the weekly contests is up to 3 people and the price for the winner varies between $40 and $50 per winner. Since there are various fields of work on Mturk, prices are distributed daily.
  • Monthly awards are granted to employees (freelancers on Mturk) who have shown great collaboration with their colleagues on the platform, which helps form a stronger freelance community.

  • Freelancer allows clients to hold a contest if they see it fit.
  • Usually, the best jobs done by freelancers are chosen for a specific period and voted on. The winner receives a cash reward.
  • The prize money is decided by the one who decides to hold the contest. It can vary anywhere from $10 — $1,500+ depending on the type of job.

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