Connecticut Towns Livability

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Connecticut Towns Livability

Some features of Hartford, Stamford, and New Haven that millennials find attractive include the walkability, affordability, and job availability of each city. Additional features for each city are below.



  • Millennials especially like that Hartford, Connecticut is walkable. As Tim Courtney, a millennial living in Hartford found, he can "walk from his apartment to Brainard Airport, where he rents a plane as a recreational pilot — all within an easy shot of downtown."
  • In fact, Courtney stated, "That feels awesome. That's one of the reasons I chose to live where I live."

Ease of Living

  • According to the Hartford Courant, "one of the region's great advantages is its ease of living."
  • By "ease of living," the publication refers to Hartford's lack of traffic jams, uncrowded cultural events, and abundant open space.
  • Benjamin Bosco, a millennial who settled in Hartford after college said, "I like working in a smaller city like Hartford that has great businesses and is an easy commute."
  • Moreover, the costs of entertainment and housing are lower than larger cities located on coasts.

Good Pay

  • Based on a study conducted by Fabric, a Brooklyn-based financial planning firm, Hartford, along with the surrounding East Hartford and West Hartford areas represent the fourth-best paying locale in the U.S. for millennials.
  • The Hartford area is a better value for millennials who are being outpriced in many large cities and trendy districts.
  • Millennials with full-time jobs in Hartford earn an unadjusted median of $50,000 per year, which is $10,000 over the national average.


The Feel of a Big City, but Close to Rural Areas, Mountains, and the Ocean

  • Pedro Argueta Marroquin, a millennial who lives in Hartford, said he loves "the city feel of Hartford. Everything is there and downtown is lively and exciting."
  • However, Hartford is not far from the mountains or rural areas. He stated, "What I like about Connecticut is that it's not that big of a state, so you can have a big-city feel and be in a rural town in no time."
  • Benjamin Bosco, another millennial living in Hartford, said that he likes living where he does because he's "a big skier, and in winter you have easy access to ski mountains."
  • Additionally, Hartford is also within driving distance: "You also have the ocean so you get the best of both worlds," said Bosco.

Large Companies

  • Samantha Brown, a millennial living in East Hartford indicated that she stayed in the area after graduating from the University of Connecticut because of job opportunities with large companies like Pratt & Whitney.
  • Brown stated, "There are a lot of jobs here in the state that are really great opportunities. Pratt & Whitney is a large company with an impressive name. Part of the draw is this is a really cool industry and not a lot of people get to do this work. The fact that we have a Pratt & Whitney and so many other companies in the defense industry provides a lot of opportunity for college graduates."

Educational Institutions



  • In the race to lure millennials to cities in Connecticut, Stamford is winning, particularly because of the amenities many neighborhoods and aparment complexes offer.
  • According to the Stamford Advocate, "fast-rising buildings are piling up the pluses. Most new have upscale gyms, many have pools. There’s even a “kegerator” in the metal-clad 75 Tresser building. Dog washing stations for pampered pups are also becoming increasingly popular. One will be included in the new luxury building to rise where a cylindrical tower stood next to the Government Center."
  • Other amenities that can be easily found in Stamford include free daily water taxi service, dog sitters, WiFi cafes, and more.

Luxury Apartments

  • The Lohud publication indicated that luxury apartments in Stamford attract millennials.
  • Recently, the City of Stamford has invested in a "new residential development and a transformation of two major neighborhoods downtown" specifically to lure millennials into the city.
  • Since 2014, a partnership between the City of Stamford and private developers has "brought $6 billion in new residential and commercial development to the downtown area."
  • The apartment buildings in Stamford also offer easy access to downtown and perks like an "advantage discount card for their residents."
  • They are also close to local services such as grocery stores and dry cleaning.

A Walkable Downtown

  • The Lohud publication also mentioned that a walkable downtown in Stamford is appealing to millennials.
  • The development of the South End waterfront in Stamford created a space that draws in "young professionals who want to live, work and form a community in one common, walkable neighborhood."
  • Stamford features "short blocks and pedestrian-friendly walkways," along with a free trolley that moves between major attractions.
  • Sandeep Aulakh, a millennial living in Stamford with his family stated, "In Stamford there’s parks, walking and exploring to do."


Distance to New York

  • The fact that millennials can easily commute to Manhattan, New York is attractive to young professionals who want to work in the city, but cannot afford to live there.
  • It only takes about an hour by train to get from Stamford to Manhattan and less time by car if the traffic is light.
  • One of the pitches that Stamford developed to lure millennials is "Come to Stamford... just a few short miles from New York without all the cost and crowding."

Job Opportunities

  • Stamford is home to about 20 Fortune 500 companies, which affords millennials the "opportunity to make the high salaries" they need to afford the luxury apartments they desire.
  • The NewsTimes mentioned that young workers represent a large percentage of the workforce at Indeed’s East Coast office in Stamford and "the company has said it wants to expand to 1,200 workers in Stamford."
  • Indeed indicated that "millennials have factored heavily in the company’s growth and future expansion will depend largely on young workers."

A Place for Families

New Haven

Job Market

  • The New Haven area is a top city for millennials, according to the CT Post, mostly because of the job market.
  • In New Haven, there has been a 1.4% rise in employment growth, and many of those landing jobs in the city are millennials (75% of new movers to the area are millennials).
  • New Haven is home to The District, a "sprawling co-working space for start-up companies."
  • There are fewer than 30,000 people living in New Haven, but it has 20 bio-tech companies. State Commissioner of Administrative Services Josh Geballe stated of New Haven: "We have great jobs and a great quality of life to offer."
  • In 2018, 465 businesses opened in New Haven.


  • Affordability is another reason why millennials are flocking to the New Haven area.
  • A study conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau found that 28% of millennials can afford a house in New Haven and the median annual income of millennials in this city is $53,500.
  • David Salinas, Founder & CEO of District New Haven, stated of New Haven, "Millennials want their time back... They want affordability, which you can get in this marketplace."

Quality of Schools

Proximity to New York

Live Close to Work

  • Jenny D’Amico, a millennial living and working in New Haven, stated, "I wanted to move some place closer to work... The idea of being able to walk to work was really cool. It’s also a really good city for young people, especially down Chapel Street, by the [New Haven] Green and by the hospital."

Luxury Apartments

  • The young professional demographic is looking for luxury apartments, and New Haven's The Novella, a high-end apartment building fits the bill.
  • Property developers for The Novella expressly state that they are "targeting Yale graduate students and young professionals," which would mostly comprise millennials.
  • Amenities of The Novella that are designed to attract millennials include "a gym, private movie theaters, a rooftop terrace and more."
  • Vacancy rates in New Haven are among the lowest in the nation.

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