Contacts of Artist Groups in Los Angeles

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Contacts of Artist Groups in Los Angeles

Voices of Reason, Songsmith, Ren Gallery, ArtSmart Inc, Art Angels Gallery, the Art History Channel, Gallery Girls, Art Share, Valley Harmony Singers, and Verdugo Hills Chorus are some networks with their affiliated contacts in Los Angeles. All the organization identified provides services primarily centered around adults (18+).

Voices of Reason


  • Songsmith is a music academy that provides lessons on piano, keys, & chords, vocals & singing, creativity coaching, songwriting & composition, guitar & bass, banjo, mandolin, and ukulele.
  • Bobby Apperson is the Director and Founder of Songsmith.
  • Songsmith program primarily centered around adults (18+).
  • Email:
  • Contact: (213) 259-9679

Ren Gallery

ArtSmart Inc

  • ArtSmart provides artist studio services, galleries, and art organizations. The company also provides financial advising, business/career consulting, and an art inventory database.
  • Amy Davila is the Founder / CEO of ArtSmart, Inc. & Creative Business Consultant for Artists, Galleries, and Art Organizations.
  • ArtSmart networks primarily centered around adults (18+).

Art Angels Gallery

Art History Channel

Gallery Girls

Art Share

  • Art Share provides a creative environment for work, development, performance, and exhibit arts.
  • Cheyanne Sauter is the Executive Director of Art Share.
  • Art Share organization services are primarily centered around adults (18+)
  • Contact: (213) 687-4278


Verdugo Hills Chorus

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