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Microsoft: Content Strategy

Microsoft's digital properties used for external, digital-facing communications consist of the company's website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, blog, MSDN Magazine, Pinterest, and Tumblr. The requested information about those digital properties is included in the attached spreadsheet. Below are our research findings about Microsoft's digital properties.


The content on Microsoft's corporate brand website is not listed by post date. As such, the frequency of posts cannot be determined. The content on Microsoft's website features its products available for sale followed by information about the achievements of women in science and "the virtual world of [the] rock band Muse."


Microsoft posts very infrequently on Facebook ranging from about one to five posts per month. The content on Microsoft's Facebook page covers company news, events, promotional videos, and features some of the company's advertisements.


Microsoft posts regularly on Twitter usually with about two to seven tweets per day. Microsoft also retweets other people on Twitter. The content on Microsoft's Twitter is about company news, information about how the company's technology is bringing about positive changes in society, and company videos (including video published on the company's YouTube channel and advertisements).


Microsoft appears to post on Linkedin about once or twice per day. The information available to us was limited because content posted on Linkedin a week or more ago appears as one week ago, two weeks ago, etc. and also is not listed sequentially. Thus, the only frequency information we could analyze was content posted within the past week, which we did. The content on Microsoft's Linkedin is about interviews with company executives, product demos, advertisements, and information about how the company's technology is bringing about positive, societal change.


Microsoft posts on YouTube about four times per week. The content on Microsoft's YouTube channel includes videos about how technology is being used in innovative ways for good throughout the world, gaming, popular advertisements, many videos about virtual reality specifically, comic material, and many discussions about artificial intelligence.


Microsoft posts on Instagram about three times per week. The content on Microsoft's Instagram features photos of people using technology for innovation in science, people using virtual reality, products, screenshots from advertisements, general nature photos, events, and sports. There are also some Instagram videos included on the channel, though they are posted sporadically.


Microsoft posts on its blog about twice per week. The content on Microsoft's blog includes articles about Microsoft's partnerships with other companies, how the company's technology is being used to bring about positive changes in industries and society in general, company news, award winners, and product-related information.

MSDN magazine

Microsoft posts issues of its MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) Magazine about 10 to 12 times per month. The content included in those issues is described by Microsoft as " up-to-the-minute, comprehensive coverage of Microsoft technologies" and insights from "the industry’s leading voices for practical solutions to real-world problems." There is also content in those issues about how specific technologies work, tips for how to use specific technologies, and a little humorous content.


Microsoft pins content on Pinterest mainly about technology, travel, pets, art, media rooms, workspaces, nature, education, and entertainment. The frequency that Microsoft posts on Pinterest could not be determined because Pinterest does not show dates.


Microsoft posts content on Tumblr about inspirational people. The content that Microsoft posts on Tumblr is, in the company's own words, a "collection of stories [that] celebrates the people who go above and beyond, reach their dreams, and inspire us every day." The frequency that Microsoft posts on Tumblr could not be determined because Tumblr does not show dates.

the same content appearing across communication properties

There is some content that appears across various digital communication properties involving social media. Specifically, some of the same content was posted on the company's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin properties. That overlapping content was primarily videos (including advertisements, YouTube videos, and interviews), but also included some information about product demos. While this overlapping content was not frequent, we did find several such occurrences.
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Hewlett Packard: Content Strategy

Hewlett Packard (HP) posts videos every day or seven times a week on its YouTube Page. The company makes a lot of videos about its products, graphics art, fan's favorites, short film series, and the videos related to the impact that HP brings to the community. People can buy HP products such as PC or laptop through its shopping site. The company posts three times per year or more about its new products on this site. More information on the topic has been incorporated into the attached spreadsheet.


