How can I get a contact list of multi-unit franchise owners in Colorado?

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How can I get a contact list of multi-unit franchise owners in Colorado?

Hello, and thanks for your question about obtaining a contact list of multi-unit franchise owners in Colorado. I have been able to put together a list of 8 contacts who fit this profile, along with details for leads to follow to uncover more details.

To begin with a searched for a pre-compiled list of contacts of multi-unit franchise owners in Colorado. However, this information does not exist online, in a pre-compiled list format, probably because it is a very specific request.

My next step was to work to creating my own list. The search to find suitable contacts was very difficult, mostly because people who are owners of multi-units are typically registered just as private business owners. For this reason I have only been able to put together a list of 8 contacts, rather than the standard 10. I searched extensively in order to provide as much information on these contacts, however, there was only a limited amount of contact information available on some of the individuals I found. As for the individuals' net worth and willingness to invest, I can conclude that there is no way to uncover this information online. These factors are fairly personal and specific and I believe this is why there is no published information regarding this.

In addition to this list I have provided additional information, I have located some resources which provide lists of other franchise owners (with contact info), though these have been identified as having only one unit (not multi).

Finally, I have suggested some additional avenues of research.

The Denver Post report that due to a high number of job losses in all sectors, Denver, Colorado, has become a popular location for franchises. The Colorado Small Business Development Centre advise that in Colorado alone there are over 16,000 franchised establishments, which account for more than 171,000 jobs (10.7% of all jobs in Colorado jobs). Below I have provided a list of contacts who own multi-unit franchises in the state.

1. Mike, Jerry, and Tim Fitzgerald:
Mike and Jerry and Tim are Colorado based multiunit franchisee owners and area developers with more than 20 years’ experience in the business.
Contact details: 6588 S. Niagara Ct, , Centennial, CO. The zipcode is 80111 - Tim's Linkedin profile can be viewed here.

2. Erik Bostrum:
Erik Bostrum is a Colorado owner of Hand & Stone franchisee.
Contact details: 2030A East County Line Road, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126; Phone Number for H&S ((720) 400-8765)

3. Paul Cornuke:
Paul Cornuke is the owner of two Keller Williams franchise real estate offices in Colorado.
Contact details: His mobile number is 941-232-1418, and his office is 941-556-0500.

4. Jason Goldstein:
Jason Goldstein owner of Flatbread Pizza Co franchise in Colorado.
Contact details: 520 S Main St, Unit 3M, Breckenridge, CO 80424-8707; +1 970-423-6693

5. John Taranto:
John Taranto is the owner of South Philly CheeseSteaks franchise in Colorado.
Contact details: 2903 37th St, Evans, CO 80620; (970) 673-8405)

6. Kathryn, Larry, and Christopher Baerns:
Christopher Baerns, along with his parents Kathryn and Larry Baerns, own Colorado based Globe Company LLC franchise. Contact: 6140 South Gun Club Road K6 161 Aurora, CO 80016

7. Wayne Matthews:
Wayne Matthews is a Colorado based owner of the Rocky Mountain franchise.
Contact details: 31 N Tejon St, Ste 317 Colorado Springs, CO 80903; 719-640-7635

8. Connie and Tom Caruso:
Connie and Tom Caruso are owners based in Littleton Colorado.
Contact details: 303-798-5566; 605 Shadycroft Drive Littleton, CO

Due to the lack of information available on contact who own multi-unit franchises in Colorado I have searched to find extra resources that may be of value to you. To begin with, I have found a list of Colorado Business Brokers, people who buy/sell/broker sales of businesses and franchises. In addition there is a directory by, it provides information on Colorado's franchise business opportunities. Further to this there is the Directory of Colorado Franchises and Small Businesses for Sale, and FRANdata's Franchise Registry which provides information on additional leads, data and insights.

Finally I have found a lost of possible Colorado franchise owners/buyers along with their contact info, another list of possible franchise owners/buyers of the Wild Birds franchise. as well as details on Colorado’s Franchise Expo West, which may contain details of possible franchise owners/buyers.

To sum up, I have put together a list of 8 contacts who fit your criteria. Due to the difficulty in finding these details I have also provided a list of possible new leads to follow in order to uncover more franchise owners/buyers in Colorado who may own multi-units.

Thanks for using Wonder, let us know if there's anything else we can help you with!

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