Content Marketing and Thought Leadership in B2B Marketing in 2020

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Content Marketing and Thought Leadership in B2B Marketing in 2020

Moz, Adobe, and ChannelAdvisor are examples of SaaS companies that have developed innovative and effective marketing campaigns and strategies. A deep dive into these findings has been provided below.

Case 1: Moz's Whiteboard Friday

  • For the past 10 years, Moz has been regularly publishing a video segment called "Whiteboard Friday."
  • In these videos, Moz co-founder, Rand Fishkin, shares marketing advice.
  • Overtime, Moz has focused on increasing the quality of their Whiteboard Friday videos.
  • After Rand decided to leave Moz, the show was then hosted by other marketing experts.
  • The high quality of this content has lead to 'Whiteboard Friday' getting over 1,000 Google searches per month.
  • There are now over 300 Whiteboard Friday videos on Moz's YouTube channel, with each video amassing thousands of views. The most popular of which has over 35,000 views.

Case 2: Adobe's Make the Cut Campaign

  • Adobe is a SaaS company that makes a range of creative and desktop publishing software.
  • In a campaign to market the Adobe PremierePro to young and aspiring video artists, Adobe partnered with the popular band, Imagine Dragons.
  • Adobe gave the creative community access to every single shot, angle, and take of one of Imagine Dragon's music videos, making it the "world's first open source music video."
  • Adobe challenged its audience to take the music video footage, "make the cut" and make their own music video using the content using a free trial of Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • The campaign received over 10,000 submissions across 28 countries, generating a total of 28 days worth of content.
  • The campaign became a global sensation, appearing in numerous high profile media outlets, including Forbes, Extra, and NBC and received over 1.5 billion impressions.
  • The campaign lead to over 13,000 new users of Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Adobe won a 2018 Digiday Content Marketing Award for 'Most Effective/Measurable Campaign'.

Case 3: ChannelAdvisor's Essential E-Commerce Calendar

  • ChannelAdvisor is an e-commerce cloud platform.
  • ChannelAdvisor has a feature called the 'Essential E-Commerce Calendar', a six-month calendar in PDF format. Although the company has been publishing the calendar for years, they recently decided to revamp it and re-launch the campaign.
  • The calendar was given a new look and expanded content and it was made available in both a PDF format and printable version. ChannelAdvisor also worked with a third-party analytics solution to them "evolve from a single-touch attribution model to a multi-touch attribution model."
  • Upon being weighted into ChannelAdvisor's attribution model, the calendar campaigns helped ChannelAdvisor see a 1,293% ROI between 2017 and 2018.
  • Over 1,670 calendars were delivered to ChannelAdvisor's target accounts, leading to a 753% ROI in final bookings and direct mail costs.
  • Calendar campaigns launched on Facebook and LinkedIn generated an ROI of 676%, and "downloadable PDF and interactive ICS files on the website resulted in 4,762% ROI.
  • Channel Advisor won a 2019 Killer Content Award for Best Measurable ROI campaign for their revamp of the Essential E-Commerce Calendar.