To find the frequency of posts in Hewlett Packard (HP) shopping site and Hewlett Packard (HP) website, we began searching for how often PC manufacturers release new products as we were not able to see the date of the post on the official website and shopping site of HP. So, we looked at sources such as PC Mag because this site mentions the frequency of new products from PC manufacturers. Laptop Mag revealed that PC companies release new laptops three times a year. So, using this assumption, we concluded that Hewlett Packard's shopping site and Hewlett Packard's official website posts three times a year or they may post more often than that.

Hewlett Packard's digital content strategy

Hewlett Packard Instagram

Hewlett Packard (HP) posts on Instagram once every three days. The Instagram posts are mostly about the promotion of its new product, events such as HP Coachella, pictures behind the product making (laboratory and research center), and marketing content.

Hewlett Packard Twitter

Hewlett Packard (HP) posts almost daily on its Twitter page and sometimes once in two days or five times a week. The posts on Twitter are mainly those posts that are in its magazine, marketing content, and events where HP promotes its products. Some of the content on the Twitter page are the same as those that appear on Instagram.

Hewlett Packard Youtube

On its YouTube account, Hewlett Packard (HP) posts videos every day or seven times a week. The company makes a lot of video about its products, graphics art, fan's favorite, short film series, and the videos about the impact that HP brings to the community. On its YouTube account, HP posts have different video content than its other social media accounts.

Hewlett Packard Facebook

On Facebook, Hewlett Packard (HP) posts content four times a week. The company posts products, people's experience with HP, events such as Coachella, and movie trailers such as How To Train Your Dragon, where this company works as the sponsor. Some of the posts on its Facebook page are the same as on its Twitter and Instagram pages.

Hewlett Packard Linkedin

Hewlett Packard (HP) posts twice a week on LinkedIn. The content remains usually the same as on its Instagram and Twitter pages. These posts are generally related to the marketing of HP's products, some achievement, and news from HP.

Hewlett Packard Digital Magazine — Garage

This is the HP blog, digital magazine, and news site. Once a month, Hewlett Packard (HP) posts some business-related content, news, modern life, and research results on its Garage Blog.

Hewlett Packard Shopping Site

This is Hewlett Packard's shopping site where people can buy HP products such as PCs or laptops. The company posts three times per year or more about its new products on this site. One of the newest products that HP has launched is Laptop HP Spectre.

Hewlett Packard Website

Hewlett Packard's (HP) official website is a place where people can get information on its new products. The company posts new laptops, printer, and desktops with the marketing content such as the details of the product and its competitive advantage. On its official website, HP posts three times a year or more.

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Siemens: Content Strategy

Siemens digital content strategy is focused on posting external facing content on their company website, their digital magazine, on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, and on YouTube. Their content is directed towards informing the public on their technological solutions, how their solutions contribute to solving environmental and social issues, communicating company values, campaigns, and promoting events. On the Siemens tab of the attached spreadsheet, complete details can be found.


The information needed to determine Siemens' digital content strategy was gathered from the company website and their social media platforms (as displayed on the corporate website). To ensure that all corporate social media platforms were included, we searched for additional platforms such as Pinterest and Tumblr. Though we found Pinterest accounts, they were not from the corporate brand. We were also unable to find a corporate Tumblr account. It is possible that we were unable to find other corporate social media platforms, because all the platforms used in their strategy had been listed on their web page.

Information on content was gathered from reading the posts on all digital properties and watching the videos posted. We noted which content was posted on which different platforms.

To estimate the frequency with which content was posted, we counted the number of posts for each medium per week or per month (depending on the frequency rate) and multiplied the number of posts with the number of weeks in a year or the number of months in a year respectively.


The digital properties Siemens makes use of for external communication are their company website, their digital magazine, their Twitter account, their Instagram account, their Facebook account, their company LinkedIn page, and their YouTube account.


The frequency with which content is posted varies. Content is posted most frequently on YouTube, where on average 25 videos can be posted per week, thus resulting in 1,300 posts (=25 post x 52 weeks) per year. Next, Siemens makes frequent use of Twitter and Facebook and can post 15-18 times in a week, thus resulting in 780-936 posts per year. The least frequent use is made of Instagram with approximately 15 posts per month, thus resulting in 180 posts (15 posts x 12 months) per year.

