Consumer Perception: 'Snuggle Bear'

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Consumer Perception: 'Snuggle Bear'

The overall consumer perception of Snuggle Bear is very positive. The comments from people who remembered having a bear in their childhood focused on softness, play time and happiness. Comments from people who were providing the plush bear to the next generation focused on the comfort it gave to today's children.

Information to Assess Consumer Perception

Before we started, we defined the following search strategy to determine the perception of Snuggle Bear both as a plush toy and as an advertising icon in the US.
1) Number of bears for sale on e-Bay
2) Models sold on Amazon
3) Reviews from Amazon buyers
4) Snuggle Bear website
5) Social Media Accounts for Snuggle Bear (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)
6) YouTube for Voice Comments

E-Bay — Snuggle Bears as Collectibles

There were 78 Snuggle bears for sale on eBay on June 13, 2019. Amazon catalogues these items as Collectibles. The listings include information on both the size and, in many cases, the original year it was made. We are unable to determine what percentage the number is of total bears manufactured. It is a small number as we found two recalls for safety issues, one for 150,000 and the other for 400,000. Therefore, as a collectible, they appear to be fairly rare.

Amazon — New Snuggle Bears and reviews

Amazon has eight types of bears categorized as new, although some were manufactured up to 20 years ago.
From the quotes in the reviews we can determine some individual perceptions:
  • Memories of childhood
Quote 1: "Exactly what I remember having as a child. My daughter had to have it since mom had one and she remembered it."
Quote 2: "Fast shipping! Just as I remembered. This product was new with tags and in perfect condition. Thank you!"
  • Comfort
Quote: "This snuggle bear toy was bought for my autistic son. Its amazing how much joy it brought to him when it came in the mail. It did come faster than expected and that is very much appreciated. Thank you!"
  • For Grandchildren
Quote: "I really thought it was bigger, but it dud not matter to my grandbaby. She was able to grasp it."


Snuggle Bear the toy was created by Jim Henson of the Muppets fame.
Snuggle Bear won the Madison Ave "Walk of Fame" icon for 2014.


"Aw, cutie"
"Wow. Always loved him, always will."


Twitter posts from toy owners.
"1 year since he arrived in the mail. Happy Birthday to Teddy. #bestfriendsforever @Snuggle_Bear"
"Our new @Snuggle_Bear arrived this morning so I laid him next to my son & he started hugging him in his sleep <3"
"Watching Josie play with my old @RadioFlyer and @Snuggle_Bear warms my heart 🤗"
" Our friend Larry was heading to surgery in a couple hours and we were so happy to see he had a @Snuggle_Bear to bring him comfort!"


"bought my Snuggle Bear back in the 80s and I still have him and he's in perfect shape!!! 😍 love my Snuggle Bear"

Social Media Perceptions

Almost exclusively the comments on social media were positive.
Memories of happy childhoods are common themes.
Snuggle Bear's current persona seems to be a bearer of comfort for today's children.

Comments on Voice

We only found one comment on Snuggle Bear's voice on all the social media accounts. On Pinterest we found the comment "Snuggles the Bear (Snuggle fabric softener)...the other annoying voice of commercials hee"

There were three people who provided the voice for the Snuggle Bear during its 30 year history: Corrine Orr, Mickey Dolenz of The Monkeys and Elena M. Schloss.

Because YouTube is the only site where Snuggle Bear's voice is available, we used this strategy to find comments on the Bear's voice.
Someone made an eight-minute video compilation of all the commercials and it garnered 25,883 views.
We reviewed all the comments below the video for perceptions on the voice.
While there were two people who thought the character was "creepy", there were no comments, either positive or negative, about the voice. From that we can conclude that the voice of the toy in the video is not relevant to most consumers.