"Connection Matters" Tag Line Use Research

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"Connection Matters" Tag Line Use Research

An in depth search of the websites and social media sites of Verizon, RingCentral, 8x8, Avaya, Zoom, and Dialpad found very limited use of the phrase "connect better." The findings for each company, as well as details on an additional company found using the phrase, are provided below.


  • Verizon has a current promotion with the tagline, "Connect better wherever you work." The promotion offers 1 GB of free data for a month on a laptop or tablet when they are connected to a Verizon plan.
  • The company also uses the phrase twice when describing business apps that can be used to boost productivity.
  • Dell and Verizon have partnered so the Verizon network is offered on some Dell laptops and tablets. The phrase, "connect better wherever you work," is used to promote the collaboration on the Dell website.
  • In a 2018 post on Verizon's Facebook page, the company promotes their One Talk service and uses the tagline, "Connect Better."
  • A Verizon job posting from December 2019 that is no longer active uses the phrase in one of the bullet points describing the job. "Selling services and data center solutions to help our customers connect better and become more efficient."


  • On a promotions page for RingCentral Office, the company uses the line, "Communicate, collaborate, and connect better—anytime, anywhere."
  • Here is an example of another marketing piece that uses the phrase.
  • Additionally, a blog post on the Company's UK website used the sentence, "People can interact with each other using various electronic media, and this paves the way for businesses and corporations to connect better with employees and partners alike."


  • Although the phrase was found on a page on the 8x8 website, it was only used in typical writing and not as a tagline or hashtag. The specific sentence is, "Here are call center insurance sales tips and tools to help agents connect better with clients."


  • Avaya uses the phrase, "connect better," when describing the reasons people should sign up for their newsletter.


  • There were no instances found of Zoom using the phrase "connect better" on websites.


  • There were no instances found of Dialpad using the phrase "connect better" on websites.


  • Although not one of the companies of interest, AVer used the hashtag #connectbetter front and center on a web page promoting their business video conferencing service.
  • The company also includes the phrase "connect better" in a general description of the company that was provided as part of press release. "From accelerating learning in the classroom to increasing competitive advantage for business, AVer leverages the power of visual communications to help people connect better."

Social Media Scan

  • A search for the hashtag #connectbetter on Instagram brought up 912 results. A quick scan through the posts found that at least three mentioned AVer, but the other companies of interest do not appear to be using the hashtag, at least recently. There was a company called Aventri that appears to use "connect better" as their tagline ad they had several posts with the hashtag.
  • A similar search on Twitter also showed Aventri using the hashtag #connectbetter. AVer also has several posts with the hashtag, but a quick scan through posts from the last year that used the hashtag did not uncover any use by the other companies of interest. Overall, the hashtag is not used very often as only about 50 posts showed up from 2019 to 2020.
  • Finally, we searched Facebook for the hashtag #connectbetter and got very limited results. Aventri and AVer both showed up again, and there were also posts from a couple companies that had also been seen on Instagram and/or Twitter, including Yogofi and Your Sojourn.


  • In conclusion, there does not appear to be widespread use of the phrase "connect better" by any of the companies of interest. Although Verizon is using the phrase as part of promoting its business services, they are not using the hashtag on social media to promote it, and overall the instances of its use were few.
  • The companies that were using the phrase most often on social media were Aventri and AVer.