Please note that it was not possible to accurately estimate articles published in their digital magazine as a great number of articles were not dated. From those that were dated 8 were published in the month of March 2019.


Siemens posts content of their technological solutions and/or how their solutions contribute to solving environmental and social issues but also improving sports (such as racing sports). They post content of their company values, which include diversity and inclusion and preserving the environment. For International Women's Day, for instance, their female employees and the type of work they do were placed in the spotlight. They also mentioned the importance of diversity and inclusion and balance at work in these posts. They post content on events they will participate in and show images and videos of the event after it was concluded. For example, the Hannover Messe was an important event that was promoted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On Facebook, however, it was part of a campaign for MindSphere and followers were encouraged to attend the event so they could experience the technology. They also highlight social causes, such as projects in Kenya, donations to education projects.

Some posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are stories told in their digital magazine that have been shared through these mediums. The content posted through social media platforms share the same themes. Some posts are similar across these mediums and some differ slightly.

Their company website additionally provides general information on the company and provides publications such as annual reports, sustainability reports and gives access to press releases. It also hosts their digital magazine "Stories", which can also be received in the form of a newsletter (for external followers).

On the attached spreadsheet, all requested information can be found on the Siemens tab.
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Equinox: Content Strategy

'Furthermore' is Equinox's digital magazine that posts a new article daily or seven times per week. These posts are about body workout, interviews, yoga, recipe, and lifestyle content. All the requested information have been provided in columns A-C in the EQUINOX TAB of the attached spreadsheet.

Equinox's digital content strategy

Equinox Instagram

Equinox posts content on Instagram four times a week. The company posts marketing materials for promotion such as hotels pictures to promote its hotel business, body pictures, some exercise pictures, and artists such as Ciara. Some of the pictures on its Instagram profile are the same as on other social media accounts including Twitter and Facebook.

Equinox Twitter

Equinox posts on Twitter 3-7 times a week. Its Twitter posts are mainly about fitness in equinox, the hotel pictures, company events, body pictures, and the pictures of equinox members while doing sports in real life such as wall climbing or ski. Some of its contents are the same as on Instagram, such as the body and hotel pictures.

Equinox Youtube

Equinox posts 2-7 times per month on YouTube. The company posts short film, marketing materials for its hotels, artists performance, personal training, and Vlog (Video blog). On YouTube, they post different content than other social media sites.

Equinox Facebook

On Facebook, Equinox posts five times per month. Its Facebook posts are mostly about body pictures, equinox hotels, and workout videos. Moreover, a lot of content on Facebook are the same as those that appear on Instagram and Twitter.

Equinox Linkedin

Every three times per week, Equinox provides updates on LinkedIn. Posts on LinkedIn are about Equinox's event, personal trainers at Equinox, and recipes. The contents on LinkedIn are different from other social media sites. On LinkedIn, the company has more of its staff and trainer's profiles.

Equinox Pinterest

On Pinterest, Equinox posts four pins per month. Most of the posts on Pinterest are of body workout pictures, quotes to be fit, and recipes. Some of the posts on Pinterest are the same as those that appear on Instagram excluding those related to recipes and quotes.

Equinox Digital Magazine: Furthermore

Equinox posts a new article daily or seven times per week. The posts are about body workout, interviews, yoga, recipe, and lifestyle content. All of the posts on its digital magazine are unique and different from other sites.

Equinox Website

Equinox updates once per month on its official website. It posts about new promo or exclusive offers per month on its website. The posts are about clubs, classes, personal training, spa, and hotels. On its official website, the company posts different content than other social media accounts.

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Coca-Cola: Content Strategy

Coca-Cola has a digital magazine called They also post frequently on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and their official company website. They also used to have a Tumblr account. More information on the topic has been incorporated into the attached spreadsheet. 


