Content Marketing Resources

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Content Marketing Resources

Where to get information, ideas, and updates can sometimes be a challenge for some if not all content marketers. However, getting information and updates from resources such as social media platforms, news articles, blogs, podcasts, top posts, searches, and content, industry research publications, and top competitors' content makes things a little bit easier for them.

Resources Content Marketers Use to Get Information and Updates

1. Social Media

  • The internet has opened so many doors for people such as content marketers who can now gather information and make updates even if it is just by using their smartphones.
  • In social media platforms, people share a lot of information, interesting stuff, and updates making it one of the best resources where content marketers can get their information and updates.
  • Moreover, on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube people often talk about live events and breaking news as well as exchange ideas. Some people even share links to blogs and news articles that offer more insights on what they are conversing about. This is why this resource is most commonly used among content marketers to collect information that will enable them to create new content or make updates on already available ones.
  • For instance, on Twitter, Content marketers make use of the #hashtag tool to get information on real-time conversations that people are having. Facebook groups are also as useful.

2. News, Blog Posts, and Podcasts

  • In addition to social media, news, blogs, articles, and podcasts are also good resources that content marketers take advantage of when looking for information and updates. For instance, recently top authors and bloggers are now turning to aural mediums which makes top-ranked podcasts very good resources.
  • Some top authors in the marketing and business space such as Joe Pulizzi, Tim Ferriss, and Seth Godin now have weekly or biweekly podcasts making podcasts a popular source of information for content marketers.
  • News articles and blogs are also commonly used resources for information by content marketers as they normally contain statistics and facts on some matters that can be leveraged.

3. Top Posts, Searches, and Content

  • Audiences from different places react differently to posts and content. Therefore, content marketers monitor the top posts and trends not only industry but also by regions.
  • Top searches in places such as YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, and Amazon are also great resources which content marketers use to get ideas, information, and updates.
  • For instance, BuzzFeed, LifeHacker, and Huffington, among other huge publishers keep their eyes on Reddit to find soon-to-be popular topics. This makes such resources popular among content marketers because from the top searches and questions asked in these sources, they get ideas on both what to use next and what sort of information and content people are currently interested in.

4. Industry Research Publications,

  • Michael Georgiou, a co-founder of US-based digital agency Imaginovation, says that content marketers should regularly read about their industries to gain expertise as well as be up to speed with all the new industry developments.
  • Data gathered from research publications that can re-purposed to new information or used to make updates to their existing content is one of the reasons why this resource is popular with Content marketers.
  • Moreover, most research publications often include research statistics and graphs in their pieces. These facts create a great groundwork for content, therefore content marketers are able to get information and updates from credible sources.

5. Top Competitors' Content

  • Content marketers also check their competitors' top performing content. By doing so, a content marketer can get an idea of how to create new content and improve the quality by adding things like visuals and advice.
  • Moreover, by looking at their competitors' top content, content marketers can gather information on what is missing and the gaps which they can later fill when creating new content or update what is already there and this is why it is among the popular resources for content marketers.
  • Tools such as AHREF can be plugged into competitors' websites and used to check the “Best By Shares”, “Top Content”, and "Best By Links" pages.