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ConnectWise Competitors

Five actual competitors of ConnectWise are Autotask, ManageDesk, Kaseya, NinjaRMM and SolarWinds. The requested details for each company are provided in rows 1-4 of the attached spreadsheet, with sources in row 10.


  • Autotask, a subsidiary of Datto, is a software provider that helps centralize RMM, service desk, CRM, project, time, billing and reporting functions.
  • Annual revenue for Autotask is estimated at $42 million.


  • ManageEngine offers IT management software and competes primarily with ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Automate.
  • Revenue for ManageEngine was estimated to be at least $250 million in 2018 (calculation provided in the Research Strategy section).


  • Kaseya offers a complete IT management solution for both managed service providers and internal IT teams
  • Revenue for Kaseya in 2018 was $250 million.


  • NinjaRMM offers remote monitoring and management software for managed service providers and IT departments.
  • Annual revenue for NinjaRMM is estimated at $8 million.


  • SolarWinds offers IT management software in the areas of network, security, systems, databases, and applications.
  • Revenue for 2018 was $833 million.

Research Strategy

ConnectWise's competitors were identified by ConnectWise itself on the company website. Initially, the five competitors identified were Autotask, Continuum, Kaseya, NinjaRMM, and SolarWinds. However, it was found that ConnectWise announced in October 2019 that they were acquiring Continuum, so that company was removed, and another was found. The fifth company, ManageEngine, was found on a list of competitors provided by Gartner. All competitors were confirmed by examining company websites to ensure they offered products and services similar to those offered by ConnectWise.

ManageEngine is a division of Zoho Corporation which is a private company and does not disclose financials. However, reporting found that most experts estimate Zoho's revenue at $500 million. In order to estimate the revenue for ManageEngine, we looked for data on what percentage of revenue is generated by the division. The most recent information that was publicly available was an interview with a company executive from 2015, where he stated that ManageEngine accounted for more than 50% of Zoho's revenue. Based on that, we estimated ManageEngine's revenue to be at least $250 million (500 million*50%).

  • "For one, the company, which counts Salesforce among its biggest rivals, is now reportedly looking to expand operations into America's heartland and Mexico. The famously frugal founder also has a social mission for Zoho. The company grows food in its farms, in Tirunelveli, and serves its employees in Chennai. It also trains young graduates from smaller towns to make them employable and absorbs the best of them."