Coca-Cola Instagram

Coca-Cola posts 3 times per month on Instagram. The posts include marketing content using graphic art and caricature to motivate people, as well as super fan pictures, sports champions, and marketing content in hand lettering.

Coca-Cola Twitter

This company posts 5-6 times per month. Coca-Cola posts new products and marketing content in hand lettering and video. Some posts are the same as the ones on Instagram, except the new products that are pinned on the top of the page.

Coca-Cola Youtube

This YouTube account is updated 5 times per day. Coca-Cola posts short films, ads from different countries, sport campaigns, and marketing campaigns of new products. The videos are different from other social media posts.

Coca-Cola Facebook

Coca-Cola posts 2-3 times per month on Facebook. The posts are largely about new products, and video marketing content in art graphic and caricature, including sponsorships for sports championships. The graphic art and caricature posts are the same as the Instagram posts, but the new products and other videos are different from other social media.

Coca-Cola Linkedin

Coca-Cola post three times per month. The posts are about news of the company, work environment, company action, and achievements of Coca-Cola including Fortune's annual ranking of the World's 50 Most Admired Companies. The posts on Linkedin are different from other social media accounts.

Coca-Cola Tumblr

Coca-Cola posted 3 times per month but the last post was from 2016. The content is animated gifs with Coca-Cola pictures on it, video ads, and Coca-Cola art graphics. The posts on Tumblr is different from other social media accounts or websites.

Coca-Cola Pinterest

Coca-Cola posts 10 new pins per month but the last post was 26 weeks ago. Posts on Pinterest include recipes, marketing content of Coca-Cola on special occasions such as Halloween and Christmas, video ads, and sports events. The posts on Pinterest are different from other social media because other social media accounts don't include any recipe content.

Coca-Cola Company Digital Magazine

Coca-Cola has a digital magazine called Posts appear about 7-9 times per week. The news is about Coca-Cola business, new product launches, Coca-Cola sponsorships of music and sports events, and creativity within Coca Cola. The posts on the digital magazine are different from other digital communication strategies because the content is more focused on the company in business, music, and sports.

Coca-Cola Website

The official website has many offers and rewards that are posted about 3 times per month (because it has 3 offers per month). The website rewards customers for buying and then taking pictures with Coca-Cola products. The posts are different from other digital communication strategies.

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Boeing: Content Strategy

In reference to our findings, Boeing posts videos on its YouTube channel three to six times per month. Additionally, the company posts information on conditions in other countries, support for women, company products, people, and new product releases in its YouTube account. Our research methodology follows below while all our findings have been detailed on the attached spreadsheet.


We were unable to find the frequency of posts/updates on the Boeing Store site. We employed the following research strategies in our search for this information.

First, we looked at the Boeing Store in terms of the season sales it may have such as spring, winter, and summer season sales in order for us to draw conclusions on how often content is posted on the store. We were unable to find season sale information because although this company sells apparel, it seems that it does not update its store's content every season. We then focused on business and marketing sites such as Forbes, Bizjournal, and Business Insider because we thought news oriented resources usually contain useful information on large companies like Boeing and their brand presence across various platforms. With this strategy, we found information on Bizjournal about the Boeing Store that was limited behind a paywall and the source did not state how often the company posts new products on the store.

In our second strategy, we tried to contact Boeing Store's live support so as to make an inquiry on the frequency of content posting on the store. After we were connected to a customer service agent, we made an inquiry on the same, but the customer service agent said that the information was not available as seen on the attached chat screenshot.

In our final strategy, we tried to access WayBack Machine/ the Archive website. We wanted to check the Boeing store website as it was captured over the years. With this strategy, we found that the Boeing Store is updated every month as seen in the April, March, and February content of the website. The slideshow on the Boeing Store website had different pictures and promotions in the randomly picked months of February, March, and April 2019. We were unable to find the frequency delivery of content in the Boeing Store probably because there is no exact date when Boeing's retail store launches new products.